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Storming the Castle is a side mission in Marvel's Spider-Man. It starts in the Upper East Side district and becomes available after completing the mission Keeping the Peace. The majority of the mission takes place in Central Park.

This mission occurs at night, so the game will pause to change the time of day. Spider-Man has noticed a woman bird-watching from a rooftop and checks on her. She (Stephanie) has noticed armed men in the park near Belvedere Castle.

As Spider-Man gets close, he notices several of Fisk's men, all armed. Once is on a higher level with a laser scoped rifle. Two are alone and can be taken down quietly. After defeating all the enemies, take a look at the laptop. As Spider-Man reaches for the device, a pigeon steals the thumb-drive.

Now the chase is on. Follow the waypoint to where the pigeons have flown. They will take off but leave a blue trail behind them as they fly. Get close enough to use L1 and L1 to catch one. If it doesn't have the drive, the chase continues until Spider-Man catches the correct one. Stopping travel and losing the pigeons will fail the mission.

After the drive is recovered, Spider-Man will need to return to the laptop. He will discover that Fisk's men were attempting to upload a computer worm to the Central Park WiFi system. Players will have three locations, and three minutes to arrive and stop the upload. Each location will have several men, some of which will have electronic tasers or a shield. As long as one of them is at the laptop, the countdown will continue. If one is knocked away from the laptop, another will take his place and the upload will continue.

Once the men are subdued, return to Stephanie. She has been spotted by Fisk's men. They have blocked her escape and are planning to kill her. Defeat the thugs and talk to Stephanie again to complete the mission. Rewards 1500 XP.


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