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Something is Screwy is the fifth main mission in "The Heist" downloadable content for Marvel's Spider-Man. Completion of this mission unlocks Screwball Challenges around the city, which can earn players Challenge Tokens.


Spider-Man informed Mary Jane Watson that Black Cat stole another data drive. He receives a phone call from Screwball. She just got out of jail with some of her fans and is putting on her new game show in Midtown. Once you reached the exact building where its located you see that the show was guarded by her fans - ex-inmates. You need to deal with them first. After battle Screwball (through loudspeakers) announce that Spider-Man is a main star of her reality show. Web-Slinger tries to turn down the offer, but Screwball says that if he declines, her fans will be very angry and some people will get hurt. Peter has no choice so he needs to participate in every Screwball Challenges.

Note: You don't need to complete Screwball Challenge to finish the mission or continue main story.