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Nuform is a new and dangerous type of energy in Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. It was developed at Roxxon by Rick Mason. It is meant to be safe, but he sees it is dangerous. he wants to shut it down, but Simon Krieger does not care about the people. He just wants money.

Nuform appears as a white energy contained within clear, cylinder containers. We are told that it is a clean energy source that could power a city for 500 years.

In actuality, Nuform is highly dangerous, with prolonged exposure causing life-threatening complications such as bone marrow decay.


Nuform was developed by Roxxon, with Rick Mason being primarily in charge of its development.

During its development, Nuform proved to be effective but harmful, with many in the development team getting sick from exposure. However, Roxxon executive Simon Krieger ignored the issue and pushed forward for Nuform's implementation. He planned to plug it in to a Nuform reactor, which we are told that one canister of the fuel source can power all of harlem for 500 years.

Because it makes people sick, Phin Mayson, later dubbed The Tinkerer, tries to stop him with her older brother Rick Mayson, the sam person who created Nuform. Simon Krieger then kills him by trapping him in a force field and killing him with a synthesizer in front of Phin. Because of this, she dons the name, "The Tinkerer", and invents weapons, using the underground to assist her in exploding Roxxon Plaza, by destroying the Nuform reactor.

Because Simon Krieger switched out the specs, this would destroy all of harlem, but Phin does not believe Miles, thinking Simon Krieger put him up to a lie. She has a sudden change of heart after seeing the unstable reactor, and helps miles stop the reactor without exploding it. Nuforms development is later stopped, and Simon Krieger is arrested.



Her older brother rick made nuform, and died trying to expose it. Because of this, she turns into "The Tinkerer" and she uses the underground to destroy roxxon, and end the Nuform project. Miles Morales tries to stop her, resulting in a very shaky friendship. After a big fight with Miles, she sees the unstable reactor, and helps miles absorb the energy and get far away, sacrificing her life.

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