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Oscorp, also known as Oscorp Industries, is an American multinational corporation appearing in Marvel's Spider-Man series. Norman Osborn is the CEO of Oscorp, who co-founded the company with Otto Octavius.


Early history

Oscorp was founded by Norman Osborn and Otto Octavius, who met in graduate school. The name for the company was inspired by "the O's", Osborn and Octavius's nicknames in college.

Unfortunately, due to the death of Norman’s wife Emily, and the same disease which killed her will occur to his son Harry, then the Devil's Breath project resulted the creation of Mister Negative, which killed his parents as a child, there has been a fallout between two Oscorp founders, resulting Otto quit the company, and created his own out of guilt.

Sometimes in the past prior to his secret treatment and bonded with Venom symbiote, Harry build the Research Stations across Manhattan for Oscorp's environmental attorney purposes on behalf of her late-mother. However, the company have long ignoring the stations' existences. Having had no time left before the special treatment to negate his illness, such as his trip to Europe act as a cover, Harry recorded the voice mails to entrust his friend, Peter Parker on completing his researches and provide them Oscorp.

Oscorp use to have had a Science Center at Upper West Side, but was not present in the first game. Miles Morales and the Mason siblings won the award for the energy converter in this center, which would become the main inspiration for the Nuform. Peter, and even Otto were also there to find the material concepts for their prosthetic projects.

Marvel's Spider-Man

After being elected mayor, Osborn remained the CEO of Oscorp, and had the company's technology integrated throughout the city, including in surveillance tech.

After mayor Osborn suddenly shut down Otto's lab, Peter (as Spider-Man) visits and reopens Harry's long-abandoned research labs across Manhattan, and continue his best friend's works while he was in "Europe", unbeknownst to Harry's situation. Once Spider-Man completed all of Harry's stations and send the datas to Oscorp networks, the company becomes convinced to have finally funding Harry's researches.

The Devil's Breath crisis proves disastrous for Oscorp. Osborn is forced to resign as mayor, and Oscorp stock plummets as a result, thanks to a testimony by its own employer, Morgan Michaels.

In The City That Never Sleeps expansion episodes, Oscorp is enlisted by Sable International in developing weapons for usage in the Symkarian Civil War.

Miles Morales

Oscorp Science Center, which had been long closed by the time of the first game's event occurred was announced by Oscorp to be renovated. Before the renovation starts, the Underground use it as one of its hideouts.

Ganke Lee hack into Oscorp's security cameras at Harlem to help Rio Morales to evacuate the citizens from the town, by the time when the Underground and Roxxon about to turn it into a battleground, whereas the former faction begin to make a move to destroy the plaza, and would unwittingly destroy the town along with it with a stolen Nuform canister on the plaza's reactor.

Original appearance

Oscorp first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #37 (June 1966).