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Trophy: Hanging By A Thread
Keep the bridge together Bronze

Time to Rally is a mission in Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales where things go horribly wrong for Miles Morales and is left with a large burden on his shoulders.


The missions beings with Miles and Ganke Lee attending his mother's campaign rally against Roxxon. The rally is interrupted by the Tinkerer, and claims that Simon Krieger is a killer. The Underground reveal themselves and are ready to stop the Roxxon Plaza from ever opening, a fight between Roxxon guards and Underground members begin. Miles swings away and is ready to take down The Underground.

After dealing with them, Miles spots a large explosion at Braithwaite bridge and immediately swings to the scene, there he encounters Tinkerer. Miles is cornered by Underground enemies and stuns them with venom energy to escape, once free, he attempts taking the canister of Nuform away from Tinkerer. The combination of Nuform and Venom energy tears away Tinkerer's mask, and is revealed to be Phin Mason. Miles, in shock is knocked away into a truck filled with more Nuform canisters, the Venom energy still running through Miles' body is then transferred to multiple Nuform canisters. This causes a massive explosion that wrecks the bridge.

Phin quickly leaves the scene and leaves her goons to attack Miles, once he defeats them the destruction proceeds to get worse. Miles has to save large amounts of people by extinguishing fires, and allowing passengers trapped on a bus to escape, more people are left trapped when a portion of the bridge crumbles, leaving them in a dangerous, unstable location. Quickly, Miles webs the bridge together then uses a semi truck as a platform for people to jump on whilst using his strength to bring the portions of the bride closer together. One person is unable to cross but fortunately Miles manages of save them in a swift, acrobatic fashion whilst avoiding falling debris and vehicles.

After this chaotic event Roxxon guards approach Miles and prepare the guns before giving him a chance to explain. Miles is suddenly able to turn invisible, leaving the guards and eye witnesses puzzled. He leaves the scene and goes home without trace and is left angry from how the guards treated him.

The following day Miles is left saddened by the events. Despite what occurred last night Rio is still adamant on continuing her campaign and states that her family does not give up. Ganke encourages Miles to become his own Spider-Man and fix things his own way, so they run multiple tests and begin crafting a suit together. Once completed he swings around the streets of New York and flaunts his new look.


While walking across the rally’s festival, both Miles and Ganke meet most of their neighborhood who are present before the rally starts:

  • Hailey Cooper is seen doing a street painting.
  • Gloria Davila is revealed to have a girlfriend name Steff, while advertising F.E.A.S.T. North.
  • Aaron Davis is temporarily seen almost close to the rally’s stage before leaving the festival at a same time when Rio begin her campaign rally.

After Tinkerer and her enemies reveal themselves, defeat them and then travel to the waypoint where the explosion occurred. After defeating the enemies there, swing to the areas where civilians are trapped. Use the water tank to extinguish the flames, and then save the passengers on the bus. Afterwards, web the portions of the bridge together and pull the platform towards yourself. After that failed, repeatedly tap the square button to pull the bridge together.