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Trophy: Exploding Bulldozer
Defeat Roxxon Rhino Bronze

Tinker Tailor Spider Spy is a mission in Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales.


Phin reluctantly agreed to meet Miles again at Trinity Church and talk through their plan. Since Aaron Davis had leaked their location to Roxxon, Rhino, now powered by Roxxon's armor, interrupted and captured them both, taking them to a Roxxon lab where Krieger interrogated them. Phin and Miles worked together to escape, but throughout, made it clear she was uninterested in his words after he had lied to her.

Unfortunately during Miles and Phin’s escape from Roxxon, Prowler is revealed to be angry about his nephew’s capture. He argues with Krieger because the latter broke the former’s deal on leaving Miles alone. Because of this, Prowler threaten Krieger that the former would go on public and expose what Miles showed to him about the Nuform’s true nature and what the latter did to Rick Mason, but the Head of Roxxon’s R&D deduce the hired thief that he would be jailed along with him because his involvement working with Roxxon, if doing so.

After Phin got her equipments back, both Miles and Phin battled Rhino at the end. While Miles is in a middle of re-look into Nuform reactor schematics that is located at Roxxon’s East Harlem plaza and horrified its dangerous potential which Phin would activate it, a beaten Rhino taunted Phin about Rick's death, causing Phin to nearly kill him in rage. When Miles stopped her, this infuriated her further as she turned on Miles, beating him and leaving him, telling him that her family was dead and she had no intention of stopping her plan.

Sadden and injured, Miles calls Ganke to carry him back to his apartment. His mother Rio, who arrives home after Miles and Ganke, found out Miles’ secret identity, and eventually learn Phin’s too, as well the Nuform’s true nature of which Phin would activated on Roxxon’s East Harlem plaza reactor and unknowingly destroy entire Harlem territories. Rio quickly understands Miles of the main reasons Spider-Men like her son kept their secret identities from everyone who are closest to them, and accepting Miles as a Spider-Man, because he remind him of the late-Jeff, encouraging him never give up as his late-father did, as well as the original Spider-Man. With Ganke manage to hack into Oscorp security camera across the globe, Rio assist Ganke on evacuating Harlem’s citizens out of the said town before it becomes a battleground between Underground and Roxxon, while Miles depart to a currently planned to be constructed Oscorp Science Center to find and stop Phin from unknowingly destroys Harlem.


Call Phin to meet at Trinity Church, after Miles is attacked by Rhino you wake up at a Roxxon lab. At this point take down the security guards in the area after doing so head towards the way-pointed computer. Power u the nearby generator and then pull the crane above towards the engine. Pull the engine again towards the middle of the room tether the powered generator to the crane, then once again pull the crane to the right of the room, after this create another tether.

Doing this powers the engine enough to break in the control room. Once there, take out the guards then go towards the way-pointed door. After Rhino comes bursting in ride the back of him and run him into the tanks, follow this up by melee attacks to destroy his Venom-proof armor. Rhino begins throwing the tacks avoid them, charge the engine, throw it towards Rhino and then follow up with melee attacks. Doing this finally destroys his armor and you're able to defeat him by using venom attacks