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Trophy: Family Drama
Defeat Prowler Bronze

Thicker Than Blood is a mission in Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales.


While on his way to the Oscorp Science Center, Miles gets kidnapped by his uncle Aaron Davis, disguised as the Prowler. He is then taken to a subway line where Aaron tells Miles to just let Simon Krieger and Phin kill each other. The two get into an argument and after they battle, Miles tells his Uncle that he can't turn his back on the city when they need him most.


The battle with the Prowler is as follows: In his first phase the Prowler can charge at you and turn invisible, similar to Miles' camouflage. While it is possible to beat him with his cloaking, Venom Attacks can short out his cloak and allow the player to get more hits in. Prowler can also use mines that can disable Venom if Miles gets hit by them, Similar to a Roxxon Guards weapons. In the second phase, Prowler charges up a laser with a wide range that can be countered with Perfect Counter. In this phase, there are also junction boxes that can fill up a full Venom bar, though this is not recommended as you are completely vulnerable this way. During the third and final phase, Prowler can summon three holograms of himself to attack Miles. The holograms usually take four hits to defeat, although Venom can kill them instantly. It is recommended that the player takes down the holograms first as they can prove to be a nuisance. Once the player has dealt enough damage, the end cutscene plays and they earn the "Family Drama" trophy.


  • If the player turns on camouflage during the second and third phases, instead of staying still, Prowler can shoot his laser around the subway, but usually shoots it in the direction where the first cutscene occured.