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The following is a list of missions in Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Missions serve as the main storyline of the game, indicated by yellow icons (Main mission map icon from MM screen.png) on the map, and generally begin with a cutscene. Many missions will result in a reward of some kind, such as a new gadget or suit, in addition to experience points. There are 17 missions available in the main campaign.

Aside from main missions, players are also free to explore various side missions and citywide activities found throughout New York City.

Main missions

Mission Unlocks
Hold Onto Your Web-Shooters Skill Tree
Parting Gift Great Responsibility Suit
New Thwip Spider-Training
We're Here For You
La Nochebuena FNSM App
Harlem Trains Out of Service Underground Caches
Reconnecting Time Capsules
Map fast travel
Time to Rally Classic Suit
Someone Left the Lights On
Corporate Espionage Roxxon Labs
Remote Mine
Underground Undercover Underground Hideouts
Curtain Call
Breaking Through the Noise Sound Samples
Tinker Tailor Spider Spy
Thicker Than Blood
Like Real Scientists
The Battle For Harlem Missions: Memory Lane
Cat's Pajamas

Side missions

Mission Required mission Unlocks
Looters!!! Harlem Trains Out of Service
Harlem F.E.A.S.T. Shut Down Time to Rally
Robbers Target Local Biz
We’ve Got a Lead! Corporate Espionage Winter Suit
Final Test Complete all Spider-Training challenges Miles Morales 2020 Suit
Back to the Beginning Collect all Sound Samples Purple Reign Suit
Matter Up Complete all Roxxon Labs and Underground Hideouts Programmable Matter Suit
Memory Lane Complete the main story Postcards
Cat's Pajamas Complete mission Looters!!! and the main story Bodega Cat Suit

Citywide activities

Icon Name Required mission Unlocks
Spider-Training map icon.png Spider-Training New Thwip Mission: Final Test
FNSM App map icon.png FNSM App Activities La Nochebuena Uptown Pride Suit
Crimes map icon from MM.png Crimes
Time Capsules map icon.png Time Capsules Reconnecting
Underground Caches map icon.png Underground Caches Harlem Trains Out of Service
Underground Hideouts map icon.png Underground Hideouts Underground Undercover
Roxxon Labs map icon.png Roxxon Labs Corporate Espionage
Postcards map icon.png Postcards Memory Lane
Sound Samples map icon.png Sound Samples Breaking Through the Noise Mission: Back to the Beginning