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Wheels within Wheels is a mission in Marvel's Spider-Man. Players investigate a shipyard owned by Wilson Fisk that is under heavy guard by snipers. They are concerned with the Inner Demons stealing the gear stored inside.

Much of this mission is stealth, using distractions to draw guards away from snipers and sneaking up behind others.

Once the initial infiltration is complete, players meet Jefferson Davis for the first time. Though Jefferson has a warrant, players need to find a less-destructive way of entering the warehouse. Around the back of the building near the eaves is an acces point via a duct. Once inside, players can drop down and use the junction box to open the door, but only after Jefferson gives Spider-Man his stun gun. This also unlocks the Electric Web for creation.

Once Jefferson is inside, players can use R3 in order to scan the environment for hidden conduits in order to access a hidden area. More hidden areas can be found by locating scrapes on the floor hinting at hidden doors. Once players unlock them all, they are treated to a hidden passageway in the floor. Spider-Man and Jefferson enter, making their way to the vault, but the Inner Demons beat them to it and cleaned out the room of weapons.

They discover that the Inner Demons are outside the back door, loading up vans. Spider-Man tries to stop them, but one of the vans gets away. The occupants of the other fight players. More Inner Demons show up in black cars.

The final part of the mission consists of a chase through the city as Spider-Man follows the second van. Just like the earlier pursuit with Shocker, players need to dodge while in the air, but this time it is against rockets. When the van collides with a truck, Spider-Man must use his webbing to get the truck out of the way of the train. Jefferson then shows up and takes out the final Demon, but is injured in the process.

As the clean-up begins and Jefferson is placed in the ambulance, Mary Jane Watson manages to convince him to give his story to her, and they ride away in the ambulance together.

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