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My OTHER Other Job is a mission in Marvel's Spider-Man. It introduces players to Otto Octavius, revealing him to be Peter Parker's employer, and also is the first foray players have into the lab, where players may participate in circuit and spectrograph projects, which can earn them experience points and Research Tokens.

Plot Edit

After helping the police take down the Kingpin, Peter gets a call from his boss at work that they need to run an equipment check and that some important people are coming. Peter then tells his boss that he's on his way and will be there soon.

Upon arriving at the location, players are then introduced to Peter's boss, Dr. Otto Octavius, the head of Octavius Industries, a small independent company that specializes in developing prostheses.

After saving Otto from a near-accident involving a power surge and an electrical harness Otto was using to control a prosthetic arm, Peter then proceeds to repair the damaged arm by taking part in the first available circuit projects, which Peter uses to repair the prosthetic.

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