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Trophy: Ultimate Sacrifice
Save Harlem Bronze

The Battle For Harlem is the final main mission in Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales.


Phin took her Nuform sample to Roxxon Plaza, planning to overload the reactor and destroy the complex. However, as Miles had discovered, Krieger had changed the reactor's specs, meaning that her overloading it would destroy all of Harlem. A redeemed Prowler arrives to assist evacuating all of Harlem’s citizens who were trapped in the battlefield between Underground and Roxxon, allowing Miles to proceed to Phin without any interferences. Phin ignored Miles' warnings, her trust in him eroded after he had previously lied, and battled him in the buildings of the plaza. As their battle continued, Simon Krieger broadcasts that he did not care about the reactor going critical as it would look good for the company if they had suffered a terrorist attack. This fueled Phin's anger further and the battle continued, though she eventually saw that it was doing more damage than she had intended and that Miles was right. Miles webbed her to safety after they both fell from a building, and he used his bioelectric powers to absorb the reactor's energy. Seeing Miles would not survive and remembering a flashback of her brother, Phin has a change of heart and sacrificed herself by using her programmable matter boots to propel herself and Miles high above Manhattan, allowing Miles to safely release the reactor's energy stored inside his body, killing her in the process.

As Miles crash landed to the ground of a destroyed Plaza, the neighbors of Harlem and Rio begin to rush towards him. Miles survive, but mourns together with his neighborhood of Phin's death together. As the news reporters arrive on the scene, the citizens of Harlem and Rio covers Miles' identity as Harlem's Spider-Man from being exposed to the public, just as Miles swings away from the scene.


After leaving the museum, head to Harlem and go to each area where Underground and Roxxon are fighting. Defeat both the Roxxon guards and Underground thugs. Once they are dealt with, go to the Roxxon HQ where you will battle Phin one last time. Depending on what weapons she uses, dodge them and use your venom power to defeat her. The advantage for Miles is that Phin's sword gets stuck to the ground. Next wave, she will set up turrets. Use them against her which would weaken her. Last, she will use spinning blades similar to the ones used during the Manhattan chase. Dodge them and attack Phin after. The final task is to stop the reactor. Use Miles to absorb the energy and then Phin will help the player, causing the energy to be absorbed.