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Someone Left the Lights On is a mission in Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Miles Morales unveils the sickening truth of Nuform and the effects it had on lead scientist, Rick Mason.


After the shocking events on Braithwaite Bridge, Miles decides to investigate at Phin's family's old repair shop where she used to do all her work. He sneaks in and finds a secret room with a computer, on it were two videos. The first revealed the sickening effects of Nuform, Rick and Phin's plans were to scrap the development of the new energy source to prevent more from being produced, Phin decided to set up a recording so that the evidence would be sent straight to Daily Bugle if anything went wrong.

Unfortunately, in the second video a broken Phin reveals that things didn't go to plan, however none of the footage was uploaded due to a damaged phone. Subsequently, Miles decides to track Phin's phone so that he could get more insight to what happened. However before he could investigate further, The Underground arrive.

After taking out the enemies, Miles returns to the computer and finds the location oh her phone, he swings away not knowing that The Prowler was watching him from a distance.


Swing to the way point and sneak into the store, afterwards approach the broken wall and use venom punch to get into the secret room. Once enemies show up, defeat them and return to the computer to finish the mission.