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The Spider-Clan Suit is a suit players can unlock in the "Turf Wars" expansion for Marvel's Spider-Man. To unlock it, players must complete all missions up to and including Bring the Hammer Down, as well as all citywide activities on the map.

The suit is based upon the Spider-Man suit from the Mangaverse, first appearing in Marvel Mangaverse: Spider-Man #1.


Based on the suit worn by Peter Parker of the Spider-Clan, this suit's appearance takes much inspiration from the Classic Suit, even down to using the same color scheme. On this suit, however, the red highlights are colored crimson. Much like the Into the Spider-Verse Suit, the suit alters the physical build of Spider-Man to match his appearance in the comic, where he is both much younger and skinnier. The suit leaves Spider-Man's arms exposed, with his hands being covered by protective hand wraps and gloves. The suit also features the mark of the Spider-Clan on both the chest insignia and on the backpack. On his feet, Spider-Man wears a pair of sneakers rather than boots. The eye lenses, while significantly larger than other suits, can still emote much like them. The Spider-Clan Suit does not feature a suit power.

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