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Silver Sable International, or simply Sable International, is a security corporation owned and operated by Silver Sable in the Marvel's Spider-Man series. In the first game, they are initially hired by Mayor Norman Osborn under the pretense of restoring order to New York City, which also involves killing Spider-Man on sight.

They are featured as one of the main antagonistic groups in the first game's main storyline. They became a supporting allied group in the Silver Lining episode of The City That Never Sleeps storyline and were briefly mentioned in the first game's spin-off Miles Morales.


Early history

Sable International was founded by Silver Sable's grandfather in Symkaria. It was known for intervening in European countries that struggled against rising crime and other internal social issues. The organization had an alarming track record of overstepping their boundaries even prior to coming to New York City.

Marvel's Spider-Man

Sable International was hired by Mayor Osborn following the Inner Demons' terrorist assault on City Hall, ostensibly to bolster the short-staffed PDNY. However, their greater objective was to protect Oscorp assets from the Demons, especially the experimental GR-27. Initially, Sable was on neutral terms with Spider-Man: while not targeting the superhero, they did not view him as an ally and reacted poorly to his "interference".

When Devil's Breath was released into New York City, Norman Osborn blamed Spider-Man for the incident, making him a priority and giving Sable and her agents permission to enact martial law. They proceeded to place Manhattan under quarantine until all Sinister Six were defeated, at which point Norman Osborn resigned as a mayor in disgrace.

The City That Never Sleeps

The Heist and Turf Wars

Hammerhead managed to steal a significant supply of Sable International's weaponry, which he saved up for the upcoming Maggia gang war. The equipments which Hammerhead’s Maggia gang stole were from the stolen blueprints known as Project Olympus, a defunct project from a past collaboration between Sable and Oscorp.

Silver Lining

Silver Sable returned to New York to retrieve her equipment back from Hammerhead’s hands, and aid Symkaria in a battle against its dictatorships. The Sable finally co-operated with Spider-Man one time to defeat Hammerhead.

Black Cat, a vigilante thief who faked her death, had been working undercover to locate where Hammerhead kept the Project Olympus weaponries and Symkarian supplies hidden. Thanks to Black Cat’s information, Spider-Man called a former Sable agent he befriended, David Obademi, to retrieve the weaponry and supplies to Symkarian Embassy. Obademi was offered to stay in New York as a teacher at Midtown.

Miles Morales

One of the Sable teams led by Silver Sable, the Wild Pack is mentioned during Peter Parker and Mary Jane’s trip at Symkaria for Daily Bugle. Sable’s Wild Pack is enlisted to handle the Civil War crisis in their country.


Concept art

Sable International is a Symkaria-based mercenary force. Its mercenaries are easily distinguished by their sleek white armor and advanced equipment; a caliber higher than any other organization.

The majority of Sable personnel are mercenaries more concerned with fulfilling their contract than public image, and are not afraid to use heavy (if not outright) excessive force.



Sable enemies are among the most difficult enemies in the game. Their armor makes them more resilient to damage than similar units of other faction and their energy-powered weapons are the most damaging in the game, on the same level if not surpassing the Demons' own. Adding up the challenge is the fact that they often station themselves in tight formation and sheer number, making both stealth and direct approach difficult.

Sable units comprise the following:

  • Gunmen (always with rifle-class firearm or a Launcher)
  • Shielded
  • Armed melee unit
  • Jetpack unit
  • Sniper

In addition, Sable squads are are often accompanied by a seemingly autonomous cannon mounted on their vehicles. These cannons assist the mercenaries by firing normal projectiles and capture ropes (which will restrain Spider-Man, allowing other enemies to attack him) from afar. They can be easily dispatched by being pulled off and thrown with the web.

One of the advantages Sable mercenaries have over other enemies is that some of their units, particularly the melee, have energy protection surrounding their armor that dissolves Spider-Man's web on contact, making most of Spidey's gadget useless against them while the protective energy is up. This energy does not protect from the effects of Suspension Matrix, the Kinetic Push of the Concusor, the bolts from Spider-Bot's gun and the effects of Electric Web.

Sable mercenaries also benefit from energy weapons that can inflict a temporary malfunction on Spider-Man's gadgets, rendering him tactically on a steep disadvantage for seconds. This effect can be backfired through throwing back their grenades, which will also disable their energy shields. Furthermore, the jetpack and mounted cannon units can fire capture bolas, which upon hitting Spider-Man will bind him, prompting the player into a small QTE for their freedom.


Trophy: Mercenary Tactics
Take down each Sable Outpost Silver

Following the mission "Out of the Frying Pan...", Silver Sable has Sable International set up outposts around the city to find Mister Negative and Doctor Octopus. However, Yuri Watanabe warns Spider-Man that they are rounding people up indiscriminately, holding them captive in these bases. Spider-Man can opt to take the outposts down and rescue the innocent civilians, to win Base Tokens. Each outpost will have several waves of Sable International agents to defeat, as well as different sets of bonus objectives to complete for extra Base Tokens. The overall goal is to clear the area of enemies.

There are a total of four "Sable Outposts" around the city.

Location Bonus objectives Rewards
Central Park Yank Down 10 enemies
Perform 5 Stealth Takedowns
Up to x3 Base Tokens resource icon.png
Harlem Perform 10 Swing Kicks
Stealth Takedown 3 RPG enemies
Up to x3 Base Tokens resource icon.png
Midtown Perform a 65 hit combo
Electrify 10 enemies
Up to x3 Base Tokens resource icon.png
Upper West Side Disarm 5 enemies
Throw 5 Jetpack enemies during aerial combat
Up to x3 Base Tokens resource icon.png

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