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The Short Order Cook is a minor character in Marvel's Spider-Man. As his name implies, he is a short-order cook at Mick's Restaurant who makes a brief appearance during the mission Don't Touch the Art.

In the final scene of said mission, a reunited Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson catch up at Mick's, a restaurant the two have regularly dined at in the past. Their conversation is cut short when Peter hears police sirens and has to leave early. Mary Jane soon follows, and as she is about to exit, the cook, who has presumably worked at the restaurant for several years, turns to her and takes a quick moment to compliment the couple, saying, "Love seeing you two together again! You always were my favorites."

The character is voiced by and modeled after Spider-Man co-creator Stan Lee,[1] serving as Lee's last video game cameo prior to his death on November 12, 2018. Cameo appearances by Stan Lee have been a recurring gag throughout Marvel Comics media, most notably in Marvel film projects, including the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Lee addressed his cameo in the game shortly after its release, stating on his Twitter account, "Another medium, another Stan Lee cameo! One newly released game is causing quite the stir. Perhaps you've heard of it?"[2]