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Trophy: Back in the Slammer
Take down each Prisoner Camp Silver

Prisoner Camps are enemy bases in Marvel's Spider-Man. They start appearing after the mission Out of the Frying Pan..., as escaped convicts from Ryker's Island and The Raft have taken over areas in the city. Players can opt to target these camps in order to earn Base Tokens, used for crafting items such as suits and gadgets. Each camp will have several waves of prisoners to defeat and a unique set of bonus objectives to complete; extra Base Tokens are provided for the completion of bonus objectives. The overall goal is to clear the area of enemies.

There are a total of four Prisoner Camps around the city.

Location Bonus objectives Rewards
Chinatown Perform 10 Air Yanks
Perform 5 Stealth Takedowns
Up to x3 Base Tokens resource icon.png
Financial District Use Trip Mine on 5 Enemies
Perform 5 aerial attacks
Up to x3 Base Tokens resource icon.png
Harlem Perform a 50 hit combo
Knock or throw 5 enemies off the building
Up to x3 Base Tokens resource icon.png
Hell's Kitchen Perform 15 Perfect Dodges
Perform 15 Finishers
Up to x3 Base Tokens resource icon.png