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The Upgraded Suit is a suit players may equip in Marvel's Spider-Man. It is a free suit provided as part of the 1.16 update for the game. It does not possess an associated suit power.


The Upgraded Suit is partially based on the Stark Suit, which itself is based on the Classic Suit. However, the blue highlights of said suits are replaced with black ones on this suit, akin to Alex Ross' Classic Spider-Man Suit. The spider-symbol on the back of the suit is also different, with it being colored white and more closely resembling the chest insignia. This suit has no associated suit power.

Original appearance

The suit is based upon the Spider-Man suit designed by Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in which he is portrayed by Tom Holland. It is featured in the 2019 film Spider-Man: Far From Home and the 2021 film Spider-Man: No Way Home

In Far From Home, Peter designs this suit to prepare for his final battle against Mysterio in London, and continues to wear it upon his return to New York City where his identity is exposed by Mysterio and J. Jonah Jameson.

In No Way Home, after the Upgraded Suit is smeared by paint by a Mysterio supporter, Peter is forced to wear it inside-out as the Black and Gold Suit. Aunt May manages to remove the paint from the suit, and he continues to wear it until a redeemed Doctor Octopus integrates it with nanites from the Iron Spider Suit, transforming it into the Hybrid Suit.