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We're Here For You is a mission in Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. After Miles Morales receives his first holographic training, Ganke Lee informs him about a break in at Roxxon Plaza.


Once Miles arrives, a large screen of Simon Krieger explains the thing next to Miles is a Nuform Reactor. Simon explains that once activated that it'll be able supply enough energy to power all of Harlem. He adds that this is all possible with Nuform, a new revolutionary fuel source. A single canister of this is able to supply Harlem with clean, safe energy for 500 years. He plans to create more throughout Manhattan then soon, world wide.

Miles suddenly hears a window break and zips inside to stop it, much to his surprise he doesn't see anyone. Miles then finds a computer which displays that the criminal searched for Nuform, before he could investigate he is thrown outside by an Underground member to be surrounded with more outside prepared for a fight. After dealing with them, along with overhearing the name The Tinkerer ,Miles investigates further and discovers that they were tracking Nuform shipments. Roxxon Security arrives and Miles decides to look into it later. He decides to head home for Christmas dinner.


Go to Roxxon Plaza to investigate the break in and head to the computer. Once the enemies reveal themselves take them down, then swing home.