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Walter Hardy, adopting the alias Detective Mackey, appears as a side character in The City That Never Sleeps downloadable content for Marvel's Spider-Man. A former cat burglar, he is the father of Felicia Hardy, who adopted the costumed identity of the Black Cat after deciding to follow in his footsteps.

Walter Hardy is voiced by Daniel Riordan.[1]


Early history

Not much is known about Walter Hardy's early life, beyond having a daughter named Felicia. Around the late 90s[a], he began operating as a cat burglar nicknamed the "Black Cat". His skill as a thief eventually caught the interest of the powerful Maggia crime syndicate, who asked him to work for them. Walter's refusal earned him the Maggia's ire, who promptly ordered a hit on Hardy with the intent of making him an example.

To protect himself and his daughter, Hardy allowed himself to get arrested and imprisoned in Ryker's. Soon after his arrest, he faked his death, making it appear that he drowned in an escape attempt, ensuring that Felicia would be spared from the Maggia. Hardy spent the next twenty years in obscurity, likely living under adopted identities and keeping a low profile. He kept his survival a secret from Felicia as an extra measure of protection.

Marvel's Spider-Man

Finding Spider-Man's contact information, Hardy contacted the wall-crawler, masquerading as "Detective Mackey" of the PDNY's Greenwich precinct, and asking for the wall-crawler's assistance in tracking down paintings that were stolen by Walter during his time as the Black Cat. As Spider-Man looks for the paintings, "Mackey" relays Walter's backstory to the hero. After recovering the paintings, Spider-Man returns to the precinct and realizes that Walter tricked him into recovering his work. Contacting Spider-Man a final time, he asks Spider-Man to take care of his "little girl" and not to tell her he survived.


Felicia Hardy

Felicia Hardy is Walter's only daughter, as well as his only known family. Walter deeply loves and cares for his daughter, wishing in his youth that she would not follow in his footsteps. After he faked his death to protect her, Felicia was left to believe that her father was actually gone. When she grew up, she decided to follow in her father's footsteps, becoming the new Black Cat. Upon examining her work and how she improved upon his abilities and equipment, Walter admitted that she was the better burglar and for that he admires her as a fellow thief. It is clear that he misses his daughter when he asks Spider-Man about what she is like now, after she herself became a Black Cat. In addition, he wanted to find out what kind of relationship Spider-Man had with his daughter, which once again shows that he still worries about her and shows interest in her life, even though he can't be in it.


During their combined work during Hardy's Stolen Arts, Hardy came to respect Spider-Man for his genuine care towards Felicia, referring to him as a "decent guy" and deducing that their relationship was more than just professional.

Original appearance

Walter Hardy's character first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #194 (July 1979).


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