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The Sinister Six is a team of super-criminals in Marvel's Spider-Man. Led by Doctor Octopus, the group consists of Mister Negative, Electro, Vulture, Rhino, and Scorpion. Doctor Octopus forms the group in an attempt to take revenge on his former business partner, Norman Osborn, and they clash with Spider-Man when he interferes.


After Mayor Osborn claims credit for the capture of Mister Negative, this infuriates Otto Octavius and pushes him over the edge. Norman had already removed funding from his projects at this point and, according to Otto, stolen his ideas and technology. Past history showed that, while they had worked together as scientists and co-founded Oscorp, Norman was quick to break the rules, such as when he used an untested substance on a young Martin Li and inadvertently created Mister Negative.

Otto assumes the mantle of Doctor Octopus to exact his revenge, breaking criminals out of Ryker's Prison and The Raft. He had researched all of the most violent, offering each of them something unique if they were to help him. Thus, they form the Sinister Six, with the singular goal of destroying Norman Osborn and Oscorp.

Meanwhile, Vulture teams up with Electro and together they set up a trap for Spider-Man, although he manages to defeat them. He then has an encounter with Scorpion, who poisons him. After having to fight against the hallucinations of his own mind and barely escaping, Spider-Man has a second encounter with Scorpion, who is now accompanied by Rhino. He ultimately defeats the duo, leaving only Mister Negative and Doctor Octopus left.



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Original appearanceEdit

The Sinister Six first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 (October 1964).