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The Network is Down is a side mission in Marvel's Spider-Man. A network technician is on top of the Police Station roof tending to the department's crime system's tower when Spider-Man arrives. She knows he has been hacking the towers and wants his help in destroying jamming devices that are currently interfering. Spider-Man is able to detect the interference using his radar.

This mission is unlocked by completing the repairs on the network towers for Yuriko Watanabe. It takes place in the Financial District.


There are three devices to find and destroy, each with a group of Fisk's men. The second tower will include additional thugs on a separate rooftop with long-range rifles and laser scopes. These will need to be eliminated as well. After destroying the third device, the waypoint moves to the coastline and the technician reports unauthorized activity.

At the docks are several vehicles, multiple containers of weapons and supplies, as well as more of Fisk's men. When Spider-Man gets closer, he realizes that the thugs were planning to use the equipment to break Fisk out of prison. Incapacitate Fisk's men to end the mission.