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Screwball is a minor antagonist in Marvel's Spider-Man and its story expansion The City That Never Sleeps. A live-streamer and criminal with millions of followers, Screwball uses Spider-Man to get more hits on her web channel. She is voiced by Stephanie Lemelin.[1]


Marvel's Spider-Man

Screwball is first seen in the side mission Internet Famous, where she lies to Spider-Man about having a hostage, and orders him to complete various city-threatening missions while she streams it online. Spider-Man falls for it and completes the tasks, while also dealing with Screwball's fans who attack him. After finally discovering it was a trick, Spider-Man defeats more of her fans, and arrests her. Before being taken in, Screwball states that it was her followers that did the damage, to which the police admit that she has a point.

The City That Never Sleeps

Fresh out of jail, Screwball contacts Spider-Man again and goads him into doing more challenges, all while she live streams Spider-Man's feats for her new show. After reaching 50 million followers, she throws a giant rooftop party to celebrate. With the help of Miles Morales, Spider-Man uses this opportunity to track her down. After a chase over the rooftops of Manhattan, Spider-Man finally catches her and leaves her to the authorities once more.


Screwball is seen wearing a white jumpsuit with a white biker helmet, both of with are adorned with fuchsia stripes and her logo, and opaque golden sunglasses. According to J. Jonah Jameson, she has purple hair.

Screwball is shown to be a narcissistic and mentally unstable woman who only ever seems to care about getting as many followers and hits as possible. As such, she has no qualms about using Spider-Man or endangering civilians just to increase her popularity. Screwball uses heavy "social media speak", such as "TTYL", "hashtag", "LOL", and "S-M" as an abbreviation for Spider-Man. Despite possessing a somewhat super-villainous nature, Screwball is more often than not regarded as more of a tiresome annoyance and a severe social media addict by most of New York than an actual threat.

Screwball is extremely skilled in gymnastics, allowing her to free run across the city's rooftops without losing momentum, to the point where even Spider-Man initially has some difficulty keeping up with her.

Original appearance

Screwball first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #559 (July 2008).


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