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New Thwip is a mission in Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales where Miles Morales practices combat against Peter Parker's new hologram training tech.


Miles heads to the waypoint calibrated into his suit, whilst swinging to his location, he listens to Danika Hart's podcast and immediately becomes a fan after she complimented his "incredible takedown of Rhino".

Once Miles arrives to the location, Miles is met with a holographic Spider-Man introducing him to his first holographic training lesson. This one focuses on "acrobatic improvisation". To start off Miles must begin with air combat followed up with various other moves and techniques to enhance his combat. After training, the hologram gear begins to breakdown, thugs arrive to the rooftop with the intention of stealing, then selling the technology Miles was just practicing with. After dealing with the enemies, Miles fixes the gear and discovers the waypoints for the other Spider-Training locations.


Begin the training with mid air attacks, then follow up with a swing kick on the holographic enemies. Disarm the holograms then throw their weapons back at them. Simply defeat the holograms until the thugs arrive to the scene then use the moves learned form the training on the enemies.