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The Wrestler Suit is a suit players can unlock at level 19 in Marvel's Spider-Man. It costs 2 Backpack Tokens, 2 Base Tokens and 2 Research Tokens, and comes with the King of the Ring suit power.


The suit is seen on a poster on the wall of Peter's apartment, left from his earlier wrestling days after he first got his spider powers.



While the Wrestler Suit's color scheme is based on that of the Classic Suit, its appearance is quite similar to that of the Homemade Suit. The suit's mask is a simple cloth design that's blue with red highlights around the eyes and on the back. Unlike other suits, this suit does not feature emotive shutter eyes. The torso portion of the suit consists of a bright red sweater with a small black spider-logo on the front and a large black spider-logo on the back. The lower portion of the suit consists of a navy blue jogging pants and a pair of black and red sneakers.

When wearing this suit, Spider-Man has his classic web-shooters, which can be found in one of the game's many Backpacks, mounted on his wrists.

Suit power

When activated, the King of the Ring suit power lets Spider-Man forego the need of using gadgets to stun enemies long enough to Web Throw (hold Triangle) them.

Original appearance

This version of the wrestler suit first appeared in the Ultimate Spider-Man comics as one of Peter Parker's first costumes when trying to make it in the wrestling business after first receiving his powers.