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Wheels within Wheels is the fifteenth main mission in Marvel's Spider-Man. Spider-Man receives a call from Yuriko Watanabe, who says she has been investigating the Inner Demons attacking Wilson Fisk properties. They narrow it down to a shipyard under heavy guard by snipers.


Yuriko calls Spider-Man to inform him that the Inner Demons have been attacking Fisk properties. After Spider-Man suggests they get ahead of the curve, she mentions a shipyard where high activity has been reported, encouraging him to check it out. Yuriko sends Jefferson Davis, a good police officer who has investigated his properties for a long time, to help. Upon arriving, Spider-Man takes out the Fisk snipers guarding the equipment.

After defeating the guards, Spider-Man meets Jefferson Davis for the first time. Though Jefferson has a warrant, Spider-Man finds a less-destructive way of entering the warehouse, by sneaking around the back to open the door from inside. Davis hands Spider-Man a stun gun, which he uses to create the Electric Web and open the junction box. Once inside, the two investigate hidden areas before finding a hidden passageway to a vault in the floor. Once inside, they hear explosions, and discover the Demons have already found the vault inside, leaving behind broken glass from a smash-and-grab, any non-lethal weapons including smoke grenades and stun guns, and empty crates for lethal assault rifles and RPGs.

One of the vans with Demons gets away, but Spider-Man catches the other and takes out the demons inside, before it collides with a truck. He then uses his webbing to get the truck out of the way of the subway train, befoe the van attempts to crash into Spider-Man. Jefferson then shows up and takes out the final Demon, but is injured in the process. As the clean-up begins and Jefferson is placed in the ambulance, Mary Jane Watson manages to convince him to give his story to her, and they ride away in the ambulance together.


Upon arriving, the mission involves stealth. Using Web Strike Takedowns and Perch Takedowns against the lone snipers is the best way to take them out, though any guards watching the snipers should be taken out first. In cases where enemies are grouped together, firing webs to cause distractions and draw guards away is best.

Once the infiltration is complete, Jefferson Davis arrives. To enter the building, at the back of the building near the eaves, an access point can be found via a duct. Once inside, head to the front and pick up the stun gun given by Davis, unlocking the Electric Web. Equip it, and use it to activate the junction box.

Once Jefferson is inside, use R3 to scan the environment for hidden conduits in order to access a hidden area; typically the furthest conduit is the one that unlocks the door. Another hidden area is found on the top floor by locating scrapes on the floor hinting at it. Once it is unlocked, Davis suspects there is another hidden area, and a second conduit can be found by pulling up an elevator and hitting the conduit box behind it with the Electric Web.

When the hidden passageway opens in the floor, help Jefferson lift it, then wall-crawl to help him through debris to reach the vault. Inspect the objects in the room and open the back door before proceeding to a battle against the Inner Demons. The Electric Web can help stun them in this battle, though one must be careful of those with melee weapons as they can be deadly if not dealt with from a distance or stunned first. Cars arrive with more Demons that must be defeated to proceed.

The final part of the mission consists of a chase through the city as Spider-Man follows the second van. Just like the earlier pursuit with Shocker, dodge the rockets while in the air, until the Triangle appears and Spider-Man can latch on. After grabbing onto the van, head down left or right and press Square to throw the Demons off. When the van collides with a truck, use webbing to get the truck out of the way of the train.

After the mission ends, Fast Travel locations are unlocked, and the mission "Home Sweet Home" is available. Fast Travel to Peter Parker's apartment to begin the next mission.