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Uninvited is a mission in Marvel's Spider-Man. When discussing what he has learned about Devil's Breath with Mary Jane Watson, Spider-Man learns from her that Charles Standish is being held by Sable International; he may know where Morgan Michaels is. Mary Jane indicates she is going to try to sneak in to meet Standish. Spider-Man does not think it is a good idea and races to meet her in Central Park.

When Spider-Man arrives, he sees Mary Jane held at gunpoint. Players are then taken back slightly in time to player from Mary Jane's perspective as she tries to sneak inside. Players need to sneak their way to where Standish is, but upon arriving, he believes she has been sent by Martin Li. Standish is the one Spider-Man sees holding the gun.

Mary Jane manages to convince him that she is a reporter by showing him her badge. He then reveals to her that Michaels is being held in The Bowery. He is about to tell her about the Inner Demons' interest in Grand Central Station when Spider-Man interrupts. Frightened and off-balance, Standish falls and knocks himself unconscious. With Sable forces moving in, Spider-Man takes Mary Jane and escapes.

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