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The Mask is the eleventh main mission in Marvel's Spider-Man. Spider-Man travels to catch up with Martin Li in order to get information on the Inner Demons mask.


After catching Shocker, Spider-Man receives a call from Mary Jane Watson, who asks him to learn more about the mask the two recovered during "Don't Touch the Art". Spider-Man says he intends to ask Martin Li, who has a degree in Art History. On the way, J. Jonah Jameson has a new podcast about the masked thugs that attacked Rosemann's estate, ranting that them using masks is further evidence that Spider-Man has led to an increase in crime.

After arriving at the F.E.A.S.T. shelter, Spider-Man grabs a snack and waits until morning, then removes his costume and enters the shelter as Peter Parker. Upon approaching Li in his office, Peter asks Li about the mask, saying he is bringing it as a favor for Mary Jane. Li appears disturbed, and reveals the symbol inside the mask means "Demon". He reveals the mask could be connected to dangerous people, and urges Peter to steer Mary Jane away from her investigation.

Once Peter leaves, he calls Mary Jane about what happened, speculating that the mask must have reminded Li of some childhood trauma and passing on Li's warning to her, though she declines to drop the story.


There is no combat in this mission, as it consists of traveling to the F.E.A.S.T. shelter and talking with Li. After entering his office and talking to him, a cutscene commences, after which, leave the shelter to conclude the mission and resume control as Spider-Man.

Before the next mission, "Day to Remember", begins, Spider-Man remarks there is "time to kill" before he is needed at Dr. Otto Octavius' lab. One of the available side missions (either "Spider-Man P.I.", "Spider-Men", or "Storming the Castle") can be completed now, though simple citywide activities can be completed in the meantime instead before the next mission is available.