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Trophy: The Cat Came Back
Complete "The Maria" mission Bronze

The Maria is the first main mission in "The Heist" downloadable content for Marvel's Spider-Man. It features the first physical appearance of Black Cat in the game, and takes place inside the Museum of Contemporary Art in Manhattan, where Maggia thugs broke into. Completing this mission rewards the player with the Resilient Suit.


Mission starts with a little opening in which Mary Jane narrates how she's currently working on Maggia's article and their recent activities caused by Kingpin's and Demon's downfall. After intro ends, we see Spider-Man whom calls Mary Jane and tells him about the police raid on one of the Maggia families and that among the items recovered, was a lost masterpiece painting called "The Maria". The painting is currently on display at an art museum. Mary Jane receives a tip that one of the families is planning on stealing it back, and asks Peter to check it. Arriving at the scene, Peter sees that the Maggia thugs (Frederico Frezelli, Sal Patrillo and etc) are trying to infiltrate the museum. From their conversations becomes known that their boss needs "Maria" because it's a key in defeating other families. After short battle Peter decides to look around in case some of the thugs still there.From the east side of museum you can find incorrectly parked Maggia trucks, claw marks and a cutted hole in the roof.

Inside the museum, Spider notices that there are no guards here and decides to check the surveillance cameras. To get into the security booth, you need a guard's handprint, which can be folded from the things they touched (mobile phone, flashlight, coffee's mug, crossword, radio-transmitter). After a little search and minigame we find out that the guards alive but were taken down by sleeping pills (not Hammerhead's style). It leads as to "Maria" stand where the most important question is "What makes "Maria" so special?". Then Hammerhead's thugs drive into museum's doors and painting's stand gets blocked by safety glass. Thugs are going to break it with "big guns". After you take out some thugs they will receive message that cops are coming and decides to leave "Maria" and take everything they can. You can't let thugs with little statues get away so you need to take them down fast until they reach doorway.

After that you return to the painting and see that glass is remain untouched. After this Spider-Man sees how Black cat cuts hole in ceiling, turns off his earphone with M.J. and asks Cat about what she's doing here. She gives him no clear answer and point at thugs with rocket launchers. After you deal with them, Cat reveals Peter that in "Maria" all this time has been hidden a flash drive. Spider-Man tries to chase her, but is distracted by thugs who are about to be smeared by a huge model of the planet. He saves them, but let Black cat go.