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Rapid fire web shooters. Shoot enemies near walls to stick them to walls.

The Web Shooter is the most basic gadget in Marvel's Spider-Man, available to players at the start of the game. It is Spider-Man (Peter Parker)'s chief weapon, worn on his wrists beneath the gauntlets of his costume, and capable of projecting chemical webbing.


Following his initial transformation into Spider-Man, Peter Parker invented the wrist-worn devices he calls his Web Shooters as a means of helping him fight crime and traverse the city of New York at high speeds. He designed and created his first pair of Web Shooters at the age of fifteen.

During his first eight years as the web-slinging defender of New York, Spider-Man continuously upgraded the Web Shooters, improving them so he could deal with all kinds of threats—including villains like Electro, Vulture, Rhino, and the Scorpion.

The Web Shooter appears as the default gadget that Spider-Man employs in Marvel's Spider-Man. It is introduced in The Main Event, the opening mission; during the raid on Fisk Tower, Spider-Man uses the latest model for his Web Shooters to incapacitate Wilson Fisk and his men.


Web Shooter from MSM concept art

Concept art from Marvel's Spider-Man: The Art of the Game

At its most basic, a single shot from the Web Shooter is an effective means of momentarily staggering an enemy. A few consecutive shots can also be used to ensnare a target and make them available as a weight to swing around and knock over other enemies. If an enemy is close to a wall, firing multiple webs at them will cause them to stick to the walls, incapacitating them. The Web Shooter is the most effective way of taking down brutes, who need to be webbed up before they can take damage from hits. It can also incapacitate enemies by webbing them to the ground after they've been knocked over.

The Web Shooter, like the Electric Web, can regenerate its own ammunition over time without the need for Spider-Man to perform special takedowns.

Like all other gadgets, the Web Shooter can be upgraded with various tokens throughout the course of the game. The first four upgrades either add more capacity or make the Web Shooter refill faster. The final upgrade makes enemies that have been tied up with web unable to move for a longer period.


Requirement Description Cost
Web Shooter Recharge Time I: Web Shooter refills faster. 3 Crime Tokens
Increased Gadget Shot Capacity: Adds 2 shots to the max Web Shooter capacity. 1 Backpack Token
2 Crime Tokens
Unlocked at level 5 Web Shooter Recharge Time II: Web Shooter refills faster. 4 Crime Tokens
1 Landmark Token
Unlocked at level 10 Increased Gadget Shot Capacity: Adds 2 shots to the max Web Shooter capacity. 1 Backpack Token
5 Crime Tokens
Unlocked at level 15 Web Shooter Webbed Time: Increases time enemies stay webbed. 2 Backpack Tokens
1 Landmark Token
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