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Trophy: The Six Assemble
Complete Act 2 Bronze

Out of the Frying Pan... is the thirty-sixth main mission in Marvel's Spider-Man. Spider-Man arrives on the scene where the Sable International truck was attacked and the Devil's Breath stolen. Yuriko Watanabe arrives via helicopter to reveal the situation is much worse, for Ryker's Island has been attacked as well. Spider-Man hitches a ride with her.

As Spider-Man, players help in minimizing the damage at Ryker's, even stopping the prisoners from escaping in a helicopter, but then Yuri shows up again. It seems The Raft is having problems of its own, and when they arrive, Electro appears and shoots their helicopter with a bolt of electricity. Spider-Man barely holds on. He grabs hold of Yuri and brings the helicopter into a somewhat controlled crash. Electro then uses his powers to open the cell blocks.

Once the prisoners are largely subdued, Spider-Man begins his pursuit of Electro outside. This is briefly interrupted by Vulture. Much of the pursuit is dependent upon players' ability to dodge, especially when the chase goes up a long shaft. Spider-Man chases Electro out on the roof, where he is then surrounded by Vulture, Rhino, Scorpion, and Mister Negative. The fight is fierce, but they gain the upper hand. As Spider-Man crawls to the edge of the building, none other than Otto Octavius arrives, having taken on the mantle of Doctor Octopus. He warns Spider-Man not to interfere before throwing him over the edge.

The villains then disperse, having particular jobs to do that will erase any debt they owe to Doctor Octopus. He then travels to the center of the city, where he unleashes the Devil's Breath.

Twenty-four hours later, Miles Morales and Aunt May are shown helping the sick, and it is clear that May is hiding that she has been infected. Norman Osborn has branded Spider-Man a fugitive and lays the blame for everything at his feet. Sable International holds the city under martial law while they try to seek out the escaped convicts.