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Richard ''Rick'' Mason is a supporting character from Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. He is the brother of Phin Mason, a childhood friend of Miles Morales. Rick was a brilliant scientist who helped mentor both Phin and Miles before going to work for Roxxon. He was also the original Tinkerer before Phin.

The character is voiced by Todd Williams.


Before Miles Morales

Rick was waiting for Miles Morales and his sister, Phin Mason, for their project at Oscorp Science Expo Center. Once they made it, they took a picture of each other. After Miles had to go to a different school, Rick haven't seen him for a long time. Rick created Roxxon's new energy source, Nuform, he discovers that Nuform is dangerous and making people sick, but Roxxon's CEO, Simon Krieger, refuses to do anything about it. After Rick himself becomes ill, he and Phin decide to take matters into their own hands. They sneak into the Roxxon lab where the Nuform is being kept and destroy the sample, but Rick dies in the process.

Miles Morales

While he doesn't appear in the game due to his death, he appears in the flashback prior to the first game, where he was waiting for his sister and his best friend at the Oscorp Science Center. He was also mentioned by Phin Mason, Simon Krieger, Aaron Davis, and Miles Morales.


His death led his sister to assume her brother's nickname "Tinkerer" as her masked alias and becomes a new leader of the Underground to avenge him six months later, but unwittingly further Simon’s plan on taking over New York, should she unknowingly destroy Harlem.

After Phin’s sacrifice on saving Harlem and shutting down Roxxon Plaza’s Nuform reactor four weeks later, Miles’ uncle, Aaron Davis, who once made a deal with Roxxon, turned himself to the authorities to testify against Roxxon, allowing the authorities to immediately arrest Simon, prominently avenging Mason siblings’ legacy and the rest of Simon’s victims.