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Yuri's Revenge is the seventh main mission in the "Turf Wars" downloadable content for Marvel's Spider-Man.


Spider-Man has finally arrived to the Bar with No Name before the police does. As he enters the building, the Bar has became a wreck and the thugs were killed at the hands of Yuri. The Spider-Bot, whom he sent into the bar to eavesdrop earlier, was still intact. He sees a cell phone vibrating and it's a call from Vinny, who was injured earlier and was sent to Mercy General hospital.

He visit Mercy General hospital to find Vinny. Players need to track the mobile signal and find the right ID of Vinny. After finding the right ID, he eavesdrops Vinny exiting the hospital, then he has to follow him after he rode a car.

Spider-Man has arrived to the pier and needs to eavesdrop them to learn more about the "Big Show". Once he has all the information he need, he can take down the thugs.