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Trophy: True Deception
Complete the vault sequence in Underground Undercover Bronze

Underground Undercover is a mission in Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Miles takes his uncle's advice, talks to Phin as a friend so that he could "join" the Underground to get information of her plans.


Miles calls Phin and he meets her at a coffee shop, he tells her that he knows what happened to Phin and understands why Phin is doing all of this. He asks her to join, she accepts. They go to a roof top for Miles test as a wy to prove himself to the other members of the Underground. She unveils that, the Underground tried to rob her grandfather's shop but she managed to make a deal with them at the cost of their notoriety being boosted.

To prove his worth, Miles must leap from a crane to the abandoned Fisk tower balcony, after doing so he is accepted into the Underground group, Phin leaves Miles alone temporality to deal with something in which Miles uses that time to investigate. Once she returns, Miles tells Phin that his mother needs him at home as an excuse to put on his costume.

Once he returns he takes down multiple enemies, afterwards Ganke Lee informs him that Wilson Fisk had secret passages behind art, knowing this Miles finds a hidden elevator underneath a statue. The elevator leads to safe room, conspicuously Miles crawls in and watches the discourse between Phin and the Underground.

Miles camouflages himself to get a close look at the map of Underground Hideouts. Once Phin leaves a sword-wielded Underground enemy takes him by surprise, to defeat them he changes himself up with Venom-Energy to unleash a devastating dash attack. once the enemies are defeated Miles takes note of the Underground Hideouts throughout the city and leaves the scene.


Travel to the waypoint, follow Phin on the rooftop then head to the crane to leap to the balcony. Once inside, investigate the area to gather information on the location of Nuform. After Phin returns and Miles sneaks away to put on his Spider-Man attire, crawl through the vents. Defeat the enemies in the room and then pull the weapon from the samurai statue to reveal the hidden elevator. Crawl on the ceiling and follow the Underground members to the saferoom, after discovering the Venom Dash move use it against sword-wielded Underground enemies and defeat the remaining enemies to complete the mission.