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Nuform is a new experimental energy which serves as a focal point for the plot in Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

We are told that it is a clean energy source that could power a city for 500 years. While its power is undebatable, it is toxic to humans and highly volatile, a fact ignored by Roxxon out of avarice.


Nuform was developed by Roxxon, with Rick Mason being primarily in charge of its development.

During its development, Nuform proved to be effective but harmful. The majority of the development team developed life-threatening complications from prolonged exposure (in the case of Mason, bone marrow decay), and many. Out of greed, stubbornness, and a desire to take credit for Nuform himself, Simon Krieger, Roxxon's Head of R & D, deliberately ignored Mason's protests and pushed forward with Nuform's development. He went to extreme measures to hide any evidence of Nuform's danger, including confiscating employee cell phones and using public connections to suppress any leaks. However, it became somewhat of an open secret among Roxxon employees, as not even Krieger could hide the illnesses in those exposed.

Roxxon moved quickly to construct Roxxon Plaza in Harlem, intending to use it as a testing ground for a Nuform reactor. With no other option, Mason resorted to corporate sabotage. Rick destroyed all of his notes on Nuform to prevent further production, and attempted to destroy a Nuform reactor with his younger sister Phin. Having anticipated interference, Krieger booby trapped the reactor when the siblings tried to disable it: Rick sacrificed himself to contain the reactor explosion and protect his sister, while Phin reluctantly escaped. Without any evidence, Phin resorted to extreme measures, forming a partnership with the Underground gang as "the Tinkerer" to take down Roxxon.

The Underground began moving to steal the Nuform roughly a week prior to Roxxon Plaza's scheduled opening. Their attempt to steal the entire Nuform supply from a truck along the Braithwaite Bridge ended in disaster due to Spider-Man's interference: while the Tinkerer was able to get away with a single canister of Nuform, the rest was inadvertently destroyed when it came into contact with Spider-Man's Venom Power, creating an explosion that destroyed much of the bridge.

The incident left the only available Nuform in the hands of the Underground: without Rick Mason's notes, Roxxon had no way of producing more Nuform in time for Roxxon Plaza's opening. In a reckless attempt to meet the deadline, Krieger had the reactor supercharged. Meanwhile, inspired by the explosion on the bridge, the Tinkerer began overcharging the Nuform with the intent of using it to level Roxxon Plaza: unaware of Krieger's meddling, the Tinkerer believed the resulting explosion would result in no casualties as long as it happened before the plaza's opening.

When Spider-Man uncovered the truth about Nuform (thanks to his discovery of the Tinkerer's identity and his connection to the Mason family), he began working to shut down Roxxon's Nuform labs hidden below Manhattan, while simultaneously trying to locate the Underground's cannister. Later, while escaping a Roxxon kidnapping with the Tinkerer, he learned of Krieger's tampering with the reactor: a simulation revealed that the combination of the overcharged reactor and the destabilized Nuform would create an explosion massive enough to annihilate Harlem. However, he was unable to convince the Tinkerer, who had lost trust in him.

Spider-Man was unable to reach the Tinkerer before she initiated the reactor meltdown: refusing to believe him, the two fought in the plaza, with Spider-Man emerging victorious. As the reactor neared critical levels, Spider-Man used his Venom powers to absorb the energy into himself. The Tinkerer, having realized the severity of the danger, sacrificed herself to bring Spider-Man into the air, allowing him to release the absorbed energy without harming civilians.

Four weeks after the incident, the truth about Nuform and Roxxon's related crimes were released to the public by Aaron Davis, a former contract for the company. Once Spider-Man shut down the remaining Roxxon reactors hidden in Manhattan, all known supplies of Nuform were neutralized, likely ending its threat permanently.


Nuform itself appears as a blue-white energy contained within clear, cylindrical containers: these containers are intended to be inserted into dome-shaped reactors for further usage.

While the exact mechanism of Nuform is never divulged, it is a powerful source of energy, rivaling nuclear power in terms of output. According to Roxxon, a single Nuform reactor could power all of Harlem for 500 years: while Roxxon's credibility has proven questionable at best, this appears to be one aspect in which they were honest.

However, Nuform is plagued by crippling flaws, most notably its effects on humans. The vast majority of those exposed, even in short doses, experience health problems: prolonged exposure may severe, if not fatal complications (Rick Mason, for instance, developed bone marrow decay). Additionally, Nuform is highly reactive to electricity, with even a stray spark being enough to cause an explosion.