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Straw, Meet Camel is a mission in Marvel's Spider-Man. Jefferson Davis calls Spider-Man to let him know some Inner Demons have been spotted near property owned by Wilson Fisk. Though he cannot check it out due to his upcoming awards ceremony, he hopes Spider-Man can do so. When he arrives, he finds that the Demons are eliminating Fisk's thugs and taking over.

When players are initially successful in thwarting some of these attempts in the building, Spider-Man webs up one of Fisk's thugs to discover what is going on. The thug receives a call from Fisk himself, and Spider-Man tries to get information as to who the leader of the Demons is. Fisk responds that he might tell him, should Spider-Man manage to keep his men alive. Fisk hangs up just as a helicopter arrives, and Spider-Man resumes his rescue attempts. There are six men total he must save, all at different levels of the construction building. In one location, on the upper bridge, the Demon Brute is introduced.

Once accomplished, players make their way to the roof, where the helicopter evacuates the last of the Demons. He attempts to stop them with his webbing, but they shoot their way loose with a rocket, knocking the nearby crane to the bystanders far below. Players must web the crane before it reaches the ground, then chase the helicopter as it flies through the city. After dodging rockets and catching up, players attempt to web themselves up to the machinery the helicopter is towing, but it is smashed into the building. Players then find themselves inside, with the helicopter waiting at the other end. They must make their way to it while dodging the rockets it fires. After throwing one of the men outside, the helicopter is damaged, and players must use their webbing to catch it before it drops to the ground.

The end of this mission is the first glimpse players get of Miles Morales, recording with his cell phone with a friend. Via his texts, players learn that Jefferson Davis is his father.

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