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Rio Bravo is the third main mission in the "Silver Lining" downloadable content for Marvel's Spider-Man.

Peter Parker is alerted by the Police Dispatch to a report of a truck driver in distress in the Financial District. As he swings over, he gets a call from Miles Morales, who is confused about getting physics homework for his "spider-assignments", and explains that understanding physics is essential to web-swinging. Upon arrival, Spider-Man finds out that Hammerhead thugs are attacking an Oscorp truck, and decides to help.

This mission is essentially players' introduction to Tech Salvage crimes. Throughout this mission, and by extension Tech Salvage crimes, players have to defend the Oscorp truck from Hammerhead thugs. A circular gauge is visible near the truck's door, and it rises as thugs try to break open the door. Players can defeat the Hammerhead thugs any way they choose, but must keep track of the gauge lest the Hammerhead thugs raise it to full. Only two thugs are attacking the truck at first, but more thugs come in waves, including brutes and jetpack thugs.

Completion of this mission unlocks new Hammerhead Crimes.