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Oscorp, also known as Oscorp Industries, is an American multinational corporation appearing in Marvel's Spider-Man. Norman Osborn is the CEO of Oscorp, who co-founded the company with Otto Octavius.


Early history

Oscorp was founded by Norman Osborn and Otto Octavius, who met in graduate school. The name for the company was inspired by "the O's", Osborn and Octavius's nicknames in college.

Marvel's Spider-Man

After being elected mayor, Osborn remained the CEO of Oscorp, and had the company's technology integrated throughout the city, including in surveillance tech.

The Devil's Breath crisis proves disastrous for Oscorp. Osborn is forced to resign as mayor, and Oscorp stock plummets as a result.

In The City That Never Sleeps expansion episodes, Oscorp is enlisted by Sable International in developing weapons for usage in the Symkarian Civil War.

Original appearance

Oscorp first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #37 (June 1966).

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