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Straw, Meet Camel is the nineteenth main mission in Marvel's Spider-Man. Jefferson Davis calls Spider-Man to let him know some Inner Demons have been spotted near property owned by Wilson Fisk. Though he cannot check it out due to his upcoming awards ceremony, he hopes Spider-Man can do so.


When Spider-Man arrives at the construction site, he finds that the Demons are eliminating Fisk's thugs and taking over. After defeating a few and taking a phone from a Fisk construction worker, Spider-Man talks to Fisk over the phone, and he reluctantly agrees to share more information if Spider-Man keeps Fisk's men alive.

After Spider-Man rescued Fisk's men, he called Fisk to ask who led the Demons. Fisk simply responded that Spider-Man may find the leader on the roof. Upon arriving, Spider-Man found a masked man that appeared to be the leader take off in a helicopter. Spider-Man webbed a container to the helicopter as it flew through New York City, causing great damage along the way. He eventually caught up with the helicopter and disabled it, briefly taunting the Demons', before stopping it from crashing.

The end of this mission is the first glimpse of Miles Morales, recording with his cell phone with a friend. Via his texts, it is shown that Jefferson Davis is his father.


After arriving at the checkpoint, the mission begins with stealth. The usual methods work, though it is also possible to pull objects to knock a few out, or to simply engage in combat. After defeating them, zipping through the next area will commence a cutscene, after which combat begins against a few. A good strategy to clear them quickly is to open up with a Web Bomb, and finish off the rest of the enemies with Web Throws or Web Shooters.

As a helicopter arrives, there are six men in total that Spider-Man must save. Before engaging the Demons nearby, it is possible to perform a Web Strike Takedown, though most encounters will inevitably lead to combat anyway. After rescuing the one on the upper bridge, the Demon Brute is introduced. These are similar to other Brutes and can be taken down with similar methods, but have powerful shockwave attacks that should be avoided by staying in the air.

After rescuing them, head to the roof to find the helicopter, as a cutscene commences. Following a series of quick-time events, follow the helicopter around the city, making sure to dodge the rockets it fires. After chasing for a while, the Triangle prompt appears to latch on; following the cutscene, run through the building and grab onto the helicopter. To disable the helicopter, pull apart its left and right engines, dodging the Demons' attacks to temporarily disable him allowing time to destroy each. Once this is done, a series of quick-time events commences, leading to the end of the mission. The next, "And the Award Goes to...", begins straight after.