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Trophy: Knocking Down Kingpin
Defeat Fisk Bronze

Clearing the Way and The Main Event are the first two main missions in Marvel's Spider-Man, taking place in Chinatown and Hell's Kitchen, respectively. Spider-Man finally reaches a face-off with longstanding rival Wilson Fisk, after the police track him down. The mission serves as a tutorial of sorts for players, teaching most of the basic combat and traversal moves.


The scene opens with Peter Parker asleep on his bed, awoken by the buzzing of his cell phone. The camera pans to show a glimpse of his apartment, including photos with Aunt May, Uncle Ben, Mary Jane Watson, and Harry Osborn, newspapers from the Daily Bugle, schematics for suit improvements, and even comic books. It is also apparent Peter is behind on his rent. After hearing a call from the police unit, Peter quickly rises, donning his Spider-Man suit and hurrying out of his apartment.

Spider-Man suited up.

Peter, as Spider-Man, exits the apartment via the window. Along the way, Yuri Watanabe calls Spider-Man over comms, informing him that her team are at Fisk Tower awaiting a warrant, and asking for his help at Times Square. Soon after, work calls, and the voice of Otto Octavius comes over the line.[a] Octavius calls to ask Peter where he is, needing him to run through a demonstration before the grant committee, and Peter quickly hangs up to prepare for the battle.

Fisk's men terrorize Times Square.

Arriving at Times Square, police officers are under fire from Fisk's men, ducking behind their vehicles for cover. The enemy approaches firing machine guns, before calling in a tanker truck, which speeds in from the side, smashing their cars before exploding in a ball of fire. The thugs resume their advance, but before they can shoot, Spider-Man arrives, disarming them all from above before landing.

After webbing up the thugs, Yuri calls Spider-Man only to hear another explosion nearby. After reaching Fisk Tower, he sees the police under heavy fire from Fisk's men outside. Yuri Watanabe ducks behind her vehicle to request more backup as Spider-Man lands next to her. Spider-Man then swings to the building, defeating a group of thugs and throwing one through the window in order to gain entry.

After Spider-Man defeats the group of thugs inside, the police show up as the last thug is taken down and attempt to use the elevator, but they have been shut down. While they elect to take the stairs, Spider-Man crawls up the shaft and access the ducts. Yuri contacts Spider-Man informing him that their choppers were taking fire and that Fisk's men are desperate, warning him that the server rooms' data is being wiped. While heading to the server room, Aunt May interrupts with a phone call, but he manages to convince her everything is fine before running into the next fight.

Kingpin taunts Spider-Man.

After dealing with the last of the thugs in the server room, Spider-Man approaches the console to halt the purge of server files. Fisk then appears on the server room to taunt Spider-Man, following which the server room doors open and a set of thugs rushes in to take on players. Fisk taunts Spider-Man as he fights, saying that he is the only one that has kept the criminal element in check in the city. Yuri sends in a bomb unit, which Spider-Man clears the way for.

As players make their way up through the floors, they deal with thugs they meet along the way and then meet up with the bomb unit. Hearing screams, they split up, with Spider-Man looking for victims of the explosions and the bomb unit hurrying off to diffuse what they find. After helping victims and using the ventilation shaft, Yuri contacts him again, and the two speculate Fisk planned for the attack.

Spider-Man then finds the bomb unit injured in the corridor. Upon entering, Spider-Man is met with rocket-launcher thugs instead. Once clear, the bomb squad can be found in the following room. This bomb squad really works for Fisk, however, and tries to attack Spider-Man from behind. Spider-Man defeats them, and after taking out the corrupt cops, Spider-Man walks into Fisk's office. Fisk activates the turrets nearby to fight Spider-Man.

The Kingpin arrested.

With the turrets destroyed, Fisk enters the battle and fights Spider-Man himself. As the brawl continues, he grabs Spider-Man and throws him through a few walls before the fight enters another room, where several thugs join him. Eventually, Spider-Man captures Fisk, fully webbing him up, leaving him for the police.


Spider-Man swinging through the city.

When the mission begins and players take control, tutorials begin for how to swing through the city (hold R2 to swing, release to detach, press X at the end of a swing to leap forward). Swing through and follow the yellow waypoint to "Clearing the Way" while dialogue takes place until reaching Times Square.

Upon reaching it, after a cutscene, the basics of combat are taught, including how to dodge (Circle) by paying attention to their Spider-Sense and how to use the Web Shooter to web towards an enemy (Triangle), then spring in close to land a hit (Square). Follow the on-screen commands to use these techniques to defeat the thugs, then when the second set of thugs arrives via dump trunk, armed, tutorials explain how to web up enemies (L1), which can be used to beat the next group.

Spider-Man confronted by Fisk's men in Times Square.

Following this, after hearing an explosion, follow the waypoint towards Fisk Tower, where a cutscene commences. After this, in the atrium, Spider-Man is now free to approach the thugs in the opposing room, which are fought using the same combos. This is when tutorials explain the importance of Focus, which can heal Spider-Man (by pressing Down). Afterwards, a small group emerges from one of the rooms above and starts firing down. Tutorials learn how to perform a Zip to Point move (L2 + R2) in order to gain access to that floor. Defeat the thugs, and then wall crawl up the elevator (Left analog stick) and run up it (holding R2), then travel through the ventilator following the waypoint.

On the way to the server room, web to the next floor up as they come out of the duct to take out the thugs there. The Finisher moves with Focus are taught (Triangle + Circle) to defeat enemies quickly on a full Focus bar. Proceed to the next floor outside the server room, which cannot be accessed. Scanning (R3) will reveal an air duct above, providing a route inside. While inside, takedowns can be performed (Square) to instantly defeat enemies below. When dropping down at the end of the vent, a group of thugs awaits in the server room, and a countdown timer is displayed on the large computer screen showing how much time there is to defeat them. Make sure to dodge the thugs' gunfire and target the thugs with pistols first, defeat them, and then access the computer (Triangle) to commence a cutscene.

Following the scene, a group of enemies appear. Use the combo techniques shown on-screen to defeat them: launch enemies (hold Square) and yank (hold Triangle) to the ground, then use the Web Shooter to lock them in place. After defeating them, proceed out the door, where Spider-Man is greeted by an explosion that takes out the floor above. Move up through the floors, deal with thugs along the way, and then meet up with the bomb unit.

Fight in the Fisk Tower atrium.

After hearing screams, zip up a floor to look for victims and enter the smoke and flame-filled corridors, following the waypoints. While doing so, Spider-Man will encounter a small handful of obstacles; use the web to pull a beam out of the way (by holding L1 + L1) and lift debris off people by rapidly pressing Square. Enter the ducts again and crawl forward until the point to drop down.

Upon finding the bomb unit, head forward, and Spider-Man is met with rocket-launcher thugs. The rockets are very powerful, but move slowly, and can be dodged just before they hit Spider-Man. After taking them out on both floors, rip the doors on the floor above off their hinges with webbing. Continue to a corridor partially blocked with debris, then climb and jump up to enter into the next room to fight more. Once clear, enter the next room, to commence a cutscene. The thugs that follow are more difficult due to their riot shield, and to defeat them, dodging and getting behind them to attack (using Square, Circle) is key. Enter the next room to begin the boss battle.

Fisk boss battle

Spider-Man ambushed by Kingpin in his office.

Dodge the bullets from the turrets, then use the Web Shooter to gum them up. Once accomplished, use webbing further by ripping the turrets from their housings, destroying them.

Wilson Fisk then enters the battle after the last turret is destroyed. Be very mindful of dodging his thrown projectiles and, more importantly, his charge. Webbing him up takes a full Web Shooter, and works for a short period of time before he breaks free, so be sure to get a few hits on him before dodging and leaping away. Attacks off the wall are also effective, as the key is to hit Fisk while being evasive and outmaneuvering him.

Once the first phase of the fight is complete, the fight continues in another room, where Fisk has several thugs join him, making the fight more difficult. Battling the thugs provides a good source of Focus for healing, though it is best to beat the thugs first to make the fight easier. Throwable objects are extremely effective both against the thugs and Fisk himself, who is invulnerable unless webbed or first hit by an object.

Spider-Man and Kingpin fighting while free falling.

Fisk tends to take a nearly full Web Shooter in order to web up. Anything less than that and it only has minimal effect. Also, he can grab Spider-Man, wasting valuable time attempting to break free with repeated Square button presses. Whenever Fisk throws objects at Spider-Man, throw them straight back at him to deal damage to him while avoiding the immense damage otherwise taken.

Near the end of the second phase, Fisk manages to grab Spider-Man and throw him to the ground. Pay attention to the button cues to dodge the attacks and defeat Fisk in order to be successful, completing the mission. This opens up the next, "My OTHER Other Job".



  1. At this point, players are not clued into Otto's identity.