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Uninvited is the twenty-ninth main mission in Marvel's Spider-Man. When discussing what he has learned about Devil's Breath with Mary Jane Watson, Peter Parker learns from her that Charles Standish is being held by Sable International.


Mary Jane tells Peter that Charles Standish may know where Morgan Michaels is, and indicates she is going to try to sneak in to meet Standish. Peter does not think it is a good idea and races to meet her in Central Park. When Peter arrives, he sees Mary Jane held at gunpoint.

At this point, Mary Jane's perspective from 15 minutes earlier is revealed. During her version of events, Mary Jane sneaks inside. She also takes a picture of a Sable screen showing that the Inner Demons are killing people related to Devil's Breath, and a picture of locations of safehouses. Upon reaching Standish, he believes she has been sent by Martin Li. Standish is the one Peter sees holding the gun.

Mary Jane manages to convince him that she is a reporter by showing him her badge. He then reveals to her that Michaels is being held in The Bowery. He is about to tell her about the Inner Demons' interest in Grand Central Station when Peter interrupts. Frightened and off-balance, Standish falls and knocks himself unconscious. With Sable forces moving in, Peter takes Mary Jane and escapes. Shortly after, Mary Jane calls Peter scolding him, telling him that his treating her like a child was why they had broken up.


The mission plays similar to previous Mary Jane stealth missions, except she now can use Peter's lure device. The first must be thrown to the targeted blue area to distract the guard and enter the compound, while the rest can be thrown at-will. For the next guard in front of the staircase, is best to throw the lures a distance a way where Mary Jane is out of the guard's line of sight, and then run past them. Atop the staircase, a picture must be taken of the Sable screen, before the waypoint points theway forward.

After a short cutscene showing Standish' location, players must continue following the waypoint, and a guard will be seen in the nearby tent. Though a lure can distract the guard, pressing the switch on the yellow generator will turn off the tents' lights and distract the guard also. From here, a combination of lures and other distractions (revealed by scanning) can be used to follow the waypoint to reach Standish. When the armored truck moves, Mary Jane can run alongside it to use it as cover.

Upon reaching Standish, a cutscene commences, ending the mission. Another activity should be complete before the next mission, "Strong Connections", is available.