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Snipe Hunt is a side mission in Marvel's Spider-Man. This mission begins in the Financial District and is unlocked after completing the story mission Uninvited.

After speaking with a police officer, Spider-Man learns that they have just caught a sniper who had been stalking Oscorp's Chief of Staff, and the police are sure there are other targets. The perpetrator had a city map on him that had the courthouse circled. This will be the first of four sniper locations. Taking out the first sniper will unlock the rest and start a two minute, thirty second timer. Basically this is a race around the city as the first three sniper take-downs themselves are fairly easy. The fourth involves a fight with three thugs. Running out of time will fail the mission.

The second half of this mission is a hostage rescue. The captured perpetrator revealed that there are several tourists being held hostage and that his cohorts in crime will execute them if the cops don't let him go. This part of the mission will test Spider-Man's ability to take out thugs quietly. If he is noticed, the hostages will die and the mission will fail. Most of the thugs will be alone, but not all of them, so pick targets carefully. Saving the hostages will end the mission.