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Something Old, Something New is the fifth main mission in Marvel's Spider-Man. After repairing the Chinatown relay towers, Peter Parker calls Dr. Otto Octavius to apologize for the incident with the grant committee.


After calling Dr. Octavius, Otto assures him that the committee will calm down, and tells him not to bother coming back to the lab for clean-up, as he's stepping out for dinner. Believing that Otto will be gone for the night, Peter goes to the lab to repair the damage caused to his suit by his fight with Kingpin.

Otto discovers Peter's secret.

However, Otto returns to the lab and catches him repairing the suit. To Peter's relief, Otto seems to incorrectly assume that he merely designs Spider-Man's equipment, and promises him that his secret is safe. Peter is left to his work, eventually falling asleep on the couch.

When he wakes up, he finds a note from Otto telling him to check his email. In Otto's email, he praises Peter for his altruism and provides ideas for improving the suit. Using Otto's notes, Peter crafts the Advanced Suit.


Follow the waypoint back to Ocatvius' lab. Along the way, surveillance towers for Greenwich can be descrambled, and a few crimes can be completed.

Spider-Man in his new suit.

Inside the lab, as before, projects are available for Research Tokens, though none are immediately relevant. Another recording can be heard from Octavius.

Enter Peter's workstation and interact with it to begin a cutscene. Following this, check the emails on the computer, eventually progressing to the suits menu. Craft the Advanced Suit, and tutorials will explain how suit powers work. After the cutscene, the next mission, "Fisk Hideout", is available.