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Rio Morales is a supporting character in Marvel's Spider-Man. She is the wife of police officer Jefferson Davis and the mother of Miles Morales. Rio is voiced by Jacqueline Pinol.Script error


Marvel's Spider-Man

Rio is at the awards ceremony for her husband, Jefferson, when the Inner Demons arrive and set off explosions. Not knowing the fate of her husband, she rushes into the debris, only to become pinned. She is rescued by her son, Miles, and is next seen at the funeral for her husband.

Sometime after the funeral, Rio is contacted by May Parker, who is advised by her nephew Peter to have Miles volunteer at F.E.A.S.T. to help him process his grief. Supportive of the idea, Rio convinces Miles to volunteer (the alternative being more therapy).

Rio later aids in the distribution of the Devil's Breath antiserum, and is last seen at May's funeral.


Rio is a middle-aged woman of Hispanic origin. She is a kind and caring woman with a love of science which she passed onto Miles. Even after her husband's death, she still took the time to make others feel better, such as trying to help Miles through the loss of his father despite grieving. She is also brave as well, demonstrated by how she is willing to run back into the wreckage to find her husband during the Demon attack at City Hall.

Original appearance

Rio Morales first appeared in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man vol. 2 #1 (November 2011).



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