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Trophy: Grounded
Defeat Electro and Vulture Bronze

Picking up the Trail is the thirty-eighth main mission in Marvel's Spider-Man. Yuriko Watanabe contacts Spider-Man to let him know the department cannot do a forensics sweep of Times Square because everyone is sick. Taskmaster also calls, finally revealing his identity, to let Spider-Man know about the mercenaries throughout the city. This is a new set of challenges players can complete if they so choose for Challenge Tokens.

Upon arriving at Times Square, players must complete a spectrograph puzzle in order to conduct their forensics investigation and uncover a dispersal pattern. Following the dispersal trail to the left leads up one of the buildings and into an access hatch. This hatch leads directly into Doctor Octopus's lair, and players then need to use their Electric Web to turn the lights on. In their search, players uncover Otto's hatred for Norman Osborn runs deep. He has also been searching for weakness to the armor worn by Sable International and has left messages for his "crew". One of them is for Scorpion about a "reservoir job".

A map rests on a table that Spider-Man thinks is blank. Nearby sits a UV lamp, however, and players must find the circuit breaker in order to turn it on (Electric Web again). Back at the map, players can now see where each major villain has been assigned to strike at Oscorp. Mister Negative will go after the antiserum for Devil's Breath using "Icarus".

Searching the lair further reveals that Icarus itself is just a ruse, as Otto has left behind a case full of explosive that Spider-Man trips upon opening. He escapes via a vent, only to be captured by Vulture and hauled across the city to a waiting Electro. Players then fight him, having to dodge his electrical blasts. Web Shooters stun him enough to get off a few hits, then players need to dodge again. Destroying the transformer brings Vulture into the fight. Fighting solo against him is brief, involving dodging his charge and blasts, but then Electro joins back in.

It is especially important to pay attention to Spider-Sense during this phase, as both villains have ranged attacks. Electro will remain hovering in place to send out electrical blasts, while Vulture will charge in or use his own blasts. Another transformer destruction brings the next phase, where players need to follow the on-screen prompts in order to fight Electro, and then the final phase begins.

Electro this time around is taken out quickly when players destroy the final transformer beneath him, and then the fight is just Spider-Man versus Vulture.