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Spider-Hack is the twenty-eighth main mission in Marvel's Spider-Man. Spider-Man tries to infiltrate Oscorp to find more information about Devil's Breath.


Peter Parker shares with Mary Jane Watson the demise of Isaac Delaney and also the name that Delaney ended up giving Martin Li: Morgan Michaels. Mary Jane lets him know that she dug up information that Norman Osborn and Wilson Fisk were apparently in league with each other, as Norman wanted Fisk to build him a secret lab. Spider-Man decides he needs to infiltrate Oscorp to see if he can find any further information.

While entering the building, Osborn is overheard talking to Wilson Fisk about the Ni-oh statue. Once in the office, Spider-Man accesses Norman's computer, where they learn about Project GR-27, apparently a research project that has the potential to cure any known disease; however, the project seems to be a failure, targeting the subject's immune system. This failure is deemed "Devil's Breath" and is highly contagious. Morgan Michaels is the only one with a sample.

After leaving, Peter Parker calls Mary Jane, who is in the middle of trying to find Michaels, and then follows her to Central Park. On the way, Otto Octavius calls Peter about a breakthrough he has, in which he expresses enthusiasm for a project about unlocking the power of the mind.


Upon arriving on top of the building, players must use scan to find cables and follow them to the security modles, which they must find and hack the security modules around the building in order to gain access. After hacking the first, the power goes out, and Sable International soldiers start crisscrossing the exterior of the building with their lights, making things more difficult, as their beams must be avoided or else the mission will fail. Luckily, the beams are relatively slow and easy to avoid.

Once the second module is hacked, drones start flying around the building with larger lights, which are more difficult to avoid but can be avoided by running past them. The third hack brings a helicopter on the scene with a searchlight. The last module is high up the building in the center of the Oscorp sign. Getting caught by the snipers, drones or helicopters will result in mission failure. Once it is hacked, Norman's office is very close by, and players can use the vent to access the building.

Crawling across the vent through to Osborn's office allows players to overhear a conversation. Once in theoffice, players can access Norman's computer. Scrolling through slides competes the mission, and a phone call with Mary Jane leads to the next mission, "Uninvited".