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My OTHER Other Job is the third main mission in Marvel's Spider-Man. Shortly after Wilson Fisk is in jail, Peter Parker visits his employer, Otto Octavius, revealing him to be Peter's employer, in the lab.


After helping the police take down the Kingpin, Peter gets a call from his boss at work that they need to run an equipment check and that The Grant Committee is coming. Peter then tells his boss that he's on his way and will be there soon.

The Grant Committee is not impressed.

Once inside, Peter finds Dr. Otto Octavius—the head of Octavius Industries, a small independent company that specializes in developing prostheses—in the middle of a demonstration. After saving Otto from a near-accident involving a power surge and an electrical harness Otto was using to control a prosthetic arm, the committee arrives unimpressed, and Otto dismisses Peter. Instead, Peter repairs the prosthetic.


Peter and Otto's first pass on prosthetics.

When the mission begins, Spider-Man will have leveled up. Open the Skill Tree and invest in any of three paths: Innovator focuses on offensive techniques involving webs, Defender focuses on melee combat and survivability, and Webslinger focuses on aerial combat and mobility. Any path can be chosen based on player preference, though Defender is ideal for early survivability, particularly in harder difficulties.

After expending a point, follow the waypoint to the lab. Inside, after a cutscene, Peter is controlled instead. Take control of the prosthetic arm and move it a little with Right analog stick, then exit and inspect the terminal on the left. This begins the first of the projects. Complete the circuit puzzles by slotting the pieces in place to allow the circuit to complete. The third puzzle requires two positive and one negative pieces be placed to balance its voltage.

A circuit puzzle.

Move the arm once more and then follow the waypoint to the spectrograph, the next puzzles. These puzzles are completed by inserting matching pattern pieces that fill the gaps.

Once this is completed, the waypoint will indicate how to leave the lab. It is possible to remain in the lab, to hear more recordings from Otto, and complete more Projects that earn Research Tokens, which become relevant later. Once ready, leave the lab to take over Spider-Man again, commencing the next mission, "Keeping the Peace".