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Research Tokens are a type of token players can earn in Marvel's Spider-Man, and, in later levels, are some of the hardest. Earning them requires players to complete various tasks at Research Stations and capturing pigeons after activating the Helping Howard side mission.

Players may also complete projects (puzzles) while in Otto Octavius's lab. These are first unlocked during the My OTHER Other Job mission, and more are added throughout the game as players progress. Not all projects reward Research Tokens, but it is worth it to check what projects have unlocked when players are sent back to the lab though the course of the story.


Note: See Research Stations for all station locations. The below is for pigeons.


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Suit Mods
  • Bio Scanner
  • Charged Outer Mesh
  • First Aid
  • Life Support
  • Metabolic Convertor
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Reactive Lenses
  • Scavenger
  • Stormbolt Discharger
  • Threat Sensors
  • Webbed Striker
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