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The Stark Suit is a suit players can unlock at level 9 in Marvel's Spider-Man. It costs 1 Base Token, 3 Crime Tokens and 1 Research Token, and comes with the Spider Bro suit power.



The Stark Suit bears a strong resemblance to the Classic Suit, with the red and blue color scheme. The suit also includes some black highlights in addition to the expressive shutters on the eye lenses.

Suit power

The Stark Suit features the Spider Bro special ability. When this power is activated, it summons a drone that flies around Spider-Man and helps him by attacking nearby enemies for a short period of time. When attacking, the Spider Bro fires bolts of electricity with which it can not only stun enemies, but also even defeat them by itself.

Original appearance

The suit is based upon the Spider-Man suit worn by Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in which he is portrayed by Tom Holland. It was first featured in Captain America: Civil War and later Spider-Man: Homecoming, the first-half of Avengers: Infinity War, the first-half of Spider-Man: Far From Home given to Peter by Tony Stark. This suit can be slightly seen underneath the Iron Spider suit in Avengers: Endgame

In Civil War, Tony Stark meets Peter in order to learn more about his powers. He recruits him on his side and battles Captain America who is against being overseen by the government.

In Homecoming, Peter captures Vulture's buyer Mac Gargan but Vulture escapes. Unfortunately, the suit is taken away by Tony Stark after Peter accidentally creates chaos on the New York ferry. However, after Peter's victory against Vulture and his refusal to join the Avengers, Stark later returns the suit to Peter just for May to witness.

In Infinity War, Peter witnesses Ebony Maw's ship hovering over New York during his field trip to M.O.M.A. He aids Tony Stark to prevent Ebony Maw and Null Obsidian from taking the Time Stone from Doctor Strange who later gets kidnapped. As Ebony leaves with Doctor Strange in his custody, Peter holds onto the ship as it goes until he escapes the atmosphere.

In Far From Home, May packed the suit in Peter's suitcase for the School Tour in Europe. He then wears it to meet Nick Fury, Maria Hill and Quentin Beck.