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Spider-Men is a side mission in Marvel's Spider-Man. It is unlocked after completing the story mission The Mask.

A local business owner thanks Spider-Men for saving his daughter, only he has no idea what the owner is talking about. Head to the theater and the crime scene. The daughter is still at the location, as are the cop and the defeated but breathing thugs. Talking to the daughter reveals a Spider-Man impostor heading south to check out a fire.

Locate the fire scene and check for evidence and clues. A fireman is looking for a fire extinguisher. Locate it and solve the mystery of the unknown substance. The solved solution is in the gallery below. The substance is identified as Ammonium Dihydrogen Phosphate, a fire suppressant. Spider-Man is able to use the chemical signature to track "Spider-Man 2.0".

The trail leads to several scenes. The fake Spider-Man appears to be doing good work in Spider-Man's name but leaves the crime scenes a bit messy. When Spider-Man finally catches up with the impostor, he is being held at gun point by some of Fisk's men. Rescue him and defeat the thugs. The "fake" is actually a local martial arts teacher, just trying to "spread the legend". Spider-Man convinces him to help out by going to the local shelter and offering free self-defense classes and instead leave the crime fighting to the real Spider-Man.


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