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Miles Morales is a major character in the Marvel's Spider-Man series. He is a supporting character in Marvel's Spider-Man, the protagonist of Miles Morales, and the playable dual protagonist in Marvel's Spider-Man 2, alongside Peter Parker.

A Brooklyn native and the son of decorated officer Jefferson Davis and councilor Rio Morales, Miles is introduced to Peter when he works at the F.E.A.S.T. shelter. Initially helping Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker during the Devil's Breath crisis, he eventually gains powers after Mary Jane brings back one of Oscorp's experimental spiders. He then trains under Peter to become his own Spider-Man, receiving the help of his best friend, Ganke Lee, who provides mission ops and develops the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man App to support him. Miles truly comes into his own when a clash between Roxxon and the Underground threatens his neighborhood of Harlem. He subsequently represents New York City's community at both Harlem and Brooklyn.


Early history[]

Morales family from MSM2 screen

Miles with his parents, Jefferson and Rio.

Miles was born in Brooklyn, New York City, around December 2002.[1] He was the only son of police officer Jefferson Davis and teacher Rio Morales. Miles developed an inclination for technology at an early age, taking apart his family's TV at the age of five.[2] Miles was also close with his "cool uncle" Aaron Davis, who he used to play pickup with and mix hip-hop beats together. Because Aaron Davis was the Prowler, a case that Jefferson Davis worked on, his father and mother had to cut Aaron off and told Miles not to hang around him anymore without telling him why, much to his disappointment .[3][4]

Like Real Scientists cutscene 1

Miles with his best friend Phin and her brother Rick.

Miles was close friends with Phin Mason and her brother Rick Mason, as they were passionate scientists. Miles considered Phin to be like a sister to him, and the two were inseparable,[1] creating many inventions that were placed in Time Capsules across the city. At one point, Phin and Miles developed an energy converter that was featured by Oscorp in their science center. The two were not given tickets to their exhibition, and they were forced to sneak in. After this, Miles enrolled in Brooklyn Visions Academy while Phin enrolled in Midtown High School, leading them to grow apart on account of seeing one another less.[5]

At some point, Miles and his friends developed a phone app that allowed them to hack into almost any technology, even military-grade equipment.[6]

Marvel's Spider-Man[]

Straw, Meet Camel cutscene 4

Miles recording the helicopter crash with his cell phone.

In Marvel's Spider-Man series, Miles captured footage of Spider-Man's battle with the Inner Demons in "Straw, Meet Camel". Shortly after, in "And the Award Goes to...", while attending a City Hall ceremony for his father, the Demons attacked. Miles rescued his mother from rubble, discovered his father dead in the aftermath, and was spared by Mister Negative. At the funeral, Peter Parker tried to comfort Miles without success.[7]

Initially attending therapy,[6] Miles later opted to work at F.E.A.S.T. shelter after Peter had recommended him when his mother gave him a choice between the shelter and more therapy. Peter's recommendation.[8][6] In "First Day", Miles fought thugs but was saved by Spider-Man, who taught him self-defense techniques.[6][8] Despite revelations about Martin Li, the founder of the shelter, Miles continued to work there, motivated by his father's teachings ("a hero’s just a guy who doesn’t give up").[9]

During the prison breaks from Ryker's Island and the Raft, Miles assisted at the shelter. In "...Into the Fire", was caught in the Veteran's Center while evacuating it with May until Spider-Man rescued them. In "Supply Run", Miles stole antibiotics back from convicts and narrowly evaded Rhino of the Sinister Six, before getting to use the self-defense techniques Spider-Man had taught him.[10][11]


Miles reveals his powers to Peter.

Miles was bitten by a genetically modified Oscorp spider unknowingly brought back from Norman Osborn's secret lab by Mary Jane Watson. By "The Heart of the Matter", Miles was mostly running the shelter and helped Morgan Michaels find care for a wounded Spider-Man. Following the Devil's Breath crisis, Miles consoled Peter at May Parker's funeral and allowed Peter to crash at his while his new place was getting ready. Miles slowly revealed his newfound powers, first to his best friend Ganke Lee,[1] and then to Peter, who in turn revealed his secret identity to Miles.[12]

The City That Never Sleeps[]

Spider-Man and Miles Morales from MSM screen

Miles training with Peter in The City That Never Sleeps.

Throughout The City That Never Sleeps, Miles often called Peter, asking for training. Initially reluctant, wanting Miles to focus on school and safety, he relented when Miles admitted to misusing his powers to show off in basketball.[13] Later, Peter was disheartened when Miles jumped off a building and broke his toe, but was impressed when Miles applied his math calibration knowledge to optimize his web-swinging. By the end of the story, Peter taught Miles to web-swing for the first time.[citation needed]

Miles Morales: Wing of Fury[]

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Miles Morales[]

Around a year following the events of Marvel's Spider-Man,[14] Miles and his mother moved from Brooklyn to Harlem. Though Miles initially struggled with the transition, due to not being able to make connections and having loved Brooklyn,[15] it put him closer to action in Manhattan.

In "Hold Onto Your Web-Shooters", Peter contacted Miles while he was picking up food, needing help overseeing the transport of Raft prisoner Rhino. Miles accidentally released Rhino by throwing the transport cell off balance, and the two pursued Rhino throughout the city. In the Roxxon energy complex, Miles, revealing his bio-electricity power, defeated Rhino and met Simon Krieger, who promised to apprehend Rhino and thanked them; Miles was skeptical, but Peter suggested they allow the police to handle it.[16] Shortly after, in "Parting Gift", Peter left for Symkaria with Mary Jane, entrusting the city to Miles and leaving him a new spider-suit.

In "New Thwip", Miles showcased his new suit to Ganke. After completing some holographic training exercises left by Peter, in "We're Here For You", Ganke and Miles discovered the high-tech group Underground attempting a break-in of Roxxon's Nuform reactor. After returning for dinner, in "La Nochebuena", Rio surprised Miles with a guest: his old friend Phin. The next day, Ganke revealed the FNSM App, enabling citywide requests for Spider-Man. In "Harlem Trains Out of Service", Miles accepted one such request from his uncle Aaron Davis; he tried to hide his identity, but Aaron figured it out based on recognizing Miles' combat moves, promised not to tell his mom, and encouraged him to reach out if he needed help.[17] In "Reconnecting", Miles met up again with Phin where they discussed their science project from middle school, though both suspected the other was hiding something.[18]

In "Time to Rally", Miles attended his mother's campaign rally. The Underground's leader, the Tinkerer, hijacked the screen to indict Simon Krieger as a killer and attack the Roxxon guards present. At Braithwaite Bridge, while Underground attempted to steal Nuform, Miles learned that the Tinkerer was, in fact, his friend Phin, and accidentally caused an explosion at the bridge. Though he successfully saved the civilians, who thanked him, Roxxon branded him a criminal, and the Underground branded him an enemy, and Miles escaped while stumbling across a new power, his biological camouflage.[19] After Miles and Ganke spent hours designing a new spider-suit, Peter called and offered to fly out to help, but Miles assured him he could handle it.[20]

In "Someone Left the Lights On", Miles visited the Mason repair shop owned by Phin's family and learned that her brother, Rick, had been dying of a disease.[21] He looked for Phin's phone in the Roxxon lab in "Corporate Espionage" to find the full recording. In the labs, the Prowler, revealing himself to be his uncle Aaron, appealed to Miles to leave, before helping Miles after seeing he was stubborn. Miles learned inside that Rick and Phin had snuck into the lab to disable Nuform and prevent the illness from spreading, but Krieger had killed Rick there with the energy synthesizer. Miles absorbed its energy himself, releasing a giant blast and destroying the lab, escaping with Davis.[22]

Aaron Davis still expressed concern for Miles but suggested he infiltrate the Underground by coming to Phin as a friend. In "Underground Undercover", following through with this, Miles discovered their base at Fisk Tower and learned Phin's plan to use Nuform as a weapon against Roxxon Plaza.[23] In "Curtain Call", Miles chased Phin to stop her, but their chase ended when Miles revealed his identity. Later, Aaron Davis gave up Miles and Phin's location; despite Aaron's deal with Krieger to spare Miles, they were both captured. In "Tinker Tailor Spider Spy", the duo escaped, and Miles downloaded evidence of Krieger's deceit about Nuform's dangers. Their goals diverged; Miles wanted to expose Krieger, but Phin, distrusting Miles due to his deception, aimed to use the bomb, not listening to him about risks.[24]

A severely injured Miles confided in Ganke and revealed his identity to Rio. They formulated an evacuation plan for Harlem, anticipating a reactor explosion.[24] While searching for Phin, Miles was confronted and imprisoned by Aaron Davis (the Prowler), who urged Miles to let Roxxon and the Underground kill each other while staying out of trouble. Miles furiously emphasized his responsibility to protect people and broke free to locate Phin, disowning Aaron.[25]

In "Like Real Scientists", memories of their past partnership resurfaced when Miles confronted Phin.[5] The situation escalated, leading to "The Battle For Harlem", where Miles, assisted by Prowler (coming back to help after seeing the wisdom in Miles' words), battled Roxxon soldiers and eventually Phin. After a fierce confrontation, Phin eventually realized the true extent of the reactor's threat. To prevent devastation, Miles absorbed the reactor's energy and, with Phin leaping high into the air, released it safely, but killed Phin in the process. Harlem residents protected Miles' identity, declaring him their Spider-Man and refusing to give up his identity to the press.[26]

Weeks later, Miles adjusted to life in Harlem. Krieger faced repercussions after Aaron Davis exposed his malfeasance, though Davis also served some time. Peter returned, complimenting Miles' efforts, and they jointly reaffirmed their commitment to protect the city, leaping into action at the sound of sirens.[26]

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 (comic)[]

During Marvel's Spider-Man 2 (comic), while J. Jonah Jameson interviewed MJ about Symkaria, Miles and Peter battled Tarantula, crashing into the interview venue. Later at Peter's residence (May Parker's old house), Miles introduced an idea to upgrade the lures Peter gave MJ. The duo, accompanied by MJ, confronted and interrogated The Hood and his gang at an electronics store. As Miles and MJ delved deeper into The Hood's tech, Peter took on the gang across the city. Subsequently, both Spider-Men assisted Parker Robbins in a poignant moment with his ailing mother before he was taken into custody. As the story concludes, Miles shared his decision to pursue a Music Technology program at Empire State University (allowing him to use his passion for both science and music) and requested Peter, an alumnus, for a recommendation, which Peter happily accepted.[27]

Marvel's Spider-Man 2[]

After Harry Osborn's "return from Europe", his best friends, Peter and Mary Jane introduced him to Miles and Ganke while having a night out at Coney Island.

When Kraven the Hunter begins his hunt on most superpowered individuals that cause terror in the city, Miles is called for help by Peter Parker, who was unable to catch Lizard before Kraven could, in order to save Harry from an incurable illness that returned to plague him once again. Miles works with Ganke, using a hijacked remote-controlled drone, to help. Both Miles and Ganke notice a change in Peter's attitude caused by the Venom suit that the latter was wearing, making him worry about his mentor's new behavior.[28]



Miles is a teenage boy of African-American and Hispanic descent. He is of average height and weight, standing at 5'8" and weighing 140 lbs respectively,[1] and shares many facial features with his father. He has short black hair with thick eyebrows. By the time of Spider-Man 2, Miles has reached a height of 5'10½"; this is evident from one of his dialogues that state him as being taller than Peter "by at least half an inch" when one of the Hunters refer to him as "the little one". Throughout the three games, Miles changes his hairstyle.

In terms of attire, he is usually seen wearing either a hoodie and T-shirt combination or a blue parka, as seen in "Supply Run." During the winter, he wears a hoodie and a red jumper, along with a pair of headphones.

After gaining his powers and receiving several months of training from Peter, Miles becomes leaner and more muscular. Like Peter, he would start wearing one of several different spider-themed suits designed to conceal his identity and provide additional protection. Notable examples include:


Aaron Davis:

You're naive, nephew. You're still the kid looking up to Spider-Man.

Miles Morales:

No, I'm the kid who knows people are looking up to me. You were never going to accept me as Spider-Man. The risk I have to take.

Miles is passionate, intelligent, selfless, and extremely eager. He has a strong love for science, having started inventing at an early age,[2] as well as a passion for music, mixing hip-hop beats with his uncle during his early years.[1] Miles is sociable, often initiating conversations with strangers in Harlem[29], even while struggling to fit in.[15] Miles' eagerness to be a hero is both his strength and weakness; it propels his desire to grow and assist others but also makes him prone to danger and reluctant to accept help.[a] Miles also dislikes being a victim or receiving pity.[8]

Miles' dedication to helping others stems from his deep respect for his father, Jefferson Davis, and his admiration for Peter Parker's Spider-Man. Davis' principle that "a hero is just a guy who doesn’t give up" deeply influenced Miles, guiding his commitment to F.E.A.S.T.,[9] and his resolve during the Roxxon crisis, even after Peter offered to help[20] and his uncle attempted to shield him at home.[25] Miles' heroism and determination embody Jefferson's legacy for both his mother and uncle. While his mother recognized his drive to help others,[24] his uncle acknowledged his stubbornness.[22] Moreover, being a long-time fan of Peter's Spider-Man,[30] Miles aspires to uphold his mentor's legacy while also forging his own path.[1][29][a]

Miles draws his passion for science from his mother, who is highly regarded by his family for her relentless dedication to her community.[20] His relationship with his uncle Aaron is complex; while Miles acknowledges Aaron's inherent goodness, he also grapples with his uncle's shadowy past as the Prowler and their differing views on heroism.[b] His best friend, Ganke Lee, provides unwavering emotional support, bolstering Miles' confidence in his role as Spider-Man.[20] Meanwhile, Phin's passion for science resonated with Miles, but their shared obstinacy ultimately drove a wedge between them in terms of how to help Harlem.[24]


Miles Morales (game) promo 2
Miles Morales (game) promo 3

Miles displaying his superpowers.

Miles' radioactive spider bite in Marvel's Spider-Man granted him superhuman abilities and spider physiology. Many of these strengths are similar to the original Spider-Man's, including exceptional agility, durability, wall-crawling, and heightened reflexes. Uniquely, Miles possesses "venom powers," a form of bio-electricity that allows for offensive techniques and defenses. Notably, his tolerance for bio-electricity was tested with a 300-kilojoule electrified barrier.[31] Additionally, his "camouflage" power enables him to become virtually invisible.

Miles is also a prodigy, displaying technological aptitude since childhood.[2] He co-developed a hacking app capable of remotely interfering with military-grade equipment,[6] and later applied this expertise when collaborating with Ganke to design his suits and equipment as Spider-Man. While studying at Brooklyn Visions Academy, he and Phin Mason won an award for creating an energy converter.[15] Miles is fluent in both English and Spanish and is learning American Sign Language.[20]

Under the guidance of the original Spider-Man, Miles learned efficient combat techniques, developing a unique combat style.[c] Using his unique strengths and skills, he became a formidable fighter, earning the respect of adversaries like Rhino. Miles dons a specialized suit, similar to Peter's Advanced Suit, equipped with a communication system, radio, AR-Display, and camera.


Miles Morales is playable in Marvel's Spider-Man as a stealth character. His segments are similar to Mary Jane Watson's, but they differ because he possesses a hacking app capable of remotely hacking equipment to distract enemies.

In his own title, Miles is the sole playable character. His gadgets are more limited than Peter's from Marvel's Spider-Man; he has access to four: the Web Shooters (similar to Peter's), the Gravity Well, the Holo-Drone, and the Remote Mine. Miles also has unique venom powers that allow him to electrocute enemies and camouflage himself, making his stealth sections simpler. Miles can take on side missions and crimes using the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man App.

Original appearance[]

Miles Morales from Ultimate Comics vol 1

Miles Morales in the Ultimate Spider-Man comics.

Miles Morales was introduced through Marvel's Ultimate Comics imprint, first appearing briefly in Ultimate Fallout #4 before a full introduction via his own series entitled Ultimate Comics Spider-Man a month later in September 2011. Originating in the alternate reality of the Ultimate Universe (Earth-1610), Miles was a teenager from Brooklyn bitten by a radioactive spider accidentally taken from a defunct Oscorp laboratory that had been trying to recreate the spider which gave the original Spider-Man, Peter Parker, his powers.[32] Following the death of Peter Parker in the Ultimate Universe, Miles decided of his own volition to take up the mantle of Spider-Man and began protecting the people of New York City in whatever ways he could.[33] Miles quickly made friends with many additional superheroes of the city, and notably became a member of the Ultimate Universe's version of the Avengers (known as the Ultimates) before taking a year off from super heroics.[32][34] Following a multiversal collapse that caused different universes to merge and be eliminated,[35] Miles' home universe was destroyed and he began a new version of his life in the primary Marvel Universe, Earth-616, where he once again became a member of that universe's Avengers and was mentored by Earth-616's Spider-Man.[36]

Since his introduction in 2011, Miles has quickly risen to place amongst Marvel's most popular superheroes including the original Peter Parker's Spider-Man. He has made appearances in most Spider-Man media since his debut, most notably in the Spider-Verse movies beginning with Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) of which Miles was the primary star as he encountered Spider-heroes from other universes.

Throughout his appearances, Miles has a strong moral compass which he often finds causing strain with the difficulties of balancing superhero responsibilities, completing high school, and being present for his family. Miles typically pursues liberal arts, such as writing and journalling in the comics, art in the Spider-Verse movies, and music production in the Insomniac game series. Unlike the Insomniac game iteration of the character, in most appearances Miles typically leaves the more scientific work to his best friend Ganke.

Behind the scenes[]

Concept art
Miles Morales from MM concept art
Miles Morales from MSM concept art


Miles Morales' character was written by Insomniac Games' Creative Director Brian Horton, their lead writer Ben Arfmann, with help from Evan Narcisse, Narrative Consultant from Marvel Comics brought in the middle of the 2018 Marvel's Spider-Man development. Narcisse, who had lived in Harlem for five years, and this experience, coupled with his knowledge of Miles' character, helped bring authenticity to Miles' story.[37]

Honoring his Afro-Latino identity, Insomniac wanted to create an authentic representation of Miles' Puerto Rican heritage. During recording sessions, scriptwriters and actors gained insight into the mixing of Puerto Rican Spanish and New York English with the help of a dialect coach, allowing Miles and Rio Morales to capture the subtleties of Spanglish.[38] Passionate about getting their portrayal right, when experience did not exist in Insomniac's team, the team interviewed mixed-race families in New York for advice and were corrected at times about dishes and dialogue that Miles would say to his mother.[37] Insomniac later placed Miles in front of a Puerto Rican flag for Hispanic Heritage Month.[39]

Miles is voiced by Nadji Jeter, who previously portrayed the character in the 2017 Spider-Man Disney XD animated series. Jeter has expressed a deep sense of honor and responsibility in voicing Miles, noting their shared influences from music and a mutual passion for science.[40]


Critics enjoyed portraying a younger hero, less sure of himself, compared to the already seasoned Peter Parker in the original Marvel's Spider-Man. Tauriq Moosa, writing for Polygon, described finding inspiration in Miles' willingness to "look darkness in the eyes" and how "other characters recognize his resilience and, despite his failures, remain by his side".[41] Writing for Game Informer, Andrew Reiner praised how Miles developed into a "fantastic" hero over the course of the story. He also praised Jeter for "brilliantly" bringing Miles to life and giving him an "innocence that anchors most scenes and makes him a character you can root for".[42]

The portrayal of Miles Morales' Puerto Rican heritage was well received. Alex Centeno, writing for IGN, lauded Insomniac's portrayal of Miles for Hispanic Heritage Month. In particular, he praised their attention to detail with Miles' family and household (saying it feels like "walking through your own Abuela’s bedroom") and the use of Spanglish. He noted that though Jeter did not often nail down the accent, he forgave it, as it was common for Puerto Rican children to develop their own sound for vowels and syllables.[43]

Richie Nguyen, writing for Comic Book Resources, noted that Miles Morales in Insomniac's Marvel's Spider-Man series is considered "definitive by many fans" next to Miles from Into the Spider-Verse.[44]



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