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The Noir Suit appears as an unlockable suit in Marvel's Spider-Man. It is unlocked after completing the mission Something Old, Something New, and can be crafted using 2 Backpack Tokens and 1 Base Token. The Noir Suit comes with the Sound of Silence suit power.

The suit is derived from the Spider-Man Noir comic book series set in 1933, where Peter Parker creates a costume based on his uncle's World War I-era airman uniform and becomes the vigilante Spider-Man.


The suit, which is all black in color, is made up of a normal dress of the WWI era matched with a vest. It features a headgear and aviator glasses for a mask, in addition to a gun holster which stores a revolver (though it cannot be used).

By default, the Noir Suit features the Sound of Silence stealth ability, which allows Spider-Man to prohibit enemies from calling for assistance. With the ability active, enemies radioing to their friends will find no help coming, and with Spider-Man's attacks being silenced, he is able to fight as loud as he wants and other enemies cannot detect him except by line of sight.

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