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Postcards are collectables in Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales that Spider-Man can find. Each postcard will give a clue to the next one which will then become visible on the map. These become available after completing the side mission Memory Lane and the main missions.


During the Memory Lane side mission, Rio Morales will leave the first postcard on Miles' bed. The clue reads:

Happy Birthday Miles! Ready for the best scavenger hunt ever? Here's the first clue: facing the park, with the world on our shoulders, we guard the next clue.

Upper West Side

Miles will have to arrive at the Natural History Museum. At the entrance to the museum, there will be four men holding a globe on their shoulders. Stand near the globe and unlock the next postcard which shows a picture of the Empire State Building and reads:

High atop the Empire State, you'll find a pair of blind eyes.

Along with the postcard, Miles will find a flash drive that has a message from his father, Jefferson Davis. The message will say:

Hey big man. Happy Birthday. Scavenger hunt seemed like a fun way to celebrate 16. Tour down memory lane. Remember that summer you and Phin forced me to take you to the Museum every weekend? Here's a secret. I loved those trips. Used to be I felt guilty you didn't have any siblings. Things with your uncle are tough now but I would have never made it to 18 without him. Anytime I'd see you with Phin... I'd feel a little less guilty. You have a sister. Her. With Phin, and now Ganke, you'll always have family in your life. Love you lots big man, see you at the next clue.


Once Miles reaches the Empire State, players will have to find the out of order binoculars on the observation platform. There will be the next postcard directing you to the Modern Art Museum in Greenwich and it reads:

Find the fossil hiding among the modern. Don't forget to look up.

The recorded message left behind will say:

5th grade field trip. Empire State Building. I chaperoned. Never agree to wrangle a bus full of ten-year-olds, son. Took us three hours to get there, and when we did, who showed up? The web-head himself, battling Vulture. Soon as we stepped off the elevator, we had to turn right back around again and evacuate. Thing I remember most though, you wanted to stay. Told me "Spider-Man needs our help, Dad." You're a born hero, Miles. Don't ever lose that fighting sprit. See you at the next clue.


Once you reach the museum, players will have to look for a white snail shell on the balcony. Once there, sit on top of it to receive the next clue. The postcard will have a picture of C.O.D.B.s and it will read:

Where money is king, you'll find great tunes, hanging among the lights.

The recorded message left behind will say:

Had to practically drag you and Phin to the Modern Art Museum the first time we came. "What do we care about splotchy paintings." But your mom and I knew we had to show you kids that were different ways of looking at the world. Sometimes radically different. When I saw you two in front of that psychedelic Angela Davis portrait, heads craned up in awe, I knew you got it. All that orange and gold; don't think you ever realised the world could look that way. That YOU could look that way. Like royalty. Proud of you for making it this far. Let's see how you do with the next one.

Financial District

Upon reaching C.O.D.B.s, players will have to zip to the light closest to the ladder. There they will find the next postcard with a picture of Lobster Bill's and a clue that reads:

Nestled beneath Stuyvesant lives a monster of a good meal.

The recorded message left behind will say:

Spent half my youth at C.O.D.B.s with your uncle. Every musician we loved played at this cramped little stage. Aaron even got up there once himself. Didn't do half bad, either. When he finally told me about his night job, this is where he took me. To soften the blow. But it poisoned the place for me. Never took you here because of it. I regret that. You'd love it, just like I did. So, how 'bout this: find a show you wanna see. Anything, my treat. We'll come out here, and your old man will show you how he used to bust a move. Next clue's all yours, Miles.


When Miles reaches Lobster Bill's, you need to zip the top of the monster. At the bottom of the monster statue, you find the next postcard with a picture of El Barrio and a clue that reads:

No letter enters this artsy castle without stopping at the gate.

The recorded message from Miles' dad says:

Hoo boy. Lobster Bill's. Home away from home. Always reminded me of your gram's kitchen down south. Took your mom here on our first date, and just about every date after that. Even once when she was pregnant with you... and she went into labour right before dessert. I blame the Cajun shrimp. She was less of a fan after that. But I'm not gonna lie son; some of those nights working late? Oh yeah. Stoppin' in for some fried okra. Don't tell your mom.

Upper East Side

When Miles reaches the castle, players will need find the letterbox on the front gate. There will contain the second-to-last postcard with a picture of C.J. Walker Park in Harlem and a clue that reads:

Beneath the hoop where you learned to fly, your journey comes to an end...

The recorded message says:

Middle School graduation. You and Phin joked it felt like a royal coronation when you saw the Artspace building. Your mom and I were so proud. Our son and our almost-daughter, graduating at the top of your class. I knew it made you sad, both of you, to go to different high schools, but Miles, I'll tell you, the friendships you make when you're young, the real ones? Those last. You and Phin will find each other again. Maybe a few years down the line, maybe a few decades. One clue left. bet you can't wait to get to the end.


When Miles reaches the basketball court, players will have to look underneath one of the hoops where there will find a postcard with a picture of Miles, his parents, his uncle and Phin, playing basketball. There is no clue as this is the last postcard but there is a recorded message that plays over a flashback sequence.

And so we come to the end - C.J. Walker Park. Remember when we played ball here in the summers? Your uncle showed you how to take it to the rack, while I demonstrated how to throw it down with authority. Don't think I'll ever forget watching you and Phin trying to alley-oop to your mom. This place reminds me that as crazy as life gets, only one thing really matters: the people you love. You, your mom, Phin, Ganke, even your uncle. Keep the folks you care about close to your heart, and you'll never go wrong. Happy birthday, big man. You are my reason for being brave.

After the flashback, players can look at the back of the postcard where it is written:

Happy birthday, Miles. Congratulations. You made it to the end! You are the reason that I'm brave. Love, Dad.