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Simon Krieger is the main antagonist of Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

He is the head of research and development at Roxxon Corporation, Krieger is in charge of their new Nuform clean energy project. Though he presents himself as affable and tries to foster good relations with the community, Krieger is a ruthless businessman obsessed only with enriching himself. To this end, he forces through Nuform despite warnings from the team who created it.


Before Miles Morales

After Rick Mason and his team developed a prototype Nuform energy, Krieger wished to forcefully push forward with its implementation, seeing profit potential in allowing it to power the world. When Rick learned of grave side effects it could cause on people, including sickness, Krieger ignored the warnings and wished to push through anyway.

When Rick and his sister, Phin Mason, attempted to shut down Nuform from being mass-produced, Krieger locked Rick inside the forcefield with the reactor in, killing Rick in front of Phin.[2] Phin escaped Krieger's capture and swore vengeance against him, but lost the phone containing video evidence of his death. Phin would later become the Tinkerer and lead a group known as the Underground against Roxxon.

Miles Morales

In "Hold Onto Your Web-Shooters", Simon Krieger arrived on the scene at a Roxxon energy power plant where two Spider-Man, Peter Parker and Miles Morales, fought the escaped Rhino and won. Krieger congratulated the duo and introduced himself to them, promising to apprehend Rhino himself, and telling them he had intended to demolish the energy power plant that Rhino destroyed anyway. In reality, Krieger took Rhino back and gave him enhanced armor, using Rhino as his enforcer.

Later, after "Time to Rally", Krieger turned his back on the second Spider-Man, Miles, and placed all blame on Spider-Man for the destruction of Braithwaite Bridge. Krieger worked with Aaron Davis, the Prowler, to defeat his foes Spider-Man and the Underground. After "Breaking Through the Noise", Davis revealed that Spider-Man and the Tinkerer would both meet up at Trinity Church the next day, though he demanded Krieger leave Spider-Man alone and take the Tinkerer. Krieger sent Rhino there to capture them both, ignoring Davis's request.

In "Tinker Tailor Spider Spy", Krieger took both Spider-Man and the Tinkerer into custody. He tried to unmask Spider-Man, who used bioelectric powers to knock Krieger away. Krieger then had his men brutally beat Spider-Man, and said that he would eventually unmask Spider-Man, before leaving. Later, he talked with Aaron Davis and Rhino, where Davis was furious that Krieger had gone back on his word and threatened to leak all the damning evidence that could take Krieger and Roxxon down, though Krieger retorted that doing so would land Davis in prison too.

Krieger, having apparently caught wind of the Tinkerer's plan to blow up Roxxon Plaza with a supercharged Nuform reactor, changed the specs of the reactor. This would mean that charging the reactor would destroy all of Harlem, which Krieger believed would help his PR if he had suffered a terrorist attack from the Underground. During "The Battle For Harlem", Krieger spoke to the Tinkerer and Spider-Man over the speakers and admitted this, saying he could not care less what happened, and also stated his intentions to create "Roxxon City" in its place, and expand the business worldwide thereafter. Four weeks later, Aaron Davis turned himself in for a reduced sentence and Krieger gets arrested for his crimes by the police and goes to jail. Krieger was last seen angry screaming at those around him as the police apprehend him.



Krieger is a blonde, middle-aged man with blonde hair. He wears a light blue jacket with a green shirt underneath. In his first appearance in the game, he wears a coat with a scarf.


Krieger is a shrewd manipulator, being able to put on a charming, affable, and tranquil face to the public. Arguably, his calm demeanor is the one trait of his public persona that aligns with his true personality (although it is liable to slip behind closed doors). Beneath this mask is an obstinate, ruthless, avaricious, and volatile man who is willing to use anything or anyone for personal gain.

Krieger is narcissistic, and his plans revolve entirely around building a fortune for himself, caring little for others. Though he himself did not develop Nuform, as this was done entirely by Rick's team, Krieger forced through its mass production anyway to profit from it. Rick later dismisses damage done to Roxxon's property if he can spin it in a way he can benefit, first taking advantage of Rhino's rampage through old buildings by replacing them and recruiting Rhino himself, and later allowing the Tinkerer to blow up Roxxon Plaza and potentially kill thousands if the explosion will give him good PR. Towards his foes, Krieger taunts them with rude remarks, going as far as to insult Phin Mason over the death of her brother, which he himself caused. Though Krieger almost always has a calm demeanor, he can lash out and yell if he does not have the upper hand, as seen both when taken into police custody or when zapped by Miles' electricity.

Original appearance

Simon Krieger first appeared in Iron Man: The Iron Age Vol 1 1 (June 28, 1998).



  • Despite Simon serving as the main antagonist of Miles Morales, he had less screen time than Phin Mason, the secondary antagonist of the game.
  • Simon is the only antagonist of Miles Morales not to have a boss fight, since he doesn't have any fighting skills to himself.