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Trophy: Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man
Complete all Side Missions Bronze

Each district has different side missions players can complete in Marvel's Spider-Man. These appear as blue icons on the map and are optional missions provided to the player as they enter or unlock specific regions. Some side missions are unlocked through story progression while others take a bit more work. They are typically assigned to Spider-Man by the citizens of New York City, and award experience points upon completion.

Name Description Location XP
Helping Howard Unlocked during the story after sleeping on Aunt May's couch in the mission Couch Surfing. Talk to Howard afterwards and he reveals that his pigeons are missing. After unlocking the mission, the map will have bird icons indicating the locations of the missing pigeons. Locate them and bring them back. Chinatown +1000
The Network is Down Unlocked upon activating all the network towers in New York. Track down the devices and destroy them. Financial District +1500
Snipe Hunt Unlocked during story progression after completing the mission Uninvited. Defeat the thugs and save the hostages. +3000
Aiding a Human[a] Unlocked after clearing all Olympus Hideouts. Locate Sable agent David Obademi and help him defend the supplies against Maggia operatives. +1500
Tombstone: On the Move Unlocked after completing Up the Water Spout.... Locate and stop the truck, then defeat the thugs and search the truck. Greenwich +1500
College Buddies Unlocked after completing the mission Spider-Hack. Spider-Man must track down a college friend with only a photograph to go on. Climb to the roof of a tall building and look for a fire in the distance. +1500
Tick Tock This mission can be unlocked after completing College Buddies. Locate the missing person using a photograph. +1500
Over His Head This mission is unlocked after completing Tick Tock. Locate the missing person using only a photograph. The missing student is in the Upper West Side, on the upper west side of the map. +1500
A Matter of Debate This mission is unlocked after completing Over His Head. Locate the missing person using only a photograph. The missing person is the leader of the Debate Club and is located in the east side of the Financial District. +1500
Home Team Advantage Unlocked after completing A Matter of Debate. Locate the missing football team using only a photograph. Check the north end of a large field in the south side of Greenwich. +500
Like a Fiddle[a] Unlocked after finding all the paintings stolen by Walter Hardy. Spider-Man returns to the Greenwich precinct to look for NYPD's Detective Mackey, who has disappeared and is revealed to be Walter Hardy himself. +1500
Error: File Not Found Unlocked after completing The One That Got Away. Track down and return the drives, defeating enemies along the way. Hell's Kitchen +3000
Spider-Man P.I. Unlocked after completing A Shocking Comeback. Rodrigo is being blackmailed for plans to the casino. Follow the perpetrators and see what they are up to. Midtown +1500
Scales of Justice[a] Unlocked after finding all Crime Scene Recordings around the city. Investigate the crime scene and talk to Yuri Watanabe. +1500
Cat's Cradle Unlocked after completing all Black Cat Stakeouts. Locate the secret door to unlock the Dark Suit. Upper West Side +250
Storming the Castle Unlocked after completing Keeping the Peace. Clear out the enemies, then chase down the pigeons to retrieve a flash drive. Use L1 and L1 to catch them, then check to see if it's the right one. Upper East Side +1500
Spider-Men Unlocked after completing The Mask. Speak to the witness prior to checking the body. Investigate the next scenes and defeat any enemies. Harlem +1500
Internet Famous Unlocked after completing the story mission Straw, Meet Camel. Spider-Man has to complete a series of challenges at the behest of Screwball. +1500
Tombstone: What's He Building in There... Unlocked after completing the Tombstone: On the Move side mission in Greenwich. Take out Tombstone's gang and solve the puzzle mini-game. +1500
Tombstone: Let's Get Ready to... Unlocked after completing Tombstone: What's He Building in There... Defeat Tombstone and the remnants of his gang. +3500


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