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The Purple Reign Suit is a Prowler-inspired suit players can use in Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales.


Aaron Davis created a suit as a present for Miles at his hideout during Miles' hunt for audio samples based on his past history with Jeff many years ago during their younger days at Manhattan.

After collecting all the audio samples from around the city, Aaron pointed Miles in the direction of his old hideout.

Once Miles was inside, he found a sticky note on a locker that told him to "use the sounds of the city", which led to him playing the Davis Brothers' Mix, a music track that consisted of all the sounds he collected on his hunt. The sound of the track then triggered the sound lock on the locker, allowing Miles to take the suit.



The suit itself is heavily inspired from Aaron Davis' Prowler suit, as it features a predominantly purple, green, and black color scheme.

In addition, the suit not only features claws on the tips of the fingers, but also a utility belt. Both features are cosmetic, however, as they do not affect combat.

The suit's eye lenses are noticeably smaller than those on most other suits and glow a vibrant green at night and in dark places. The eye lenses also lack the ability to emote similar to those on other suits like the Classic Suit.