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Act 1

Clearing the Way

Police Dispatch: All units, level four mobilization. Location—Fisk Tower.

Peter: Fisk?

Police Dispatch: SWAT is 10-84 at Fisk Tower. All units standby, warrant is en route.

Help the police at Times Square (gameplay)

(After the cutscene.)
On-screen: Hold R2 to swing.

(Upon completing a swing.)
On-screen: Release R2 to detach.

(While swinging.)
On-screen: While holding R2, press X to jump and gain speed.

(After landing.)
On-screen: Press X to jump, then hold R2 to swing.

(While swinging.)
Yuri Watanabe (phone): Captain Watanabe.

Spider-Man: Did you take him down yet?

Yuri Watanabe (phone): No. We’re at Fisk Tower, but still waiting on the warrant.

Spider-Man: Mind if I join in on the fun?

Yuri Watanabe (phone): You know how his lawyers are... this one needs to go by the book.

Spider-Man: C’mon Yuri, I’ve been waiting eight years for this.

Yuri Watanabe (phone): You really want to help? Head to Times Square, sounds like his guys are trying to keep my backup from reaching the scene...

Spider-Man: You got it — almost there!

(While swinging.)
On-screen: Press X to perform Web Zip.

(While using Web Zip.)
On-screen: Web Zip is great for maintaining altitude and turning quickly while in air.

Spider-Man: Hello?

Boss (phone): Parker? Where are you? We must run through the demonstration at least once before the grant committee arrives.

Spider-Man: Uhh, yes. Sorry. Yes. Dealing with a... personal issue. I’ll be in soon. Promise.

(After the phone call.)
Spider-Man: Eesh, better wrap this up quick, then get to my *real* job.

(Upon seeing the police forces in Times Square.)
Spider-Man: Looks like Yuri called in the cavalry.

Help the police at Times Square (cutscene)

Police Officer: We need more backup!

Police Officer: 10-32. Times Square. Officers under fire!

Fisk Thug: Bring in the hammer.

Police Officer: *MOVE!*

Take down Fisk's men (gameplay)

(After seeing Spider-Man for the first time.)
Fisk Thug: Get him!

Spider-Man: Morning guys! Who’s ready for their hot fresh cup of bodily harm?

(Upon facing the Fisk Thugs for the first time.)
On-screen: Tap Triangle to Web Strike.

(After web striking the Fisk thug.)
On-screen: Tap Square to attack.

(When your Spider Sense is triggered for the first time.)
On-screen: Your Spider Sense will flash around your head to warn of incoming attacks. When you see this get ready to Dodge.

On-screen: Tap Circle to dodge.

(While fighting.)
Spider-Man: Gotta warn you, I'm feeling punchy today.

(Upon facing the second wave of thugs.)
On-screen: Press Circle and use Left analog stick to dodge to the side.

(After dodging the bullets.)
On-screen: Tap L1 repeatedly to web up enemies.

Spider-Man: Man, Fisk has a lot of guys on his payroll...

(While fighting.)
On-screen: Hold Square to perform an Air Launch.

(Upon the Air Launch.)
On-screen: Tap Square repeatedly to perform an Air Combo.

(While fighting.)
On-screen: Press Square then X near an enemy to perform a Leap Off move.

(While jumping during the fight.)
On-screen: Fighting in the air is safer than the ground. Refer to the Moves List to learn air combat moves.

Yuri Watanabe (phone): Spider-Man, what’s your status?

Spider-Man: Almost done here. You?

Yuri Watanabe (phone): We’re about to go in.

Spider-Man: Be there soon. Can’t wait to see Willie’s face when you slap the cuffs on him.

Take down Fisk's men (cutscene)

Spider-Man: Okay, Yuri, all done. What’s happen—

Spider-Man: Yuri?! YURI?!

Get to Fisk Tower (gameplay)

(After the cutscene.)
Spider-Man: I knew Fisk wouldn’t go quietly.

The Main Event

Yuri Watanabe: Get more backup! And lock down the airspace—

Spider-Man: Yuri, you okay?

Yuri Watanabe: If he makes it out of the building we’re gonna lose him.

Spider-Man: I’m gonna go, uh...

Yuri Watanabe: Do your thing.

Spider-Man: Yes! Today’s the day, Willie.

Fisk Thug: Take him out!

Fisk Thug: C’mon, c’mon— keep shooting!

Fisk Thug: Lead him!

Spider-Man: Heads up!

Spider-Man: Hey, where you going?

Clear the atrium (gameplay)

(After throwing the thug.)
Spider-Man: Catch!

(After arriving at the atrium.)
Spider-Man: I’ll clear a path, follow me!

Police Officer: Get outta here, Spider-Man, we got this!

(After punching the first thug.)
On-screen: Build Focus by attacking enemies. You do more damage when you have more focus. Increase your combo count to gain Focus faster. Earn bonus Focus during air combat.

Spider-Man: Sorry to break it to you, but you do NOT got this, buddy.

(While fighting.)
On-screen: Hold Square to perform an Air Launch.

(After the Air Launch.)
On-screen: Tap Square repeatedly to perform an Air Combo.

Police Officer: What’s Spider-Man doing here— he’s gonna mess everything up!

Spider-Man: Thanks for the confidence boost, guys!

(While fighting.)
Spider-Man: I guess this is what they call a hostile workplace.

Fisk Thug: You understand what "private property," means?

(After clearing the atrium.)
On-screen: Use Focus to heal. The more Focus you have the more you will heal.

On-screen: Press Down to heal.

Clear the balcony (gameplay)

(After the shooters arrive.)
On-screen: Press L2+R2 to perform a Zip To Point move.

(After the shooters open fire.)
Police Officer: Down, down, down!

Spider-Man: Gotta take those shooters out.

(After ziping to the balcony.)
On-screen: Press Square to attack from a ledge.

(While fighting.)
On-screen: Tap L1 repeatedly to web up enemies.

(After clearing the balcony.)
Spider-Man: I think that's all of 'em!

Clear the balcony (cutscene)

Police Officer: C’mon, c’mon! They shut the elevators down! Take the stairs!

Spider-Man: I prefer a more direct approach.

Infiltrate the building (gameplay)

(After opening the elevator doors.)
On-Screen: Hold Left analog stick toward a wall to Wall Crawl.

Yuri Watanabe (phone): Spider-Man, status?

Spider-Man: Heading to the upper floors— and hoping nobody turns on the elevators...

Yuri Watanabe (phone): Our choppers are taking fire, looks like Fisk has armed men on every floor.

(While Wall Crawling.)
On-screen: Hold R2 to Wall Run.

Spider-Man: He’s desperate...

Yuri Watanabe (phone): ...and he’s hitting us with everything he’s got.

Spider-Man: I have to find him and end this.

Yuri Watanabe (phone): Not yet. We just picked up chatter — they’re wiping all their data servers. We need that evidence if we want to put him away for good.

Spider-Man: Okay, server room it is.

(After the phone rings.)
Spider-Man: Call from May. Better answer. Uh... hi Aunt May.

Aunt May (phone): What is all that noise?!

Spider-Man: Watching a Super Hero movie. What’s up?

Aunt May (phone): I just wanted make sure we were still on for dinner tomorrow night.

Spider-Man: Totally. Uh, listen, I gotta go—

Aunt May (phone): Okay, love you.

Spider-Man: Love you too.

Clear the area of Fisk's men (gameplay)

(After exiting the air vents.)
Police Officer: Hostiles, next floor up!

(Upon approaching the edge of the floor.)
On-screen: Press L2+R2 to perform a Zip To Point move.

(After ziping to the upper floor.)
On-screen: Press Square to attack from a ledge.

(After the second wave of thugs arrive.)
On-screen: A full Focus bar can be used to perform a Finisher that instantly knocks out an enemy.

On-screen: Press Triangle+Circle near an enemy to finish them.

(Upon finishing an enemy for the first time.)
Spider-Man: How exactly do you think this ends well for you?

(Upon finishing an enemy for a second time.)
Spider-Man: On to the next one.

(Upon finishing an enemy for a third time.)
Spider-Man: Regret your life choices yet?

Enter the server room (gameplay)

(After clearing the area.)
Spider-Man: Gotta find that server room before there’s no evidence left.

On-screen: Press L2+R2 to perform a Zip To Point move.

(After approaching the door.)
Spider-Man: If I go in this way they’ll destroy all the evidence.

On-screen: Press R3 to scan for enemies.

(After scanning the area.)
Spider-Man: I should look for a sneaky way in.

(After noticing the vent.)
Spider-Man: There we go.

On-screen: Press L2+R2 to zip to a vent.

Spider-Man: It’s like my own private entrance. Fisk may be a dirty criminal, but he has remarkably clean air vents.

Fisk Thug: Hurry up! The boss wants everything erased!

Fisk Thug: I can’t make it delete any faster.

(Upon reaching a vent above enemies.)
On-screen: Press Square for Vent Takedown.

(After webbing the thug to the ceiling.)
Spider-Man: They’re so cute when they’re oblivious.

Fisk Thug: How’s it coming?

Fisk Thug: Halfway there. Just need another minute or two.

Fisk Thug: You think the cops know where we are?

Fisk Thug: Don’t worry about out there. Worry about in here.

Stop the countdown (gameplay)

(Upon entering the server room.)
Spider-Man: Is this tech support? I forgot my password.

Fisk Thug: Don’t let him near the console!

Automated Voice: Warning. Full deletion imminent.

Fisk Thug: Stall him! The system’s still purging!

Spider-Man: And I thought the IT guys at my last job were rude.

(After clearing the room.)
Spider-Man: Gotta access that console before everything’s gone.

Stop the countdown (cutscene)

Spider-Man: Let’s see just how good their security is. Oh you guys forgot the latest kernel patch, tsk-tsk...

Wilson Fisk: Hiding in the server room? Cowardly... even for you.

Spider-Man: Says the guy frantically erasing his search history.

Wilson Fisk: After all these years, you’re still just an ignorant child...

Spider-Man: True, but that’s part of my charm, isn’t it?

Wilson Fisk: Damn you. Get that door down, now!

Take care of the guards (gameplay)

(After a second wave of thugs arrive.)
On-screen: Hold Square to perform an Air Launch.

On-screen: Hold Triangle to yank enemies.

(While fighting.)
On-screen: Hold Square, then hold Triangle to perform an Air Launch and yank enemies down.

(While fighting.)
Wilson Fisk: Get past him! Destroy everything! Look around you! I did this! What have you ever done that mattered?

Spider-Man: Well, there was that time I took down a pompous, overstuffed crime lord before breakfast.

Wilson Fisk: Without me, the scum I kept in check will run rampant. And it’ll be your fault.

Fisk Thug: Boss is sick and tired of you—

Spider-Man: Been a long, tough road, Fisk. Almost sad to see it end.

Wilson Fisk: Mere prelude.

Spider-Man: Well, get ready for the main event.

Investigate the explosion (gameplay)

(Upon seeing an explosion.)

Spider-Man: Yuri, an explosion just—

Yuri Watanabe (phone): I saw it. Fisk could have the whole place wired. I’m sending in a bomb unit.

Spider-Man: I’ll make sure no one gets in their way.

On-screen: Press L2+R2 to perform a Zip To Point move.

(While fighting.)
Fisk Thug: Kill him! Or the boss’ll kill us!

Fisk Thug: You like the fireworks? We got more where that came from!

Fisk Thug: You figure out we’re not playing yet?

Investigate the explosion (cutscene)

Police Officer: It’s clear, move up!

Spider-Man: Hey guys— I guess bombs are part of Willie’s getaway plan.


Woman: AAHH! Help!

Spider-Man: Sounds like they’re trapped...

Bomb Squad Officer: You go after them, we’ll look for the bombs—

Help civilians (gameplay)

(Upon reaching the explosion site.)

Spider-Man: People trapped by the last explosion. I gotta get them out.

(Upon seeing the civilians.)
Spider-Man: Everyone clear out! Evacuate the building!

(Upon reaching a fallen debris.)
Woman: I heard more people back that way!

Spider-Man: I'll find them.

(Upon reaching civilians trapped under debris.)
Woman: Spider-Man! We can’t move, we’re pinned down!

Spider-Man: I’ll lift it. When you’re free, get out, fast. If you can walk, help the injured. Got it?

Woman: Y-yes.

(After lifting the debris.)
Spider-Man: Go, go, go!

Woman: Thank you! He did it! Let’s go!

Move toward Fisk's office (gameplay)

(After saving the civilians.)
Spider-Man: Okay Willie, comin’ your way.

(Upon nearing a vent.)
On-screen: Press L2+R2 to zip to a vent.

Yuri Watanabe (phone): Spider-Man, it’s Yuri.

Spider-Man: How we doing, Captain?

Yuri Watanabe: Could be better. Our choppers took a beating— we just had to ground our last one. If Fisk calls in a chopper, we have no one to stop it from landing.

Spider-Man: And no one to chase him if he flies away...

Yuri Watanabe: Why do I get the feeling that’s what he was planning all along?

Spider-Man: Because he probably was.

Help bomb squad (gameplay)

(Upon seeing injured police officers.)
Spider-Man: Damn. Yuri, get EMTs up here— fast!

Yuri Watanabe (phone): We’re trying—

(Upon seeing a thug with a rocket launcher.)
Spider-Man: Uh-oh— INCOMING!

On-screen: Press Circle to dodge rockets.

(Upon beating the thug.)
Spider-Man: That’s enough out of you...

(Upon seeing more thugs with rocket launchers.)
Spider-Man: More rockets? Little excessive don’t you think?

On-screen: Press Circle to dodge rockets.

(Upon seeing even more thugs with rocket launchers.)
Spider-Man: What—? Is it national rocket day or something?

(After beating the last thug.)
Spider-Man: Gotcha.

Find bomb squad (gameplay)

(Upon entering the hallway.)
Spider-Man: Man, how’d the bomb squad guys get through this?

On-screen: Move Left analog stick forward and hold R2 to parkour.

(Upon seeing Spider-Man.)
Fisk Thug: He’s here!

(Upon approaching the thugs.)
On-screen: Dodge Circle onto a wall and press Square to perform an Off The Wall Attack.

Spider-Man: Settle down, I’ve got enough for everybody.

Locate the bomb squad (gameplay)

(After clearing the room.)
Spider-Man: Okay, room is clear. Bomb squad must be somewhere ahead— hope they’re okay.

Locate the bomb squad (cutscene)

Spider-Man: You guys all right?

Bomb Squad Officer: We were just about to call for backup.

Spider-Man: I think I’m it.

Bomb Squad Officer: Lead the way, we’ll be right behind you.

Bomb Squad Officer: Heads up, boss...

Defeat dirty cops (gameplay)

(After disarming the disguised Fisk thugs.)
On-screen: Shield enemies block attacks from the front, but vulnerable from the back.

On-screen: Tap Triangle to Web Strike.

(While doing Web Strike.)
On-screen: Press Circle to perform a Dodge Under move after an attack.

(After Dodge Under.)
On-screen: Press Square to attack from behind.

(While fighting.)
Spider-Man: You guys were in bed with Fisk all along? Aww now I’ll never get that image out of my head!

Bomb Squad Officer: Get him!

Bomb Squad Officer: Take him out!

Spider-Man: So your plan didn’t work. On to plan B— getting kicked in the face.

Bomb Squad Officer: We can’t let him get into the office!

Bomb Squad Officer: Just shoot him already!

(After clearing the room.)
Spider-Man: Hey Yuri. Looks like some of your guys were on Fisk’s payroll. Good news is, they were Willie’s last line of defense. I’m right outside his office.

Yuri Watanabe (phone): Take him down. Now.

Spider-Man: With pleasure.

Take out Fisk's turrets (cutscene)

Spider-Man: Writing your memoirs? Don’t forget the hyphen between “Spider” and “Man.”

Wilson Fisk: Get the chopper ready. I won’t be long. I’m surprised you made it this far. But your foolishness ends now.

Spider-Man: Uh... you do know I can still see you, right?

Wilson Fisk: Eight years of this insolence...

Spider-Man: Oh for me? You shouldn’t have...

Take out Fisk's turrets (gameplay)

(Upon turrets start firing.)
Spider-Man: Gotta wait for an opening.

On-screen: Press Circle to dodge turret fire.

(After turrets stop for reloading.)
On-screen: Tap L1 repeatedly to web up the turret.

Spider-Man: It's reloading.

(After webbing the turret.)
On-screen: Hold L1+L1 to yank and throw turrets.

(Upon throwing the turret.)
Spider-Man: Okay, *now*!

Wilson Fisk: What are you doing?!

Take out Fisk's turrets (cutscene 2)

Wilson Fisk: How is this happening?!

Spider-Man: What’s wrong, Willie? You seem angry...

Wilson Fisk: I will DESTROY you!

Defeat Wilson Fisk (gameplay)

(After the cutscene.)
Spider-Man: Take your best shot.

(Upon sensing the incoming debris.)
On-screen: Hold L1+L1 to throw objects.

(After throwing the debris back at Fisk.)
On-screen: Tap L1 repeatedly to web up Fisk.

(After webbing Fisk.)
Spider-Man: That gave me an opening.

(Upon web striking Fisk.)
On-screen: Fisk will block your melee attacks. Use webs to make him vulnerable.

(While fighting.)
Wilson Fisk: Time to end this!

On-screen: Use webs and throwables to make Fisk vulnerable.

Spider-Man: You asked for it.

Wilson Fisk: Tiresome annoyance!

(After webbing Fisk again.)
Spider-Man: Hang in there... it’ll be over soon.

Defeat Wilson Fisk (cutscene)

Wilson Fisk: You are everything that’s wrong with this city!

Spider-Man: Huh. I was gonna say the same to you.

Wilson Fisk: You know what to do, men.

Fisk Thug: Surround him!

Take on Fisk and his men (gameplay)

(After surrounding Spider-Man.)
Fisk Thug: Everyone, ENGAGE!

(While fighting.)
Wilson Fisk: You fools! You are trained to fight— so FIGHT!

Wilson Fisk: I don’t want excuses!

Wilson Fisk: You’re out of your depth, boy!

Spider-Man: Not this time...

Wilson Fisk: What do I pay you for?!

Fisk Thug: Protect the boss!

Wilson Fisk: Imbeciles!

Wilson Fisk: Where are the reinforcements?!

(After getting defeated by Fisk.)
Wilson Fisk: All these years and you still haven't learned.

(Upon being grabbed by Fisk.)
Spider-Man: Was it... something... I said?

(After breaking away from Fisk's grip.)
Spider-Man: You're losing Willie—

Wilson Fisk: I haven't even started trying.

(While fighting.)
Wilson Fisk: NO! I can handle myself.

Wilson Fisk: You’ll die as uselessly as you lived.

Spider-Man: Take your best shot.

Fisk Thug: I don’t know boss...

Wilson Fisk: Time to end this!

Spider-Man: You asked for it.

Take on Fisk and his men (cutscene)

Spider-Man: So should we kiss now? Yeah, maybe later.

Spider-Man: Finally off to Ryker’s, huh? You know, I think you’ve got more enemies in there than I do.

Wilson Fisk: If you think this will be more than a minor inconvenience—

Spider-Man: Woop— gotta go. Hey! Good luck, Willie. I’ve a feeling you’re gonna need it.

Wilson Fisk: Idiot! I’m the one who kept order in this city! One month! In one month you’ll wish you had me back!

My OTHER Other Job

(After completing the previous mission.)
Spider-Man: The Kingpin is heading to prison. End of an era. Feel like I should celebrate. Maybe take a vacation...

(Upon getting a skill point for the first time.)
On-screen: Press Touchpad to access the Skill Tree.

Get to work (gameplay)

(After closing the skill tree.)
On-screen: Press L2+R2 to perform a Zip to Point move.

(While web zipping to a point.)
On-screen: Press X to Point Launch.

(After launching.)
On-screen: Point Launches help maintain flow over rooftops.

Boss (phone): Parker, where are you? The committee will be here soon! We need to run an equipment check!

Spider-Man: I’m almost there! Blocks away!

Boss (phone): Ugh. Guess I’ll just do it myself.

Spider-Man: No, don’t, it’s not safe— (sighs)

(While en route to work.)
Spider-Man: Gotta love Doc’s enthusiasm, but sometimes it gets him into trouble. Better get there before he hurts himself...

(While swinging.)
On-screen: Hold L3 while in the air to dive.

On-screen: Hold R2 to swing from a dive for greater speed.

Get to work (cutscene)

Peter: I'm sorry I’m late— whoa!

Peter: You started without me!

Otto: The grant committee’s director will be here soon.

Otto: It’s fine, Parker. I invented this equipment. I think I can handle it.

Peter: The power dampener—

Peter: Oh man... Uh... maybe we should abort?!

Otto: Not yet—

Peter: Hold on—

Peter: Dr. Octavius! Are you okay?

Otto: Another setback. (coughs) But we’re close.

Committee Director: Is anyone hurt?

Peter: No. It... it was all my faul—

Otto: The energy levels exceeded our expectations. From a certain viewpoint, that’s a very positive development.

Committee Director: It doesn't smell very positive.

Otto: I assure you, in the next phase—

Committee Director: Let's not get ahead of ourselves. (coughs) Is there somewhere else we can discuss this?

Otto: Maybe you should take the rest of the day off, Peter.

Peter: But—

Otto: We’ll talk later.

Check on the prosthetic arm (gameplay)

(After the cutscene.)
Peter: That was a disaster. How could the dampener have failed? I know Doc said take the day off... but I have to figure out what went wrong...

(Upon going over to Otto's office for a few times. The dialogue will play in three parts.)
Committee Director: How many lab fires have we seen now, Otto? 3? 4?

Otto: That's how you know we're progressing! Out of the ashes of failure great science is born!

Peter: Don't think Dr. Octavius' optimism has ever been shaken.

Otto: You know, just yesterday, we saw an *extraordinary* reaction cascade in the limbic bridge—

Committee Director: We're looking for *results*, not cascades, Doctor.

Otto: And results you'll have! Trust me — our work grows more promising every day.

Peter: That reaction cascade *was* pretty awesome.

Committee Director: Was your research assistant late today? What sort of staff are you employing with our money, Doctor?

Otto: I'll ask you to leave Peter out of this, please. He's young, still learning, but he's indispensable. A genius in the making.

Peter: Wow. Thanks, Dr. Octavius.

(Upon investigating a magazine.)
Peter: Doc's made huge breakthroughs his whole career, but he's always been upstaged. Usually by Oscorp. This time it's going to be different.

(Upon investigating a photo of Peter and Otto.)
Peter: Graduation — feels so long ago. I interned for Doc in college. He made me realise I could do as much good for the world in a lab coat as I could in tights. Maybe more.

(Upon reaching a corner of the lab.)
Peter: Think we've got samples of every type of prosthetic in existence...

(Upon investigating a document.)
Peter: Our first volunteer subject — Lance Corporal Texidor. Lost his arm overseas, and now just wants to hug his daughter again.

(Upon going over to the kitchen area.)
Peter: Lots of late nights in this lab... glad Doc keeps the snacks stocked up. Wish he would get more of those little cheese squares, though.

(Upon examining a coffee machine.)
Peter: LOVE the coffee at work. God bless that grant money.

(Upon reaching 3D printers.)
Peter: Wonder if I could 3D print a web shooter... can't believe I've never tried that...

(Upon listening the tape "Otto's Lab Journal #1".)
Otto (audio recording): Today is the day: grant review. We're ready. The work has progressed at a remarkable pace. I honestly never thought we'd get the tensile actuator back to an acceptable tolerance, but Parker... the boy has an eye for guerilla science lilke none other. Just as I was ready to order a custom machined replacement part, he returned from the hardware store with a bottle of solvent and a toothbrush. Bang: actuator problem resolved. The boy is a genius. A chronically late genius. It's already ten after... where is he? Surely he can't have forgotten today's review...

Peter: Sorry I let you down, Doc...

(Upon going over to the prosthetic arm.)
Peter: It's amazing how quickly the prosthesis has evolved... I remember when our prototype used parts I ripped out of an old microwave...

(Upon examining the arm.)
Peter: Ohh... you are in bad shape, little guy.

(After examining the arm.)
Peter: Let’s see what’s wrong with you...

Repair the prosthetic arm (gameplay)

(Upon starting a circuit project.)
Peter: Circuit burned out. Dammit. If I had been here to do the pre-check, I would've caught this.

(Upon completing the circuit project.)
Peter: Got it!

(Upon starting the second circuit project.)
Peter: OK... need to reroute servo control.

(Upon completing the second circuit project.)
Peter: Nice. Okay, what next.

(Upon starting the third circuit project.)
Peter: And now rebalance the voltage...

(Upon completing the third circuit project.)
Peter: Finished!

Test the prosthetic arm (gameplay)

(After completing all of the circuit projects.)
Peter: Let’s see if that worked.

(Upon moving the arm.)
Peter: Good as new.

Work at the Spectrograph station (gameplay)

(After fixing the arm).
Peter: Doc’s been testing new materials for the prosthetics. He asked me to review his work if I had time; may as well dig in now.

On-screen: Circuit projects are now available in the lab.

(Upon reaching a circuit station.)
Peter: We're trying to improve the prosthetic's hardware. I should review what Doc's been developing, and double-check his work.

(Upon starting circuit project, Actuator Precision.)
Peter: Doc was trying to improve the actuator's granularity...

(After completing the circuit project.)
Peter: Nice. Super smooth response.

(Upon starting circuit project, Minimal Grip Force.)
Peter: See if we can tune the prosthetic's grip force...

(After completing the circuit project.)
Peter: That's better. Should avoid bone-crushing handshakes, at least.

(Upon starting a Spectrograph project.)
Peter: Doc was testing a new contact material for the prosthetic...

(After completing the Spectrograph project.)
Peter: Hydrogel/Polymer composite. Strong, but there's a lot of impedance. Better tell Doc to keep looking for other materials.

Exit the lab (gameplay)

(After completing the Spectrograph project.)
On-screen: Additional Spectrograph projects are now available in the lab.

Peter: Alright — I should get out of here before I screw things up for Doc even more.

(Upon listening the tape "Otto's Lab Journal #3".)
Otto (audio recording): Peter — thank you again for doing these blind reviews. Peer review is the backbone of great science. You know, as we've prepped for the upcoming fitting, I've felt an itch in the back of my brain: is this *really* the best method of limb replacement? Silly I know, but I keep thinking... might there be another way?

(Upon starting Spectrograph project, Material Candidate Test: L37.)
Peter: Hmm... what was Doc working on with this?

(After completing the Spectrograph project.)
Peter: Beautiful.

(Upon starting Spectrograph project, Material Candidate Test: X23.)
Peter: Looks like another potential prosthetic contact material...

(After completing the Spectrograph project.)
Peter: Ohh — hydrogel IPN. This looks promising; bet it'd be a great tissue interface.

Keeping the Peace

Meet Captain Watanabe (gameplay)

(After completing the previous mission.)
On-screen: You can now access the lab at anytime. Use the door on the lab rooftop.

Yuri Watanabe (phone): Spider-Man, it’s Yuri.

Spider-Man: Fisk make it to Ryker’s yet?

Yuri Watanabe (phone): Not Ryker’s. Our boy qualifies for the VIP treatment... he’s in the Raft.

Spider-Man: Ahhh — joining Scorpion, Electro and the rest... Fisk should be honoured — that’s esteemed company.

Yuri Watanabe (phone): Can you swing by the precinct? Got an issue that could benefit from your unique skill set.

Spider-Man: For you, Yuri, anything. I’m on my way.

(After the call.)
Spider-Man: Hmmm — looks like Jameson’s got a new episode out. Wonder what my number one fan thinks about the Fisk take down...

Just the Facts With JJJ: Producer (radio): This is “Just The Facts with J. Jonah Jameson”, where listeners like you discuss the issues affecting our city with Pulitzer Prize winning—

Just the Facts with JJJ: Jameson (radio): Two-time!

Just the Facts With JJJ: Producer (radio): Two-time Pulitzer Prize winning former publisher of the Daily Bugle.

Just the Facts with JJJ: Jameson (radio): Hey, plug the book!

Just the Facts With JJJ: Producer (radio): And as always, if you order Mr. Jameson’s book, Spider-Man: Threat or Menace, within 24 hours of our broadcast, you’ll get an autographed copy at no extra charge.

Just the Facts with JJJ: Jameson (radio): No personalisations! Don’t ask, not gonna get it!

Jameson (radio): Welcome to “Just the Facts” with J. Jonah Jameson — alerting you to the threats you don’t even know about. Let’s dive right into the calls. Speak!

Caller (radio): Okay, so, not for nothin’, you gotta give Spider-Man respect for taking down Wilson Fisk, right? I mean, one less mob boss is good for everybody.

Jameson (radio): Is that right? Tell me, are you a police officer? Prosecutor? Maybe an award-winning reporter with decades on the job, like me?

Caller (radio): Uh, no, I’m a plumber.

Jameson (radio): Oh, good. Then fix my toilet and SHUT UP! Let me explain something to you about crime bosses. Soon as one goes down, every punk with a gun, a tracksuit, and a drawer full of gold chains decides he’s the next Godfather. We’re gonna have a gang war in the streets. But does that web-headed moron give a damn? Of course not. He got on TV, that’s what counts. Hah!

Caller (radio): Yeah, well, I can get copper pipe without paying kickbacks now. So until that gang war starts, I’m on the web-head’s side.

Just the Facts with JJJ: Jameson (radio): And you’ll be singing a different tune when three new mobs are lining up to charge you triple for that same pipe... or just break your legs! GOODBYE!

Spider-Man: (sighs) Some day, Jonah. I'm gonna get you to say something nice about me ... some day.

Meet Captain Watanabe (cutscene)

Spider-Man: Now that you quit smoking, what do you tell people when you come up here?

Yuri Watanabe: That I need a break from their crap.

Spider-Man: Fair enough. So why’d you call? Need a date to the policeman’s ball?

Yuri Watanabe: You got a black and white suit?

Spider-Man: Uhh...

Yuri Watanabe: No ball this year anyway. We spent too much integrating Oscorp’s surveillance tech.

Spider-Man: Worth it though, right?

Yuri Watanabe: It was... until an hour ago. The whole system went down. City wide. Every tower.

Spider-Man: How?

Yuri Watanabe: They tell me someone sabotaged the central server, and now all the towers are offline.

Spider-Man: Hm. Inside job?

Yuri Watanabe: Maybe. I’ll figure that out later. Right now we need to get these towers back online. Fast.

Spider-Man: And you called me? Aw, that’s sweet.

Yuri Watanabe: I called someone I can trust. Plus the signals are scrambled and we have no idea how to fix it.

Spider-Man: Ooh! I love a challenge.

Yuri Watanabe: You break it you buy it.

Spider-Man: I thought you trusted me!

Repair tower (gameplay)

(After the cutscene.)
Spider-Man: Let’s take a look at this tower.

(Upon descrambling the signal.)
Spider-Man: Input bands have been shifted. Subtle.

(After repairing the tower.)
Yuri Watanabe (phone): We just had a tower come back online, was that you?

Spider-Man: Not just a pretty mask, huh?

Yuri Watanabe (phone): Whatever you did, any chance you could do it to the other towers?

Spider-Man: Sure. But just so you know, I had to sync up with the tower to fix it. I’m seeing all crime data in the area now. Looks like there’s a break-in happening near me.

Yuri Watanabe (phone): Great I’ve got units nearby—

On-screen: Press R3 to locate crimes in progress.

Spider-Man: Don’t bother — I’m on it.

Stop the break-in (gameplay)

(Upon arriving at the crime scene.)
Thug: Do it.

Thug: Watch my back.

(After spotting the thugs.)
Spider-Man: Pretty sure these guys didn’t forget their keys.

On-screen: Tap Triangle to Web Strike.

(Upon web striking.)
On-screen: Enemies with melee weapons block most attacks, but are vulnerable to Air Launch attacks, webs, and throwables.

On-screen: Hold Square to perform an Air Launch.

(While doing the air launch.)
On-screen: Tap Square repeatedly to perform an Air Combo.

(After earning a Crime Token for the first time.)
On-screen: Stop crimes to earn Crime Tokens, which you can spend to craft better gear.

Rescue the victim (gameplay 1)

(After stopping the break-in.)
Spider-Man: Okay: wrapped up.

Yuri Watanabe (phone): Thanks for that; Now I’m seeing an assault near you.

On-screen: Press R3 to locate crimes in progress.

Spider-Man: You’re in luck, Yuri. Your favourite tough-but-lovable, grizzled, seen-too-much detective is in town—

Yuri Watanabe (phone): What? No-no-no-no-no you promised you wouldn’t do that any—

Spider-Man: Spider-Cop.

Yuri Watanabe (phone): Please no.

Rescue the victim (cutscene 1)

Thug: So, you’re the snitch.

Gloria: Back off, creep.

Thug: Yep, she’s the one.

Gloria: I said back off!

Rescue the victim (gameplay 2)

(After the cutscene.)
Gloria: Leave me alone!

Thug: Keep it quiet, lady.

Gloria: Don’t touch me!

Gloria: Help! HELP! POLICE!

Thug: Keep your mouth shut.

(Upon web striking.)
Spider-Man: Get away from her!

(After the web strike.)
On-screen: Brutes will block your melee attacks. Use webs and throwables to make them vulnerable.

(Upon seeing Spider-Man.)
Thug: Aw crap. Spider-Man.

(Upon trying to hit a Brute.)
On-screen: Tap L1 repeatedly to web up Brutes.

(After taking Gloria hostage.)
Thug: Walk away now or she’s dead!

Gloria: Let me go!

On-screen: Save the hostage before time runs out. Use the Left analog stick to aim at the target and press L1 to disarm them.

On-screen: Use Left analog stick to aim webs.

(After aiming.)
On-screen: Press L1 to disarm.

Rescue the victim (cutscene 2)

(After saving Gloria.)
Spider-Man: All clear, Ma’am.

Gloria: I knew Jameson was wrong about you. You’re a little weird, but you got a good heart.

Spider-Man: Have you got somewhere to go?

Gloria: I can take care of myself.

Spider-Man: I—I’m sure you can. But just in case, there’s a place called the F.E.A.S.T. Center —

Gloria: Seen it. I don't want charity.

Spider-Man: They got the best wheatcakes in the city. Hands down.

Gloria: Mom used to make those. Haven’t had any... in a long time. I’ll check it out. Thanks, Spider-Guy.

Spider-Man: It’s Spider-Man... oh well.

Get to a higher vantage point (gameplay)

(After the cutscene.)
Spider-Man: Should be able to spot the next tower from up there.

On-screen: Hold Left analog stick towards a wall, then hold R2 to Wall Run.

Repair a second tower (gameplay)

(After getting to the vantage point.)
Spider-Man: From his elevated position, Spider-Cop spies his destination: a second surveillance tower.

Yuri Watanabe (phone): Are you... narrating yourself?

Spider-Man: What? No. Of course not... The chief never did understand Spider-Cop. Thought he was a loose cannon.

Yuri Watanabe (phone): Already regretting this...

(After reaching the tower.)
On-screen: Hold L2 to aim, then R2 to get in range and fix the signal.

(Upon repairing the tower.)
Spider-Man: Bet I can modify these towers to track more than just crimes...

(After repairing the tower.)
Spider-Man: Score!

On-screen: Hold R3 to locate citywide activities.

Investigate RFID signal (gameplay)

(Upon seeing citywide activities.)
Spider-Man: Towers are picking up all kinds of RFID signals now... including one nearby. What is that?

(After picking up the backpack.)
Spider-Man: Oh wow. One of my old backpacks from high school; forgot I attached tracking dots to these.

(Upon looking at the city map.)
Spider-Man: Wonder how many of these are scattered around the city...

Stop the robbery (gameplay 1)

(After the cutscene.)
Yuri Watanabe (phone): Still there? Got a robbery a few blocks away.

Spider-Man: Spider-Cop’s on it. “Part Man, part Spider, ALL cop.”

Yuri Watanabe (phone): (sighs)

Stop the robbery (cutscene)

Thug: Open the safe — do it!

Spider-Man: Hey fellas.

Thug: Agh!

Thug: Spider-Man! Shoot him!

Stop the robbery (gameplay 2)

(After seeing a second wave of thugs.)
Spider-Man: More of ‘em? Guys, if you worked this hard at a legit job, you wouldn’t need to be criminals.

Repair a third tower (gameplay)

(After stopping the robbery.)
Spider-Man: Alright Yuri: I’m gonna repair the last Chinatown tower now.

Yuri Watanabe (phone): Don’t you mean Spider-Cop’s gonna repair it?

Spider-Man: Been doing a little thinking, Yuri. Policing’s a young man’s game, and Spider-Cop... well he’s no spring chicken.

Yuri Watanabe (phone): Please be going where I think you’re going.

Spider-Man: As of today. Spider-Cop is officially retired.

Yuri Watanabe (phone): Oh thank God. I need a drink.

Spider-Man: We’ll all drink tonight, Yuri, drunk to the memory of Spider-Cop’s tireless... Yuri? Yuri, you there? Guess the emotion of the moment overwhelmed her.

(After repairing the tower.)
On-screen: Towers reveal collectibles, challenges, and side missions on the map.

Something Old, Something New

(After completing the previous mission.)
Spider-Man: Not good. Can’t have people taking pictures of my three chest hairs.

Spider-Man: Tools I need for suit repair are at the lab... wonder if Dr. Octavius has left for the day...

Go to Otto's lab (gameplay)

(After the cutscene.)
Spider-Man: Doctor! How did it go with the committee? I’m so sorry I screwed things up.

Otto (phone): Not at all, Peter. They’re just nervous in the face of imminent triumph! They’ll calm down; they always do.

Spider-Man: Should I head back to the lab for cleanup?

Otto (phone): No no. I’m stepping out for dinner anyhow; we’ll resume tomorrow. Short break, then back to creating the future!

Spider-Man: Wish I could bottle and sell that man’s optimism. Sounds like he’s left the lab for the day — good time to work on my suit in private.

(After hearing a crime reporting for the first time.)
On-screen: Activate towers to find nearby crimes and collectibles.

(After entering the lab.)
Peter: Looks like Doc’s gone for the night. Time to sneak in some spider-work.

(Upon starting circuit project, Spatial Mapping.)
Peter: Interesting; Doc's hard-wiring in a basic spatial mapping system...

(After completing the circuit project.)
Peter: Very cool. Arms'll have a sense of their surroundings now, should help with body awareness.

(Upon starting circuit project, Balance Compensation.)
Peter: Need to tune the arm's gyro to auto-orient.

(After completing the circuit project.)
Peter: Done. This'll really help users maintain their equilibrium while wearing the prosthetic.

(Upon starting circuit project, Power Efficiency.)
Peter: Doc's trying to lower the overall power consumption of the prosthetic.

(After completing the circuit project.)
Peter: Great. Way more efficient. Probably safer, too.

(Upon starting Spectrograph project, Material Candidate Test: B62.)
Peter: Hmm... what was Doc working on with this?

(After completing the Spectrograph project.)
Peter: Great conductivity; not sure about the long term wear and tear though. Might delaminate easily.

(Upon starting Spectrograph project, Material Candidate Test: V13.)
Peter: Doc was testing the biocompatibility of graphene...

(After completing the Spectrograph project.)
Peter: Not great. Pretty high cytotoxicity. Not sure I'd use this as tissue interface.

(Upon reaching a desk.)
Peter: We really need to get better about organizing our workspace...

(Upon listening the tape "Otto's Lab Journal #4".)
Otto (audio recording): The Grant Review was a debacle, yes, but it may also prove to be the inspiration I need. We can no longer simply meet the committee's expectations: we must exceed them.

Go to Otto's lab (cutscene)

Otto: Parker?

Peter: Dr. Octavius! I — ah... Watcha got there?

Otto: Chinese. If I knew you’d be here I would’ve— What are you working on?

Peter: Uh, just a side project.

Otto: (sighs) Of course. It’s you.

Peter: I— I don’t know what...

Otto: Oh come on, Parker, it’s obvious.

Peter: Let me explain.

Otto: I only wish you'd told me sooner.

Peter: I wanted to. But I was afraid that if word got out, my family might be in danger.

Otto: Hm, yes. I guess if you design his equipment you’re bound to be a target too.

Peter: Yeah.

Peter: I mean... YEAH.

Otto: Don’t worry, your secret’s safe.

Otto: Well, I’ll leave you to it.

Peter: “Check your email”...

Check your e-mail (gameplay)

(After the cutscene.)
Peter: Hope this isn’t how Doc fires me...

(Upon checking e-mail.)
On-screen/Otto voice over: Peter, the revelation of your second job as Spider-Man's suit crafter (is that the right term?) is a reminder of the good man and partner you are. No matter how hard you work, you still find time to help others.

I hope you don’t mind but I noticed the suit was a bit damaged and I took the liberty of sketching up some of my own improvements. Attached are a few ideas I had on how you could enhance his suit and help protect Spider-Man, who does so much for this city.

Looking forward to the incredible work that we are doing and changing the world together!

Your partner and friend, Otto.

(After openning the attachment.)
Peter: White spider, huh? Hm.

(After crafting the Advanced Suit.)
Peter: That should do it.

Check your e-mail (cutscene)

Spider-Man: ‘Scuse me, late for work!

Spider-Man: Comin’ through!

Woman: Looking good, Spidey!

Spider-Man: Hellooo New York! Ha ha!

Spider-Man: New suit! Same old me!

Fisk Hideout

Investigate construction site (gameplay)

(After completing the previous mission.)
Yuri Watanabe (phone): Spider-Man, I think I figured out how Fisk's men are keeping his rackets running. Construction sites.

Spider-Man: Wasn't that shut down when he was arrested?

Yuri Watanabe (phone): No. It's one of his legitimate businesses ...multiple investors. We can't act without cause.

Spider-Man: But now you've got that, right?

Yuri Watanabe (phone): That's why I'm hoping you can keep an eye on the locations, tell me if you see anything suspicious.

Spider-Man: You got it. I'll be your nosy neighborhood Spider-Man.

(While en route to the construction site.)
On-screen: Unsubscribe from Just the Facts with J. Jonah Jameson in the Settings Menu under Audio.

Jameson (radio): My loyal listeners — “brush-heads”, they call themselves, though I've never quite understood why — will remember my warnings about the downright Orwellian Crime Monitoring System the city was installing.

Jameson (radio): Well, it's not operating. Why, you ask? Because someone came to their senses and realized they'd be violating civil liberties? WRONG! Because those incompetent bureaucrats built a network that crashes more often than a wino driving a bumper car! So your tax dollars got wasted... and there's nothing to show for it. Which is about as close as you get to a happy ending in the real world, kids.

(After arriving to the construction site.)
Spider-Man: Yuri, I'm at a Fisk Construction site and there's a lot of guys here wo aren't exactly constructing.

Yuri Watanabe (phone): What are they doing?

Spider-Man: I'm going to go find out.

Spider-Man: Huh. Just got a text from Doc. Looks like he attached an idea for a spidey-gadget. Man, does he ever stop inventing?

On-screen: Press Touchpad to open the Gadget Page.

(After crafting Impact Web.)
Spider-Man: Wow. This looks like it could work...

On-screen: Hold L1 to bring up the gadget select.

On-screen: Use Right analog stick to select Impact Web.

Fisk Thug: Hm. Let's see... Can't read this... Should have brought my glasses...

On-screen: Tap L1 to fire an Impact Web at an enemy.

(After firing an Impact Web.)
On-screen: Gadgets have limited shots. Defeat enemies to earn refills.

On-screen: Take out enemy patrols to draw out reinforcements.

Spider-Man: Awesome! Doc would be proud.

Defeat Fisk's men (gameplay)

(After entering the construction site.)
On-screen: Press R3 for bonus objective progress.

(After another wave of enemies arrive.)
Spider-Man: Uh-oh, more of them.

(While fighting.)
Yuri Watanabe (phone): Spider-Man, turns out we've busted four illegal firearm dealers within a three block radius of that site.

Spider-Man: Gun running. Let's see what I can do to cut down the supply.

(Upon the fourth wave of enemies arrive.)
On-screen: Your new Suit comes with a Suit Power. Suit Powers give you special abilities.

On-screen: Your current Suit Power continuously builds Focus. Once used, your Suit Power will regenerate over time.

On-screen: Press L3+R3 to activate your Suit Power.

Spider-Man: Dang. Looks lilke they called their buddies.

(After the fifth wave of enemies arrive.)
Spider-Man: Oh hey, more guys. Welcome to the party! House rules, leave your shows at the door. Unless you're not wearing socks, in which case— buy some socks already...

(After the final wave of enemies arrive.)
Spider-Man: Anyone want to surrender? No?

(After clearing the hideout.)
Spider-Man: Place is locked down, Captain. Actually, webbed down.

Yuri Watanabe (phone): And someone finally reported shots fired, so I've got officers inbound. Good work.

(After completing a Fisk Hideout for the first time.)
Yuri Watanabe (phone): Fisk has more construction sites throughout the city. Betting they're fronts too. Keep an eye out, and report in if you see anything suspicious.


Go to vantage point (gameplay)

(After completing the previous mission.)
Spider-Man: If I'm gonna find all of Fisk's construction sites, I should recalibrate my mapping software to be more accurate.

Spider-Man: Using a depth mapped post process on photos of popular landmarks should do it, and I know just the one to start with.

(When the current area on the map is not unlocked.)
Spider-Man: Not getting much coverage. I should look for more towers to activate.

(While en route to the vantage point.)
Otto (phone): Peter, good news: I think I smoothed things over with the grant committee. If Lance Corporal Texidor's fitting tomorrow goes well, we should be OK.

Spider-Man: That's fantastic, Doc. We're back on track!

Otto (phone): Provisionally. As long as our little incident escaped the Mayor's attention. You'll be at the fitting tomorrow?

Spider-Man: Definitely. It'll go great. We're gonna change the world, Doc!

Otto (phone): I'll settle for not starting any more fires. See you tomorrow, Peter. Here's to a successful day.

Take a photo of building (gameplay)

(After getting to the vantage point.)
Spider-Man: Good ol' Empire State. Man I love this town. Time to grab a snapshot.

On-screen: Press Up to equip your Camera.

(After equipping the camera.)
On-screen: Hold L2 to aim the Camera.

(After aiming the camera.)
On-screen: When the viewfinder turns green, press L1 to take a picture.

(After taking the picture.)
Spider-Man: That'll do it. Map should be re-calibrated now.

Spider-Man: Haven't done much photography since quitting the Bugle — forgot how much I enjoy it. Should keep an eye out for more landmarks to shoot.

For She’s a Jolly Good Fellow

Spider-Man: Hm. It’s Mr. Li. Hello?

Martin Li: Peter, it’s Martin Li. I just wanted to let you know we need a little extra time to get set for May’s party— I guess the cake delivery is stuck in traffic.

Spider-Man: Oh, sure thing. Just let me know when you’re ready and I’ll swing by.

Martin Li: Great. Talk to you soon.

Spider-Man: Hi, Mr. Muggins. If this is about the rent —

Landlord: Mr. Parker. This call serves as your third and final warning. Eviction proceedings-

Spider-Man: Wait! I get paid end of the week, I can —

Thug: Was that a rat?

Thug: Come on!

Landlord: Eviction proceedings will start Friday unless full payment IS received by close of business. Good day.

Thug: He’s hurt!

Thug: This was supposed to be an easy pull!

Woman: Let ‘em have it, Spider-Man!

Spider-Man: (on the phone) Hi, Mister Li.

Martin Li: Hey Peter, we’re all set for the party, whenever you’re ready.

Spider-Man: Cool! I’m on my way.

Peter Parker: Mr. Li is probably in the kitchen, getting ready for the party.

Cam: Hey, Peter.

Peter Parker: Hey guys, how’s the game going?

Cam: How’s it look like it’s going? I’m winning.

Eileen: Get this guy checked for dementia, Pete. I’m crushing him.

Peter Parker: Well, the important thing is having fun.

Eileen: I have a lot of fun whooping his ass.

Cam: In your dreams, crazy lady. Want a game, Pete? We play for peanuts.

Peter Parker: Too rich for my blood, I’ll leave you to it.

Ernie: Hey, Peter, what’s up?

Peter Parker: Just dropping in. Hey. Martin, so sorry I’m late.

Martin Li: You’re right on time. Just keep her distracted while we get everything ready.

Peter Parker: You got it. Hey, there’s my favourite aunt...

Aunt May: Peter! What a nice surprise. Uh, yeah, sure. Oh, there are some heavy boxes in —

Peter Parker: NO! No, no! I mean, I mean... not yet. I mean. I came to, uh, I just wanted to talk.

Aunt May: Okay... okay. Peter are you in trouble? Do you need money?

Peter Parker: No! No. I mean I’m a little behind on my rent, but no, no... no, I’m fine.

Aunt May: Girl problems again?

Peter Parker: What? No, that’s crazy —

Aunt May: I still wish you and MJ could work things out. She’s a great girl—

Peter Parker: She is, but...

Aunt May: The two of you would make some beautiful babies.

Peter Parker: Wow! Uh...

Aunt May: Peter. What is it? Come on. You can tell me.

Peter Parker: These past few years — you helping me through college and working here... sacrificing so much, and asking for nothing. I just wish there were more people like you in the world.

Martin Li: He’s right. Five years ago, you walked in here and told me you were inspired by my mission to help others. Now it’s *you* who inspires *me*. Thank you. May, for everything. Here’s to many more years of service!

Peter Parker: Thanks again for setting all this up.

Martin Li: Oh, I just wish I could do more.

Peter Parker: Well. May’s always told me. “If you help *some*one—

Martin Li: —you help *every*one.” Ah, maybe we should send May to City Hall to have a word with the mayor...

Peter Parker: Oh, I gotta run. Um, thanks again for the party and everything. It really means a lot.

Peter Parker: Voicemail from Yuri... should check it outside...

Don’t Touch the Art

Spider-Man: Voice-mail from Yuri...

Yuri Watanabe: Hey. Silent alarm at the auction house holding Fisk’s estate sale just tripped. Could you check it out? Quietly? I don’t want to make a scene if it’s nothing...

Spider-Man: Fisk estate sale. Sounds fun. Wonder what the Kingpin had hidden in his closets...

Aunt May: (on the phone) Peter. I lost track of you at the party.

Spider-Man: Yeah, I... had to get to the lab. Sorry.

Aunt May: Don’t apologize... I just wanted to tell you how much what you said meant to me. I always wonder if I’m doing right by you...

Spider-Man: Stop wondering. After losing my parents, and Uncle Ben... there are so many times I would’ve fallen apart if not for you.

Aunt May: Well, that works both ways, Peter. I just wanted to make sure you knew that.

Spider-Man: May. I... I don’t know what to—

Aunt May: Oh. I think Mr. Li needs my help. I should go. See you soon, dear. I love you.

Spider-Man: Love you too. he hangs up Yuri said “quietly.”

Demon: I am losing patience. Where is the file.

Rose Rosemann: There’s someone else here - they must have taken it!

Spider-Man: Those masks... who are these guys?

Demon: There’s no one here but us. We will find the file. Or you will die.

Spider-Man: This is bad.

Spider-Man: They’ll kill her if I alert them. Need to pick ‘em off silently. by the phone Yuri - the silent alarm was legit. Masked gunmen and a single hostage. Looks like a heist-in-progress.

Yuri Watanabe: Copy that. Sending units your way. Keep the situation from getting worse in the meantime.

Spider-Man: Can do.

Demon: We will not fail.

Spider-Man: Gotta do this quietly. Don’t wanna alert the others...

Demon: I heard something.

Spider-Man: They always look so cozy webbed up like that. Should web him from above... Whoa - careful.

Demon: Open fire! It’s Spider-Man!

Demon: My patience wears thin.

Rose Rosemann: Someone else is here. I swear. She must have the file!

Demon: If they’re here, WHERE ARE THEY?

Rose Rosemann: I don’t know. I don’t know. I just don’t know.

Demon: Keep your eyes open.

Demon: They are open!

Demon: I didn’t imagine that.

Demon: Got nothing.

Spider-Man: Hey - what IS that? This totally belongs to —

Demon: Don’t move.

Spider-Man: Buddy, if I had a nickel for every “Don’t Move” I’d –

Mary Jane Watson: Hey Pete.

Spider-Man: MJ... what are you doing here?

Mary Jane Watson: Same as you, working. At least, I was.

Spider-Man: Robbie’s got you covering a break-in for the Bugle?

Mary Jane Watson: Well. Robbie doesn’t technically know I’m here. And it wasn’t a break in until a few minutes ago.

Spider-Man: Huh?

Mary Jane Watson: Let me explain...


Rose Rosemann: Uh - excuse me?

Mary Jane Watson: Hi! Mary Jane Watson. I’m covering the Fisk estate sale?

Rose Rosemann: Craig said we’d do this tomorrow.

Mary Jane Watson: I like to get a jump on things.

Rose Rosemann: Well I don’t. You’ll have to come back tomorrow -

Mary Jane Watson: I’m sorry. faking a phone call Hey Craig... no, sorry, just... It looks like we’re gonna have to run something else on the cover... I don’t know, uhh maybe the expressionist piece?

Rose Rosemann: You know what. I think I can make today work.

Mary Jane Watson: Are you sure?

Rose Rosemann: You’re here. No moment like the present.

Mary Jane Watson: Thank you. Nevermind. We’re good.

Rose Rosemann: Let’s get started. Look around and familiarise yourself with the items. I’ll be waiting by the Baku statue when you’re ready to begin.

Mary Jane Watson: Can do.

Robovoice: -of Motor Vehicles, for English, press “1”...

Rose Rosemann: Let me know when you’re ready to begin.

Mary Jane Watson: Sounds good.

“Katana, 14th Century. A katana blade attributed to Masamune; hilt re-wrapped in early 19th century.”

Mary Jane Watson: Fisk cut Peter open like a pork sausage with this the first time they fought. Pete got away, collapsed in my yard half dead, and I had to steal my dad’s car to drive him to the ER. The first of many “Nurse MJ” moments; too many.

“Hand Rolled Cigars, 20th Century. Luxury product of Symkaria; manufactured exclusively for royalty.”

Mary Jane Watson: Hmmm... Symkaria... weren’t they just in the news?

Tatami Armour, 15th Century. Rumoured to have been worn by a young ronin who challenged a tyrannical, illegitimate leader.”

Mary Jane Watson: Sometimes I feel like the whole history of the world just boys playing dress up, getting into fights.

Sengoku period Samurai, 16th Century. Most likely depicts Yamamoto Kansuke, the blind swordsman, known for dispensing justice on his own terms.”

Mary Jane Watson: I remember when Fisk started illegally importing artifacts like this. He bought the local harbour to cover his tracks, and laid off the old staff, including my dad. Wish dad was here now to see how the tables have turned.

“Tapestry, 17th Century. Depicts two Nio Guardians, Misshaku Kongo and Naraen Kongo.”

Mary Jane Watson: I can’t get over this image. So much tension between these two figures.

“Oil Landscape on Silk, 19th Century. Depicts travellers outside Kyoto.”

Mary Jane Watson: Kyoto. So beautiful. Part of me wishes I could drop everything and travel the world...

“Vase, 19th Century. Meiji period baluster vase in the Imari style.”

Mary Jane Watson: May would love this... gotta admit, I miss May.

Mary Jane Watson: And-how-much-am-I-bid-for-this-collection-of-villainy-and-deceit? Starting at 10.000 broken lives dreams, 10.000 going once...

Bonsho Bell, 17th Century. Legends claim its toll could be heard from the underworld.”

Mary Jane Watson:“Heard from the underworld”, huh?

“Walking Cane, 20th Century. A very rare enamel jewelled and pearl-set walking cane with concealed features.”

Mary Jane Watson: Always hated this cane. So tacky.

“Cello, 18th Century. Milan or Bologna, famously owned by Benito Mussolini prior to his death.”

Mary Jane Watson: What did Fisk call this... “Vanessa”?

“Theatre Masks, 18th Century. A group of Noh and Kyogen masks from the Edo period. Most notable is Buaku, the demon hiding sorrowful eyes.”

Mary Jane Watson: Hmmmm.... I get why Peter does it, but I never totally loved the “heroes hiding behind masks.” thing. Feels like part of being a hero is standing behind your actions; being willing to say “yeah, that was me.” That’s the sort of hero I’d want to be, at least.

Tatami Armour, 15th Century. Rumoured to have been worn by a powerful samurai who believed ends justified means.”

Mary Jane Watson: Bet Fisk saw himself in this: a great man willing to do what others wouldn’t. Dude had no self-awareness.

“Woodcut, 19th Century. Image of a young maiden who brought a corrupt dynasty’s hidden crimes to light, causing it to collapse.”

Mary Jane Watson: “Brought hidden crimes to light.” We got an old school investigative journalist over here.

Rose Rosemann: Starting with the prize. A one-of-a-kind Kakiemonbaku.

Mary Jane Watson: Beautiful. It’s a Mifune?

Rose Rosemann: Correct. Mr. Fisk has exceptional taste.

Mary Jane Watson: Did you know him well, before his arrest?

Rose Rosemann: In a... professional context. I handled many of his sales. Let’s move on, please. Now, this expense piece exemplifies the traditional tarashikomi puddled-ink effect.

Mary Jane Watson: The two Nio are so imposing. I can see why Fisk liked this piece, definitely his style.

Rose Rosemann: He loved the duality. “Destruction screams, but creation toils in silence.”

Mary Jane Watson: Was there ever anything irregular. In any of the sales you handled for him?

Rose Rosemann: No... no of course not. Not that I was aware of. Notice the intricate gold inlay on this ceremonial tea set.

Mary Jane Watson: It’s just... a friend in the DA’s office mentioned that Fisk used art sales to launder stolen goods.

Rose Rosemann: I’m... sure I wouldn’t know anything about that.

Mary Jane Watson: Oh I know. I was just wondering, now that he’s arrested, If you had ever noticed anything... strange.

Rose Rosemann: You know what... I’m actually running short of time. Why don’t we grab the cover photo while we can?

Mary Jane Watson: When I told my DA friend I was doing a piece on you, he mentioned your name was familiar.

Rose Rosemann: Just the photo please. Stand right there.

Mary Jane Watson: Are you sure there’s nothing you’d like to say, maybe off the record, regarding Fisk’s activities?

Rose Rosemann: I don’t think your readers would have any interest in- her phone is ringing Dammit. Wait here, please.

Mary Jane Watson: Wait... I recognise that statue... Gotta get a photo. That shouldn’t be here.

Rose Rosemann: Craig. I’ll call you back. to MJ My dear, I think it’s time for you to go.

Mary Jane Watson: Oh... um... could I... I use the restroom real quick?

Rose Rosemann: ...fine. Follow me.

Mary Jane Watson: Thank you... this is a really lovely space.

Rose Rosemann: It is. And this will be the last time you see it. The ladies’ us around the corner. Be quick.

Mary Jane Watson: Of course. Be right back.

Rose Rosemann: through her phone Hello, Craig. Funny you should call... Because the reporter you sent us clearly not working the puff piece we agreed upon... No, she’s here now...

Mary Jane Watson: I’ve got to get into that back room. If that statue is what I think it is, this just turned into a huge story.

Rose Rosemann: What do you mean he had to reschedule? If she’s not your reporter, who is she, Craig? Who is in my auction house? Oh my god... No I do not trust you will fix this. Well the first thing I’m going to do is have Miss Investigative Journalist arrested- And the second thing I’m going to do is collect your head, Craig.

Mary Jane Watson: Dang. She’s pissed.

Rose Rosemann: It is most definitely a threat, Craig. Uh huh.

Mary Jane Watson: Pete told me about this. Fisk used it to hide evidence. Why didn’t the cops take it? I know this statue opens... but how? I wonder if there are any clues in here...

An Articulated Nio Guardian Statue

15th Century, Japanese

45,000 -

Notable for its modular design and five distinct points of articulation, this Statue can adopt a multitude of poses. The most common is that of the Naraen Kongo: mouth closed, left arm down, right palm facing forward. This pose of latent power conveys the change and chaos that can arise from small events.

Mary Jane Watson: That’s the Nio behind them but it looks different. She certainly is cosy with Fisk. The statue can move most common pose is “latent power.”... “Mouth closed... left arm down... Maybe these pieces move. The catalogue mentioned two poses... “Mouth closed... left arm down... right palm facing forward. Maybe I should turn the head... So slow... but a piece is missing... I’ve seen these before... Hmmm he’s holding something... That’s it! “Norman Osborn”... what is this? “Devil’s Breath”? What is Devil’s-

Mary Jane Watson: What the?

Rose Rosemann: Excuse me! Sir! You you can’t be in here...

Mary Jane Watson: Not good.

Demon: Where’s the statue?

Rose Rosemann: In... in there-

Demon: Find the file.

Mary Jane Watson: I was on my way to the exit when I saw you...

Spider-Man: You’re lucky to be alive.

Mary Jane Watson: Says the guy I saved five minutes ago. Listen, whoever these mask guys are, they’re after this file. But I’ll never get it out of here while the place is swarming with them.

Spider-Man: OK. Umm, you hide back there. I take out the bad guys, you make a break when it’s clear.

Mary Jane Watson: Sounds like a plan. Good to see you, Pete.

Spider-Man: Yeah, you too. Not exactly how I pictured us meeting again, though.

Mary Jane Watson: Funny. It’s exactly how I pictured it.

Spider-Man: Did she change her perfume...? Focus, Pete. Focus.

Demon: Move!

Rose Rosemann: Yes. Alright. Of course.

Spider-Man: Should clear these guys out before I push forward...

Mary Jane Watson: OK Pete. I’m hidden near the front. Give the word and I’ll make a break for it.

Spider-Man: Will do. How about that file? What’s in it that these guys want so bad?

Mary Jane Watson: Notes on something called “Devil’s Breath.” Fisk was hired to build a secret research lab for it. Not clear what Devil’s Breath is, but it seemed to scare Fisk. He compares it to “Pandora’s Box.”

Spider-Man: Not much shook Fisk... we need to get you and that file out of here. Hang tight.

Demon: Anyone see anything?

Demon: Got to check that out.

Spider-Man: Okay, room is clear. Gotta stay silent. Keep it tight, Pete.

Demon: I will not fail my mission.

Demon: Anyone else hear that?

Spider-Man: Easy does it. That’s all of them.

Mary Jane Watson: NO! LET ME GO!

Spider-Man: MJ! No. HIDE!

Mary Jane Watson: Get in the office!

Demon: End him!

Spider-Man: Not cool with the hostage taking, guys. Whoa what is up with that glow-y stuff on your hands?

Spider-Man: Are you guys ghosts? Never fought a ghost before...

Demon: There is no escape.

Spider-Man: I mean. I’ve fought spectres, but, you know technically, spectres aren’t ghosts. “All ghosts are spectres, but not all spectres are ghosts” you know? Seems like this is an energy thing, not a ghost thing. All good. “Fight a ghost” stays on the old bucket list.

Demon: Close in on him.

Demon: My skill will overcome yours.

Spider-Man: Daily cardio: check. Hm. Looks antique. I think I know someone who can help track down where this came from... hears police sirens ...a job for later.

Rose Rosemann: to MJ I just talked to Craig. You are not the reporter he was sending. You don’t even work for Heritage Arts.

Mary Jane Watson: Never said I did. Hi. Mary Jane Watson. Daily Bugle.

Rose Rosemann: You... you will not write a word of what you saw here.

Mary Jane Watson: For the record, that do you know about the file those masked man stole?

Rose Rosemann: That... I don’t...

Mary Jane Watson: What about the long history of stolen goods Fisk has laundered at this auction house?

Rose Rosemann: Your editor will be hearing from our attorney.

Pete: texting Hey you OK?

Mary Jane Watson: texting Fine. But they got away with the file.

Pete: texting Sorry. I’ll make it up to you. Dinner at Micks?

Mary Jane Watson: Mick’s? Like the last six months never happened?

Mary Jane Watson: texting Sure, see you in a few.

Peter Parker: No idea... but I’m still glad he makes these fries.

Mary Jane Watson: Totally, best in the city.

Peter Parker: So, how’s the grind at the Bugle?

Mary Jane Watson: Mm well... Yeah well, I just got an all-caps text from Robbie about my so-called ‘antics’ tonight. So, looks like I’ll be meeting with the legal team. Again.

Peter Parker: Nah, soon as he reads the article you’re gonna write. Guaranteed promotion.

Mary Jane Watson: So. Creepy mask guys. What’s your take?

Peter Parker: Just another night in the city. What’s your take?

Mary Jane Watson: How’s it going with you?

Mary Jane Watson: Hm. I feel like there’s a bigger story there... Let’s not make this all about business. How’s it going with you? Did you got that promotion?

Peter Parker: No, but we’re on the cusp of something really big.

Mary Jane Watson: You know Oscorp would hire you in a heartbeat, right? One phone call to Harry...

Peter Parker: Sure. But Dr. Octavius’ work will help millions. I’m right where I want to be— right where I *should* be.

Mary Jane Watson: Almost sounds like it’s more important than your other job. I’ve never heard you talk like that before.

Peter Parker: A lot can change in six months.

Mary Jane Watson: Why did you ask me here, Pete?

Peter Parker: You know. Just... dinner between friends.

Mary Jane Watson: Friends. Is that what we are?

Peter Parker: H mean we could be. If that’s what you wanted.

Mary Jane Watson: There’s a lot of baggage here.

Peter Parker: Yeah sure but, Is that so bad? I mean baggage can carry good things too. Like uh—like money and uh, keys, and raspberry lip balm.

Mary Jane Watson: Do you remember why we broke up?

Peter Parker: This is a trick question, isn’t it?

Mary Jane Watson: Saved by the siren.

Peter Parker: Talk to you later?

Mary Jane Watson: Go.

Short Order Cook Stan Lee: Love seeing you two together again! You always were my favourites.

A Shocking Comeback

Spider-Man: Hey it’s me. What’s with the units heading down third?

Yuri Watanabe: Looks like our old friend Herman Schultz is at it again.

Spider-Man: Shocker. Didn’t he just get paroled?

Yuri Watanabe: Yeah, well, guess it didn’t take.

Spider-Man: No worries— Herman’s just a big cupcake. I’ll have him back in Ryker’s by bedtime. he hung up Just had dinner with my ex after saving her from masked criminals... and now I’m gonna go beat up a maniac who uses shock waves to rob people. What a perfectly normal life you have, Peter Parker.

Police Dispatch: Officers respond, we’ve got a 10-10 narcotics in progress. Incident is active near Times Square, proceed with caution.

Otto Octavius: Peter, I just want to make sure you haven’t left any equipment you’ve built for your... friend... around the lab. It’s no bother to me, but if the grant committee stops by again —

Spider-Man: Don’t worry. Doc. I make a point not to leave anything there. But I know my “friend” appreciates you looking out for him. There’s a lot of people who don’t like him very much.

Otto Octavius: That buffoon Jameson and his audience of sheep? Please.

Otto Octavius: The people who do great things in this world are those who don’t let bullies like him stand in their way. People like us!

Spider-Man: You said a mouthful, Doc. Take care.

Police Dispatch: Available units, need response to a break in. Officers near Bowery, please respond.

Spider-Man: Hi, Herman.

Shocker: Seriously? Grr... runs Give it up. You’re never gonna catch me.

Spider-Man: That’s what you said last time.

Shocker: I don’t wanna hurt you, it’ll just slow me down.

Spider-Man: Wow, that’s... considerate. What’s the money for, Herman?

Shocker: Why do you care?

Spider-Man: Actually, I don’t. Just trying to make polite conversation...

Shocker: I’m done talking.

Spider-Man: But this could be so much more rewarding if we connected on an emotional level...

Spider-Man: Wait, I forgot, you don’t have any emotions. he catches Shocker Gotcha. Now let’s talk.

Shocker: I said I’m...*DONE*...*TALKING*!

Spider-Man: Noted.

Spider-Man: Honestly Herman, why are you robbing again? You know the police are watching your every move. I mean, we all know you’re kinda dumb, but I didn’t think you were *this* dumb. You must be desperate. Which means you’re not just stealing for yourself. You must be working with someone. Or *for* someone... You can tell me who it is now, or make me punch it out of you later. Your choice!

Shocker: I’ve said enough.

Spider-Man: You know what Herman, you have like zero personality... but your suit is awesome. Can we talk design details? Maybe later.

Yuri Watanabe: Good work, Spider-Man. Did you learn anything about his motive?

Spider-Man: I tried. But he’s not very talkative. Plus, I think he hates me.

Yuri Watanabe: You have that effect on a lot of people.

Spider-Man: But you love me, right Yuri?

Yuri Watanabe: I tolerate you.

Spider-Man: Wow. That might be the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me.

The Mask

Spider-Man: Looks like I got some free time. Maybe now’s a good time to look into that mask.

Spider-Man: Oh. It’s MJ. Hey MJ. You’re up late.

Mary Jane Watson: Just catching up on the news— looks like you had quite an adventure with Shocker tonight.

Spider-Man: Yeah, he was unusually combative. Anyway, thanks again for dinner, what do I owe you?

Mary Jane Watson: How about a favour? You still have that mask from the gallery?

Spider-Man: Yeah. I’m actually on my way to the F.E.A.S.T. Center now to ask Martin Li about it.

Mary Jane Watson: Martin Li? Why?

Spider-Man: He has a degree in Art History. If anyone knows about the origins of that mask, he will.

Mary Jane Watson: Just keep me in the loop. Like I said. I think there’s a bigger story here. And I plan to be the one to break it.

Spider-Man: Uh, sure. So I can call you, like whenever?

Mary Jane Watson: Yeah. Whenever, whatever.

Spider-Man: So I guess we’re talking again. Cool. Almost morning. Mr. Li will be here soon. I could use a snack...

Martin Li: Peter! What can I do for you?

Peter Parker: Sorry to bother you, Mr. Li... She’s doing a story about art imports, and she found this piece... and she wanted an expert opinion on it, and I know you have a degree —

Martin Li: Let’s see what you have. Interesting. Where did she find it...? A replica of an antique Chinese opera mask. I haven’t seen one in years. This symbol here roughly translates to “Demon.”

Peter Parker: “Demon”?

Martin Li: My father read me ghost stories with that mask and symbol in it when I was young. Scared the hell out of me. Peter, listen. That mask, it’s... It could be connected to dangerous people. Mary Jane might want to find a different story.

Peter Parker: You think she’s in trouble?

Martin Li: I don’t know. Why take the risk?

Mary Jane Watson: Hey.

Peter Parker: The symbol inside the mask means “Demon.” It really spooked Mr. Li. Never seen him like that. He even said you should drop the story.

Mary Jane Watson: Fat chance. Do you think Mr. Li knows more than he’s letting on?

Peter Parker: No. I think he just had a weird flashback or something. I know his childhood was pretty traumatic...

Mary Jane Watson: Yeah, makes sense. Demons, huh? Catchy name. Okay, gotta get writing. See you soon.

Peter Parker: Well, that went about as well as I could’ve hoped...

Aunt May: Peter. Mr. Li spoke to me... he seemed worried. Are you into something dangerous?

Spider-Man: Oh, it’s just a story Mary Jane’s investigating. Don’t worry. I’ll make sure she’s careful.

Aunt May: Please tell me you two are back together.

Spider-Man: We’re talking again. Baby steps. I hope I didn’t upset Mr. Li.

Aunt May: He’s just concerned. I was actually touched by how concerned. I knew he liked you - he admires how dedicated you are to helping others. I think you remind him of himself when he was younger. Both orphans, both so smart...

Spider-Man: Well the admiration’s mutual. You’ve got a good boss, May.

Aunt May: I’ll tell him you said so. Love you, Peter.

Spider-Man: Hello?

Otto Octavius: Peter, it’s Doctor Octavius.

Spider-Man: Oh, hey, what’s up?

Otto Octavius: Lance Corporal Texidor is here for a fitting.

Spider-Man: I totally forgot! I mean. I didn’t forget-forget, I just... Uh. I’ll be there soon.

Otto Octavius: This tardiness is starting to become a pattern. Come on, Parker. You’re better than this.

Spider-Man: Ugh, he’s right. How did I lose track of time? Grr...

Day to Remember

Veteran: How does it work?

Otto Octavius: Just like a natural arm. You think of what you want it to do, and...!

Peter Parker: Yes!! Hey! some people enter the room Hey! Wh-what do you think you’re doing?

City Worker: This site’s been declared a safety hazard.

Otto Octavius: Stop that right now! This is highly sensitive equipment. That’s it, I’m calling the mayor’s office directly!

Norman Osborn: Peter Parker! How the hell are you.

Otto Octavius: Speak of the Devil.

Peter Parker: Mr. Osborn, what –

Norman: Oh please. How long have we known each other? It’s “Mr. Mayor.” It’s Norman. Norman!

Otto Octavius: Norman, what do you think you’re doing?

Norman: The grant agreement you signed has strict safety provisions. This isn’t your first violation.

Otto Octavius: Those were excused —

Norman: By me. We should have confiscated this equipment long ago.

Otto Octavius: But, but I’ve had a breakthrough —

Norman: to veteran Thank you for your great service to our country. These folks will escort you to Oscorp Robotics, where you’ll receive the latest in prosthetics, no charge.

Otto Octavius: This isn’t about safety infractions, is it?

Norman: I’m trying to help you. Otto. You’re free to continue your work... in a secure environment.

Otto Octavius: At Oscorp.

Norman: You always were the smartest guy in the room.

Otto Octavius: You haven’t changed a bit.

Norman: Neither have you. Hey Peter. Harry will be coming back from Europe early next year. Maybe the two of you can start that business you always talked about. This is opportunity knocking.

Peter Parker: to Otto Easy. They didn’t take everything. Maybe we can start over —

Otto Octavius: Peter... there’s no “we.” Without the grant from the city, I can no longer pay you. I need some time to think. If I were you... I’d look for a new job.

Financial Shock

Yuri Watanabe: Spider-Man. Shocker has escaped. And now he’s robbing a bank on East Thirty-First.

Spider-Man: What happened? I thought he was behind bars?

Yuri Watanabe: He was.

Yuri Watanabe: But one of the guards just walked up to his cell and released him, then gave him his suit back.

Spider-Man: I *knew* Shocker was working for someone. What’d you get out of the guard?

Yuri Watanabe: Wish I could ask him, but he’s dead. Whoever made him release Shocker didn’t want any loose ends.

Spider-Man: Damn.

Yuri Watanabe: Looking at the security footage, the guard was in some kind of trance. And it might have been the lighting, but it looked like his eyes were glowing.

Spider-Man: Well that’s creepy. Okay. I’ll see what I can get out of Shocker when I get to the bank.

Spider-Man: Herman! Long time no see. Hey I’m no lawyer, but uhh... I’m pretty sure that’s a parole violation. Oops, guess we’re stuck in here for a while. Wanna play twenty questions? No? How about we thumb-wrestle? Okay. Face-punch it is... Whoa! Your gauntlets are all digital now, aren’t they?


Spider-Man: Remember our first fight? Me, so young and stupid. You, just stupid.

Shocker: You talk too much.

Spider-Man: Well, that’s a matter of opinion. I mean, are there any standard metrics for how much talking one should do? And who determines the ideal ratio of talking versus not-talking? Also, how would you measure it? Words per minute? Syllables per second? Or is it more about how many words one uses to express a single thought? It’s all so subjective... If you ask me, some people don’t talk enough. Like about who their mysterious overlord is the person they’re working for, that kind of thing. Okay, now I can do some real damage. Why are you doing this, Herman?

Shocker: Because if I don’t, they’ll kill me!

Spider-Man: Comin’ your way! If you come clean, I can help you.

Shocker: You really want to help me? Just let me have the money.

Spider-Man: Sorry, not gonna happen. You know, people don’t use banks anymore. You’re lucky you found actual cash. If you really want to rob banks... Try day trading. It’s all the rage. Oh— wait, wait, wait, wait... oh no! Aw, come on. Herman... If you tell me who you’re working for. I can help you cut a deal.

Shocker: If I talk— I’m dead. They made that very clear.

Spider-Man: Catch! You’re freaking me out, Herman. It’s not like you to be afraid of people.

Shocker: Not even sure these guys *are* people. Could be anything under those masks...

Spider-Man: Wait. Did you say *masks*? These mask guys, what do they want the money for?

Shocker: Don’t know, don’t care. Soon as I finish the job. I’m gone.

Spider-Man: This one’s gonna hurt!

Shocker: Stand still!

Spider-Man: If you ask nicely. MAYBE. Okay, catch this one with your face! Give up now and we can protect you.

Shocker: No way. You ain’t seen what I seen. What the —. You son of a —

Spider-Man: Okay, last chance to give up. This time I *really* mean it.

Shocker: Quit moving!

Spider-Man: Okay. I was kidding before.

Spider-Man: NOW is your last-last chance. Seriously. Sorry, Herman. he hits Shoker chandelier with You brought this on yourself... literally.

Spider-Man: Man, he was scared, and desperate. These demons are everywhere all of a sudden... Okay Yuri. Shocker’s all yours now.

Yuri Watanabe: Good work. We have a special cell waiting for him at the RAFT. We’ll make sure he stays behind bars this time.

Spider-Man: Also. I’m pretty sure he was working for the demon gang.

Yuri Watanabe: Demon gang? Sounds like a Daily Bugle headline.

Spider-Man: The Bugle is a perfectly fine news organization...

Yuri Watanabe: Not sure I’d call it “news.”

Spider-Man: Well. I’ve heard they have some really good reporters. Anyway, have you had any more reports on demon... er... guys with masks?

Yuri Watanabe: Let me get back to you. By the way, how much of a mess did you make inside that bank?

Spider-Man: You probably don’t want to know.

Yuri Watanabe: Ugh. Shouldn’t have asked...

Spider-Man: Fight with Shocker took a while. Time to catch up on what I’ve been missing out in the city. Doc left a message...

Otto Octavius: Peter. I might have been a bit hasty advising you to find another job. I have a plan. Give me a bit of time... we may yet live to invent another day!

Spider-Man: The indomitable Otto Octavius. That’s great news - hope his plan works.

Wheels within Wheels

Yuri Watanabe: through the phone Hey, so I looked into reports of... “Demons.”

Spider-Man: I knew you’d come around.

Yuri Watanabe: They’ve been pretty busy tonight— hitting a lot of Fisk properties.

Spider-Man: They’re going after Fisk? Damn. You thinking what I’m thinking?

Yuri Watanabe: Brewing gang war?

Spider-Man: Let’s try to get ahead of it. Are there any Fisk properties that *haven’t* been hit tonight?

Yuri Watanabe: Let me see. Patrol reported a bunch of activity at one of his shipyards in Portside.

Spider-Man: Thanks Yuri, I’ll check it out. Hey Yuri, any idea what Fisk uses that shipyard for?

Yuri Watanabe: No idea. Let me send an officer to meet you there. His name’s Jefferson Davis— that’s his beat. He’s a good cop, been working the Fisk case for years. If anyone knows what‘s going on at that shipyard, it’s him.

Spider-Man: My suit’s onboard A.I, can tell me the most likely area where the victim is.

Wilson Fisk: through the phone -and if they set *one toe* inside the vault, I’ll have your head.

Fisk Thug: Got it, boss. Tripling security. Demons won’t touch a thing. to his crew Listen up! Demons’re making moves on all our caches. Lost two tonight already. Boss may be in lockup, but that don’t mean his hardware’s up for grabs.

Fisk Thug: Comm check, Eagle 2. You up?

Fisk Thug: Eagle 2 reporting in. Eyes on.

Spider-Man: What “caches” are the Demons after? Need to take out Fisk’s men and figure out what they’re guarding, whatever it is. I don’t want it in Fisk’s OR the Demon’s hands... Snipers everywhere... might need to deal with them first... Lot of junk scattered around here a well placed web shot could make a great distraction... That sniper has a guard watching him... They keep talking about gear what does Fisk store here?

Fisk Thug: How long’s the boss had this place for? Looks ancient.

Fisk Thug: Only a decade or two.

Fisk Thug: Been through a dozen different owners before.

Fisk Thug: Dope smugglers in the 80s, booze runners back in the 20s.

Fisk Thug: Kid you really are slow, you know that? It’s an old bootlegger hideout.

Fisk Thug: Ohhhh whoa. So tunnels and secret rooms and stuff?

Fisk Thug: “Tunnels and stuff,” yeah. Like the tunnel right beneath us I’m trying to seal up while you’re standing there gabbing.

Spider-Man: Hmmm any tunnel Fisk is trying to *seal* is a tunnel I want to check out...

Fisk Thug: Cobra One, come in.

Fisk Thug: Naming on the packaging for this stuff’s confusing.

Fisk Thug: We got 2-23. CR-17, and 0-12.

Fisk Thug: CR-twenty... crap. I don’t have numbers. Just names. “Shaped charges,” “detonator caps,” “blasting gel.”

Fisk Thug: What the hell?

Fisk Thug: Spider-Man’s here!

Fisk Thug: Dunno, that you?

Fisk Thug: Even the rats are stayin’ away.

Fisk Thug: Spider-Man’s here - stay alert!

Fisk Thug: What the hell?

Fisk Thug: Spider-Man’s here!

Fisk Thug: What...?

Fisk Thug: Heads up! I see him!

Jefferson Davis: You know we can’t have vigilantes trespassing or doing illegal searches...

Spider-Man: Yeah. I know...

Jefferson Davis: Which is why I brought a warrant. So what do you say we do some perfectly legal searching?

Spider-Man: I like the sound of that. What’s your name?

Jefferson Davis: Officer Davis. Call me Jeff. And you are?

Spider-Man: Uh...

Jefferson Davis: Just messing with you. My son’s a big fan.

Spider-Man: So. That warrant cover breaking down doors?

Jefferson Davis: Not without a LOT of extra paperwork.

Spider-Man: Okay. I’ll find another way in. Any place this run down should have a hole in the wall or a broken window...

Jefferson Davis: Check around back. I’d go myself but, you know, not Spider-Man.

Spider-Man: I feel like I’m in a horror movie. Hello? Any fishermen with a grudge and a hook for a hand? Okay, where’s that locked door? Jeff, you there? I’m doing my best to refrain from knock-knock jokes.

Jefferson Davis: Appreciated. You see a junction box powering the door?

Spider-Man: Yeah, got it.

Jefferson Davis: If we can overload it, that should force the door open.

Spider-Man: Smart but I don’t have anything that packs enough current...

Jefferson Davis: Try this.

Spider-Man: Stun gun. Genius! Capacitors in this are just what I need for an upgrade I’ve been thinking of. Electric Web for the win!

Jefferson Davis: Gadget man, huh? You remind me of my son. Started taking apart the TV when he was five. Now he’s unlocking his friends’ phones.

Spider-Man: Sounds like he could teach me a few things.

Jefferson Davis: Okay, nothing illegal in plain sight.

Spider-Man: Kind of anticlimactic, huh?

Jefferson Davis: At first glance. Let’s look closer.

Spider-Man: Looking for something specific?

Jefferson Davis: This yard’s been here a long time. Bootleggers used to use it back in the day.

Spider-Man: Gotcha. Those guys loved their hidden rooms.

Jefferson Davis: Check it out. Sound hollow to you? I got a hidden panel, like the one on the doom The conduits lead out the back. Look for another junction box.

Spider-Man: Let’s see if my mask lenses can pick up the conduits. Did that work?

Jefferson Davis: Nah. Must not be the right box. Keep looking. Thanks, no way I could’ve unlocked this myself.

Spider-Man: Hey. I doubt I would’ve found it without you. Hm. We got a big fat nothing.

Jefferson Davis: Where there’s one secret room, there could be more. Notice anything about the floor?

Spider-Man: Aha. They can hide the doors, but not the scrapes they leave.

Jefferson Davis: Keep an eye out for more of those.

Spider-Man: Now that I know I’m after scrapes. I should take another look around. Where else could there be scrapes? Paydirt! Scrape, no door. None I can see, anyway.

Jefferson Davis: Great. Be right there. Maybe not. Elevator’s busted.

Spider-Man: Sit tight. I’ll pull you up. Second floor, rusted machine parts, big honkin’ rats. Careful, the bridge is out.

Jefferson Davis: I got this one.

Spider-Man: Nice, stuck the landing and everything.

Jefferson Davis: We’re not *all* doughnut eaters.

Spider-Man: Fair enough.

Jefferson Davis: Another secret door. I’ll rig the lock. Let me know if you find the junction box.

Spider-Man: Yep. On it. Found one. Nailed it!

Jefferson Davis: Hell yeah you did! Hey, check this out.

Spider-Man: Nothing. I’m starting to feel like this is Fisk’s way of messing with me.

Jefferson Davis: But look at the walls. They kept guns here. They wouldn’t’ve moved ‘em through the front door. Gotta be a passageway we’re missing. Check out the wall - this might control access to another area.

Spider-Man: Fisk’s men were talking about a “vault” maybe we’re close?

Jefferson Davis: Bet on it. Looks like a dual circuit, see if you can find a second junction box.

Spider-Man: Found it! Clear! You were right Jeff - trap door.

Jefferson Davis: Outstanding! Think you can help me out? This thing’s heavy. One, two, three.

Spider-Man: That isn’t spooky at all.

Jefferson Davis: Big chunk of concrete in the way... I can’t get through.

Spider-Man: Let me see how it looks from the top.

Jefferson Davis: Sounded like explosives.

Spider-Man: And that sounds like Demons.

Jefferson Davis: The vault! Hurry! Come on - let’s go!

Spider-Man: Damn. Demons’re already gone. How’d they beat us here?

Jefferson Davis: Must be a back door, see if you can find it.

Spider-Man: Smash and grab. They were moving fast. Got empty crates here... and it looks like they took the ones they didn’t clean out. There they blew the locks to get in. Shh! Demons. That’s what I’m talking about!

Jefferson Davis: Just trying to do my part. Firing - stay clear!

Spider-Man: Hey. Jeff, one of your tricks would be great about how!

Jefferson Davis: Got him!

Demon: I will not hesitate.

Jefferson Davis: Reloading!

Spider-Man: Now you’re just showing off.

Jefferson Davis: Says the guy dodging bullets.

Demon: He’s hit!

Spider-Man: I’m a little impressed.

Jefferson Davis: Keep watching.

Jefferson Davis: Gonna stun him!

Jefferson Davis: I got your back!

Spider-Man: Thanks! I needed that.

Jefferson Davis: Look out!

Spider-Man: Your timing is impeccable.

Demon: Fire in the hole!

Jefferson Davis: Taking aim.

Demon: Someone stop him! Now!

Spider-Man: See? I’ve got friends, too!

Jefferson Davis: Firing - stay clear!

Spider-Man: How we doing?!

Jefferson Davis: I think we’re winning! He’s down!

Demon: Try and stop us.

Jefferson Davis: Gonna stun him!

Jefferson Davis: Behind you!

Demon: Let’s Go! Now!

Spider-Man: You okay?

Jefferson Davis: Go! I’ll catch up!

Spider-Man: If I lose two trucks full of gunmen in one day, it’s time to hang up the webs.

Jefferson Davis: through the phone Spider-Man - few Demon stragglers at the yard; I’m held up. How’re you looking?

Spider-Man: Not much better. These guys’re all over the road; they’ll kill someone if I can’t stop them.

Jefferson Davis: Doing my best to catch up, but you might be on your own.

Spider-Man: Stay safe. Jeff - don’t do anything crazy. This keeps up, bystanders’ll get shot. I gotta get in close. Hey guys! Room for one more? Long time no see! Here’s your stop.

Demon: He felt that!

Spider-Man: Great - now the 3 decides to run on time.

Reporter: We’ve now identified the officer as Jefferson Davis. We’re being told he has minor injuries an is expected to make a full recovery.

Spider-Man: to MJ Excuse me. Miss, are you supposed to be here?

Mary Jane Watson: More than you. After that auction house thing, the Bugle put me on the city beat. Which means I get to focus full time on real stories like this... and the Demons.

Spider-Man: You know the closer you get to them, the more you become a target, right?

Mary Jane Watson: The closer I get, the better chance we have to stop them.

Spider-Man: “We?”

Mary Jane Watson: Officer Davis! Mary Jane Watson. Daily Bugle.

Jefferson Davis: No comment.

Mary Jane Watson: I don’t blame you. But these guys are going to tell their story with or without you. And they thrive on controversy.

Jefferson Davis: So what’s your angle?

Mary Jane Watson: I don’t have one. I just listen.

Jefferson Davis: Ok. Hop in.

Spider-Man: She’s good. Man. I’m beat. Time to head home and get some sleep.

Couch Surfing

Peter Parker: sighs Come on...

Dispatcher: Empire Sanitation, this is Eddie.

Peter Parker: Yeah, hi, uhh... I’m trying to track down some items that were accidentally picked up from a dumpster outside my —

Dispatcher: Dumpster number?

Peter Parker: Uh... uh, hang on... Uh. Six, four, four, seven, six...

Dispatcher: That’s route thirty-three. Truck’s already left its shift. If your stuff’s not there, you’re out of luck.

Peter Parker: Wait, wait, please - this is important! Can you at least tell me where the truck is?

Peter Parker: Got it, thanks, Eddie!

Spider-Man: Municipal garage... Bowery and Grand... not a problem. I don’t care if I lose everything else, but I have to find my spidey-drive. Can’t be that hard. finding a tiny flash drive in a thirty ton garbage truck. I have years of research on that drive. Everything I’ve worked on since high school.

Spider-Man: Of course it’s locked... Can’t have people stealing garbage. Maybe there’s another way in... It’s not really breaking and entering if I don’t break anything, right? he find nothing Okay, no need to panic... maybe they haven’t dumped the trash yet. Nada. Grr. Okay... time to panic.

Dispatcher: Empire Sanitation, this is Eddie.

Spider-Man: Sorry. Is there any chance the truck wasn’t at the garage?

Dispatcher: Sure... I guess. Just means it’d be somewhere in west Chinatown.

Spider-Man: Great! I’m headed there now!

Dispatcher: Hey, it’s a long shot, but sometimes the guys stop for pizza before they drop off.

Spider-Man: Really? I’ll check out the pizza shops. Any idea which one?

Dispatcher: One of the mom and pop joints I think.

Spider-Man: Jerry’s?

Dispatcher: No, that’s uptown.

Spider-Man: I mean original Jerry’s.

Dispatcher: Oh right... no, started with an ‘L’ I think.

Spider-Man: Larry’s?

Dispatcher: That’s on the east side.

Spider-Man: Uhh... Leo’s?

Dispatcher: Leo’s... yeah, that might be it. Man, I love Leo’s.

Spider-Man: I’ll pick you up a pie. I owe you one.

Dispatcher: No worries. Hope you find what you’re looking for.

Spider-Man: Should be some trucks close by. Nope, stuff’s not here. There has to be another truck around here... No sign of my stuff, but what an “interesting” smell. Eddie, you’re my only hope...

Dispatcher: Not there either, huh?

Spider-Man: You sure they were around here?

Dispatcher: Well, the guys might have switched routes due to the upcoming Osborn rally.

Dispatcher: If your pickup was on Route 35, they’d be dropping off at the incinerator right now.

Spider-Man: Incinerator?!

Dispatcher: Over by Manhattan Bridge. Better hustle...

Spider-Man: There’s the incinerator! Hope I’m not too late.

Spider-Man: Uh-oh. Looks like trouble...

Worker: Thanks, Spider-Man.

Spider-Man: You okay?

Worker: Yeah, thanks. This gang’s been terrorising the whole neighbourhood the last couple of days. There’s probably more of ‘em on the way...

Spider-Man: I’ll keep an eye out. Hey, mind if I look around for some, uh, some personal items?

Worker: Sure, have at it. I gotta go file an incident report.

Spider-Man: There’s something there... Gotta move these bags out of the way. I think that’s it’ Please be here. Please be here... Yes! Hope it still works. Looks like everything’s here. Hey look! An old gadget prototype. Looks kinda awesome why didn’t I ever finish it? Hm. I think I can make this work...

Thug: Look, it’s that guy who thinks he’s Spider-Man.

Spider-Man: Uh-oh...

Thug: Ice him!

Thug: What is that?

Thug: He’s mine!

Thug: Take THAT, web head!

Thug: This is *not* how we planned it!

Thug: Damn, he’s out cold!

Thug: Hold still!

Spider-Man: Okay. Well, this night isn’t quite going as planned. Where am I gonna sleep? Guess I could try MJ’s. Alright, how am I going to talk my way onto MJ’s couch? Let’s see... uh... ‘Hi, MJ, it’s Peter... any chance I could stay over toni—’ Oh, that’s too formal... ‘MJ! I was just in the neighbourhood and...’ ugh that’s lame... ‘Hey MJ, now that we’re talking again I thought maybe...’ Okay that just sounds pathetic. Why am I making this such a big deal? We’re just friends, right? Friends crash on each other’s couches all the time. It’s not weird or anything. It’s just a couch. MJ’s couch. Ugh. What am I thinking? Hm, just got a web alert... Huh, looks like MJ’s story just got published. I think I’ll find somewhere else to stay. She’s probably busy with work. I wish Harry was in town. I could crash with... Hey May - you’re calling late. What’s up?

Aunt May: I thought we were going to meet up for dinner tonight.

Spider-Man: Oh... right! I’m sorry. I forgot. It’s been a hard day - we lost funding at the lab.

Aunt May: Oh, Peter. I’m sorry!

Spider-Man: I also kind of got evicted from my apartment.

Aunt May: What!? Do you have a place to stay tonight?

Spider-Man: Actually... no. Not really. I hate to ask, but any chance you have room at the shelter?

Aunt May: Of course. Feel free to use the couch in my office.

Spider-Man: Thanks, May.

Peter Parker: Hope May’s couch is comfortable...

Peter Parker: I can’t take this.

Aunt May: You can. And you will.

Peter Parker: I’ll pay you back. Soon.

Aunt May: Just ask for help next time. You are so much like Ben. You have to learn to swallow that Parker pride and accept that you’re human. Like the rest of us. Martin!

Martin Li: Sorry to interrupt. You’re in charge while I’m gone.

Aunt May: Well you can count on me. How long will you be away?

Martin Li: I really don’t know...

Peter Parker: Is everything okay?

Martin Li: It’s some personal business I’ve been planning for a while. But... please take care of this place. It represents the best part of me.

Aunt May: Well. I guess I better get busy.

Peter Parker: Hm, hope Mr. Li is okay. he picks up the phone Hello?

Mary Jane Watson: Hey. Did you see my story?

Peter Parker: I did. Robbie must be pretty happy right now.

Mary Jane Watson: Yeah. It kinda went Viral. And get this— Mayor Osborn just announced he’s going to give Officer Davis an award this afternoon.

Peter Parker: Wow. Wait— isn’t Osborn’s campaign rally this after... Oh. I see what he’s doing.

Mary Jane Watson: Yeah, we all do. But still, a pretty cool moment for Officer Davis and his family. I’ll be there covering it— want to join me?

Peter Parker: Yeah, of course. See you then.

Straw, Meet Camel

Spider-Man: Ugh, it’s so humiliating taking money from May. I should head out into the city and try to pay it forward. Another message from Doc.

Otto Octavius: Peter. I don’t want to jinx us but... the lead I’m following might not only get the project back on its feet, but also expand it in ways we never could have imagined. Everything happens for a reason. even Norman pulling our plug.

Spider-Man: Really hope this works out. Doc’s work is too important to go unfinished.

Spider-Man: Hey, Jeff! Congrats on the ceremony today!

Jefferson Davis: I’ll be glad when it’s over. A truck full of armed Demons scares me less than public speaking. But I’m calling about something else. Just got a tip that Demons are moving on the Fisk construction site in midtown. Wife’ll kill me if I ditch the ceremony prep to play cops and robbers, but I thought maybe my friendly neighbourhood partner would want to know...

Spider-Man: Understood. I’ll do a swing by, let you know what I find. And hey, here’s a tip on public speaking: Just picture everyone in their underwear. Wait, not Osborn. Y’know what— never mind.

Spider-Man: Consolidated Shipping... Jeff. I’m here.

Jefferson Davis: What do you see?

Demon: Find the rest. The boss wants them dead.

Spider-Man: Looks like the Demons are moving in on Fisk’s territory.

Jefferson Davis: You got this?

Spider-Man: I got this.

Demon: Soon they will all see...

Fisk Thug: You got what you came for. You don’t need to kill us too!

Demon: Fisk’s territory is ours now.

Spider-Man: Not today.

Demon: Spider-Man’s here! Sound the alarm!

Demon: He’s weakened!

Demon: Grenade out!

Fisk Thug: Ugggghhhhhh.....

Spider-Man: Hey Willie.

Wilson Fisk: You.

Spider-Man: Nice jumpsuit. Slimming.

Wilson Fisk: Stay out of my business.

Spider-Man: WAIT! The Demons— who’s their leader?

Wilson Fisk: Keep my men alive, and maybe I’ll tell you.

Spider-Man: Saving bad guys from other bad guys. Not how I thought today would go.

Demon: It’s Spider-Man! Opening fire!

Demon: He will reward us...

Demon: Stay back!

Demon: There’s nowhere to run.

Demon: We Will not be broken!

Spider-Man: Well. I got their attention.

Demon: I can’t hit him in the air!

Demon: Get back!

Fisk Thug: I couldah taken them.

Spider-Man: Sure, sure.

Fisk Thug: I’m not going anywhere!

Spider-Man: Better swing around the outside to look for Fisk’s men.

Demon: Fools! You’re letting him win!

Demon: How did that happen?

Demon: I’ll end this!

Spider-Man: You two stay here - wait for the police. Gotta find the survivors fast.

Fisk Thug: Please...

Fisk Thug: I ain’t a snitch!

Demon: I’ll get him!

Demon: Got him!

Spider-Man: You OK?

Fisk Thug: Yeah... yeah. Thanks.

Demon: He’s got nowhere to run.

Fisk Thug: Fisk’ll kill you! He’ll murder you!

Demon: He’s using webs!

Demon: Our time has come.

Demon: Spider-Man is here! We will extinguish him!

Demon: Stay back!

Demon: Perform your duty!

Demon: These webs are strong!

Spider-Man: Hey big guy.

Demon: Your bones are dust!

Demon: An act of desperation!

Demon: This city will know the truth!

Demon: We must defeat him!

Demon: He knocked him out!

Spider-Man: Fisk.

Spider-Man: Your men are safe. Your turn: who runs the Demons?

Wilson Fisk: Maybe he’s there. Maybe he isn’t. Check the roof.

Spider-Man: I’ve missed these cryptic Fisk talks.

Fisk Thug: No please -

Spider-Man: Hello again... Oh come on. Nononono Gogogogogo Did that just happen?

Yuri Watanabe: I’m getting reports of a helicopter with a wrecking ball?

Spider-Man: Yeah, things with the Demons got... complicated.

Spider-Man: Sit tight Yuri. I got this. Please let me got this... Whoa! Rockets!

Yuri Watanabe: That helicopter is destroying the city.

Spider-Man: I know.

Yuri Watanabe: You need to bring it down.

Spider-Man: I know.

Yuri Watanabe: Maybe you could super-hero a little faster?

Spider-Man: Working on it, Yuri. Call you when it’s done! Now’s my chance. Hope I live to regret this... Hi. Is this the flight to Newark? Afraid I have to ask you to pull over the helicopter, sir. I need to disable the helicopters engines... One engine down; now for the second... This is your master plan? Replace Fisk?

Demon: Fisk is only the beginning.

Spider-Man: Need to disable the second engine... Need a plan... need a plan real fast... I GUESS THIS IS THE PLANNNNN!!! Come on, Pete. You got this. Yougotthis-yougotthis-yougotthis- Please don’t screw this up...

Spider-Man: These masks are so awesome— where do you get them?

Demon: I’ll kill you!

Spider-Man: Cool, thanks. Do they have a website? Whoops. (the demon falls out the helicopter and Spider-Man catches him) Hey Yuri. I caught the bad guys. But...

Yuri Watanabe: But what?

Spider-Man: You might want to bring a ladder.

Friend: Yo! Miles! Hey fanboy!

Text: Miles, where r u?

Miles Morales: Oh crap— I’m late.

Friend: You coming?

Miles Morales: No, I gotta get to City Hall for my dad’s ceremony.

Friend: Oh, right. Tell your pops I said congrats!

Miles Morales: texting omw

And the Award Goes to...

Spider-Man: MJ! Did they start the ceremony yet?

Mary Jane Watson: They’re still setting up. Where are you?

Spider-Man: Got hung up at work. Be there soon.

Jameson: And now for listener emails. May from Queens writes. “You’re so full of anger, and I wish you’d get help managing it. It‘s terrible for your health.” Now, I know she speaks from a place of concern but this is a common misconception that I have to correct. I’m not full of anger, I’m full of love. I call out injustice, corruption and crimes against humanity because I adore this city. and I want it to be better. What you hear in my voice? It’s love! NOTHING BUT LOVE!

Rio: There’s the stage entrance. And we’ll be right out front.

Jefferson Davis: Sounds like a lot of people out there.

Rio: You’ll be fine, honey.

Jefferson Davis: The last time I gave a speech, I was in high school. Ms. Steinberg gave me a C minus.

Rio: If only Ms. Steinberg could see you now.

Miles Morales: Hey, you got this, Dad. I mean come on, you saved Spider-Man— I’m pretty sure that makes you an official Super Hero.

Rio: to Miles C’mon honey.

Deputy Mayor: Welcome, everyone. And before I hand it off to Mayor Osborn. I’d just like to say a few words. Our city is so fortunate that such exemplary citizens call our community home.

Mary Jane Watson: So...?

Peter Parker: I think this gang war may finally be over.

Mary Jane Watson: Like... like, OVER-over?

Peter Parker: I mean, there’s some loose ends still to be tied up. But...

Mary Jane Watson: ...loose ends?

Peter Parker: Well, a truck pulled away from the scene, from a company called Consolidated Shipping.

Peter Parker: Something’s not right about it... just don’t know what.

Mary Jane Watson: Hm. Well maybe after this we can grab some coffee, figure it out together.

Peter Parker: Yea, um...

Norman: Couldn’t have said it better myself. But I’ll try. We all know that Officer Davis is a hero...

Peter Parker: But uh... Instead of coffee we could have dinner instead? I could come over— I’ll cook. Or we could, you know meet at a totally neutral location for a completely normal meal. Cooked by professionals.

Norman: For acts of extraordinary bravery above and beyond the call of duty, it is my privilege to present Officer Jefferson Davis with the Department Medal of Honour.

Deputy Mayor: Phone call, Sir.

Norman: Kind of in the middle of something here, Jim.

Deputy Mayor: Sounds urgent, sir...

Norman: Fine.

Norman: Congratulations, sir.

Jefferson Davis: Uh, thank you. Mr. Mayor. I share this honour with my family - my wife, Rio, and my son, Miles. Without their support I couldn’t do what I do.

Norman: through the phone Yes?

Unknown Caller: I’ve worked many years for this moment.

Norman: Who is this?

Unknown Caller: Over the coming days your company, your city, and everything you care about Will be destroyed. People will beg you for help, but you won’t be able to save them.

Norman: Listen jackass. I get threats like this twice a week. Why don’t you grow a pair and tell me what you want?

Unknown Caller: To watch you suffer.

Miles Morales: Dad!!

Peter Parker: to MJ Get down!

Rio: Miles! Miles, are you okay?! Miles?!

Mary Jane Watson: Peter! Come on, Peter!

Rio: Miles!

Mary Jane Watson: No, no, no, no....

Rio: MILES! panicked breathing Oh, thank God... can you hear me, baby?

Mary Jane Watson: Can you hear me? Peter! Squeeze my hand if you can hear me! Peter, wake up! Come on, say something. Please.

Miles Morales: Mom! This is crazy... Over there... Whoa...! Oh, man... Mom? MOM!

Rio: Miles! Can’t... breathe... Ahh! Hurry.

EMT: HURRY! It’s slipping!

Rio: ...hurry!

EMT: Got her!

Rio: Miles, Miles. Miles. Miles... Oh my god.

EMT: Nice going, kid.

Miles Morales: I’m all right, Mom. I’m all right. You sure you’re okay?

Rio: Yes, I’m gonna be all right. I’m gonna be all right, son. I love you.

Miles Morales: All right listen, I... I have to go find Dad, okay?

Rio: Miles, no. Miles. NO! Miles! Baby, stay here! Please! Dad’s alive— I know it. He was right there.

Miles Morales: Dad... Dad’s in there, I’ll find him.

Miles Morales: What the hell...?

Demon: Where do you think you’re going?

Demon: Spread out! No survivors!

Victim: No, no... No, please! No.

Demon: All clear over here.

Demon: This way! I heard something.

Demon: Check the podium for survivors.

Demon: Anyone else hear that?

Miles Morales: Gotta find a way around these guys. Can’t cross yet...

Demon: What was that?

Demon: Could’ve sworn I heard something...

Demon: There’s no one alive here. Let’s go.

Demon: This is only the beginning.

Miles Morales: Dad was right there, gotta help him.

Demon: Who’s there?

Demon: False alarm.

Demon: All clear.

Demon: Keep your eyes open.

Demon: They are open!

Miles Morales: No... stop. No!

Martin Li: Enough— we have to leave. Now.

Miles Morales: Dad, no! Dad! Wake up, Dad, wake up! Wake up...


Peter Parker: I’m sorry for your loss.

Miles Morales: Do I know you?

Peter Parker: I’m Peter Parker. I was at City Hall when – Look... I know you don’t know me, but I just wanted to say —

Miles Morales: “I know what you’re going through.” That’s what you were gonna say, right? Or... “It all gets easier with time.” Or... “Don’t worry... it’s part of God’s plan.”

Peter Parker: I’m sorry, I was just trying —

Miles Morales: “—trying to help.” I know.

Rio: to Peter I’m sorry about that. I don’t know what I’m gonna do with him.

Act 2

Dual Purpose

Yuri Watanabe: I’m busy, what’s up.

Spider-Man: Have you started looking for Martin Li yet?

Yuri Watanabe: No, I told you. I can’t start a manhunt based on a hunch from Spider-Man.

Spider-Man: But I’m telling you, he’s the guy.

Yuri Watanabe: Get me some solid evidence and we’ll talk.

Spider-Man: Solid evidence. Right.

Spider-Man: Hey, it’s me.

Mary Jane Watson: Hey. So what are you thinking?

Spider-Man: I’m thinking I screwed up. And that kid lost his father.

Mary Jane Watson: I know you too well to say you should give yourself a break. What about the police, do they have any leads on Li?

Spider-Man: They’re not even looking for him. Even Yuri doesn’t believe me.

Mary Jane Watson: Then it’s up to us to find him. I’ve been doing some research... go to this address: Martin Li bought a controlling interest in this recycling centre last year.

Spider-Man: You think he’s hiding out there?

Mary Jane Watson: Maybe. We know he’s not at F.E.A.S.T. If he’s not at the recycling centre, maybe you’ll find some evidence as to where he might be...

Spider-Man: Yeah. Good work MJ, I’ll let you know what I find.

Mary Jane Watson: Oh, one more thing. I talked with a detective about questioning the arrested Demons. They’re all claiming Martin Li has the power to, quote, ‘corrupt’ people.

Spider-Man: Corrupt? What does that mean?

Mary Jane Watson: They say it’s sort of like mind control— it brings out the “negative” part of you. Makes you do things you wouldn’t normally do...

Spider-Man: Hm. Sounds a little far-fetched.

Mary Jane Watson: This coming from a guy who can run up walls.

Spider-Man: MJ’s hunch was right. Place is crawling with Demons. Gotta take these guys out, then have a look around.

Demon: Look is broken.

Demon: Just jiggle it a little.

Demon: Still not working...

Demon: Let me try.

Demon: No, it’s my job. I’ll get it.

Spider-Man: Okay, that’s all of them. Hm. High-security lock. They use these on banks, not recycling centres. Maybe if I can find where it gets its power from... Looks like I could override the circuit. Need my electric webs. Well, that did something. But looks like the circuits need a little more juice. A-ha! There. Looks like the circuit’s still stable. Maybe there’s another junction box close by. Almost there - one more box should do it. Gotcha. That’s it! Oh, man... These must be where they’re planning to attack... Wait— these are Osborn campaign offices. All the paths originate from the same address. Lots of high-tech equipment. Maybe later I can recycle this stuff into some weapons of my own. Guns from Fisk’s armoury... Truck bombs? This is crazy... Explosives from Fisk’s construction site. This wasn’t a gang war. The Demons were stealing from Fisk to go after Mayor Osborn.

Mary Jane Watson: Hey— did you find Li?

Spider-Man: No. But you were right. Li’s using this place as a front for the Demons. Bomb-making, gun running...

Mary Jane Watson: Oh my god -

Spider-Man: And it looks like they’re planning another attack, this time on Norman Osborn’s campaign offices...

Mary Jane Watson: Li must have some kind of beef with Norman Osborn.

Spider-Man: I found an address here I think it’s their staging area... If I hurry, I might be able to stop them.

Mary Jane Watson: Be careful!

Spider-Man: Yuri, it’s me.

Yuri Watanabe: Make it quick— I’m busy getting yelled at by my boss...

Spider-Man: Martin Li and the demons are planning another attack, this time on Norman Osborn’s campaign offices.

Yuri Watanabe: Are you sure? We’ve had a lot of false leads in the past week.

Spider-Man: Trust me on this one I’m sending you the address of a recycling centre, you’ll find all the evidence there.

Yuri Watanabe: Got it. I’ll get those campaign offices evacuated. But if you’re wrong about this, you’re gonna help me find a new job.

Spider-Man: Consolidated Shipping. Lotta guys. I should try to do this quietly. But also with style. I can use that stuff I found at the recycling centre... Nice! Love using bad guys’ own weapons against them. And that, my friends, is what karmic justice looks like.

Demon: Can’t relax for a moment.

Demon: Stand by. I heard a sound.

Demon: Make sure the perimeter is secure.

Demon: I will not hesitate.

Demon: Okay, almost done. Just need to snip these wires.

Demon: Hm. Where are the wirecutters?

Demon: He got someone!

Demon: We’re compromised! It’s Spider-Man!

Demon: This is your end!

Demon: You will break.

Spider-Man: Li’s not out here. Better check inside. Hm. Invoice from an auto shop. “Pale Horse Ridez.” That’s one expensive tune-up. What else can I find around here? They have bases all around the city... This is bigger than I thought. Looks like the Demons have an army. As if one deadly glowing whip wasn’t enough... I don’t know what I was expecting, but it was definitely NOT this...

Demon: Die!

Spider-Man: Hey MJ. I think I stopped the Demons’ attack on Osborn’s campaign offices.

Mary Jane Watson: Nice. Did you find Li?

Spider-Man: No. But I found something we should look into a place called Pale Horse Ridez.

Mary Jane Watson: Sounds familiar.

Mary Jane Watson: I’ll check it out and get back to you.

Demon: Don’t let him get you with that!

Demon: Press harder!

Demon: Die!

Demon: What is he?!

Demon: A gift for you.

Unknown: ...Copy Silver Bird, we are descending to location There’s another one. Safeties off.

Spider-Man: This is new.

Unknown: No, no, no. This one’s mine. Alright... I’m executing this son of a... aim his gun at a Demon

Spider-Man: Hey... that’s not how we do things... down... town!

Unknown: Code SM one.

Spider-man: Whoa, whoa! Before we do this... who the hell are you guys?

Unknown: Copy code SM one. I have a visual. Hold for Silver Bird.

Spider-Man: Nice entrance. Solid 8 out of 10. he is immobilized by electric ropes NINE out of 10...

Yuri Watanabe: Release him, he works with us.

Spider-Man: Yuri? Explanation, please.

Yuri Watanabe: This is Silver Sablinova, head of Sable International, a private security force. Paid for by Mayor Osborn.

Spider-Man: Oh, the mayor has a pet army now?

Silver Sable: Next time you get in my way. I will not be so gentle.

Yuri Watanabe: Go. We’ll talk later.

Hidden Agenda

Yuri Watanabe: Hey, sorry about that Sable thing... I should have told you earlier, but it all happened so fast. It’s okay. We’re still best buds. We’re not best buds.

Spider-man: Well that took a dark turn.

Yuri Watanabe: Anyway. Sable has the mayor’s ear and unchecked authority. We’ve searched that address you gave me, found plenty of evidence of a bomb plot, but nothing that leads back to Martin Li.

Spider-man: I’m working on that. Hey MJ.

Mary Jane Watson: Hey, so I dredged up some records on Martin Li’s other business holdings — he’s got places all over the city.

Spider-Man: Hm. The locations line up with a map I found at that shipping business. I’ll check ‘em out.

Mary Jane Watson: Let me know what you find at each one, and I’ll work on building a case.

Spider-Man: You got it. I’m headed to Li’s office at F.E.A.S.T. to see if I can learn more about why he’s doing this — and what he’s got planned next.

Mary Jane Watson: Okay. Say hi to May for me... wait, you don’t think she’s in danger do you?

Spider-man: No. Li’s only got one target on his mind. Norman Osborn.

Spider-Man: Missed another call from Doc -

Otto Octavius: Peter. I wanted to make sure you’re still available. I can’t pay you *yet*, but I’ve pulled enough strings to keep the wolves from the door a bit longer. If we can get up and running, I know this new version of the project will attract investment. *Massive* investment. Stay ready.

Spider-Man: Fingers triple crossed, Doc.

Aunt May: Peter!

Peter Parker: So if you’re running this place while Mr. Li is out of town, who’s doing your old job?

Aunt May: Ha... Me. But I could always use more help. You know anyone?

Peter Parker: His name is Miles Morales.

Aunt May: Why does that sound familiar?

Peter Parker: His father was being honoured at City Hall.

Aunt May: Oh.

Peter Parker: I talked to him at the funeral. He’s a smart kid. He’s just having a tough time.

Aunt May: I knew a boy like that, once.

Peter Parker: I remember it helped to... stay busy. Might help him, too. Here’s his mom’s number.

Aunt May: Thanks. I’ll give her a call.

Peter Parker: You haven’t heard from Mr. Li, have you? Just curious.

Peter Parker: I’ve got a few minutes before work. I’m gonna... look around, see if there’s anything else I can do to help you out.

Aunt May: Oh, you don’t have to...

Peter Parker: I know. I want to. I should check out Li’s office.

Homeless Man: Pete! Glad to see you’re okay.

Peter Parker: Hanging in there.

Peter Parker: His office locked. How do I get in there? Quietly? Huh, never seen that room before. High voltage lines... what needs this much power?

Aunt May: ...I understand, but the account number is in Mr. Li’s office, which is, uh, inaccessible. I will call you back as soon as I can get that information. No. I don’t know when that will be... what would Ben do...?

Peter Parker: That room I saw from the crawlspace It should he fight on the other side of the shrine. Li’s journal...

“Oct 2018

Wilson Fisk has been arrested. I can barely believe it. The day I’ve planned for - dreamed of - is finally but for some reason I hesitate. Can I really go through with this?

Things will happen so quickly if I give the word. My men will claim Fisk’s arms, his explosives his secrets, We’ll use that strength to teach Norman true pain. Hell know what it is to see the things he loves destroyed by his own hands...

But achieving that end will mean giving up so much. Everything I’ve built here at F.E.A.S.T. - all the good I’ve done - could be wiped out if my plan succeeds. My chance is finally here yet still I should I turn back? A part of me wants to. But... the Demon is hungry... and I don’t think rm strong enough to hold it back...”

Peter Parker: A key wonder where the lock is? Li sounds... conflicted. Almost like he didn’t want to head down this path... Hm. The shrine in the photo is missing the picture Looks like this note is for May...

Dear May,

Very soon, you’ll hear stories about me. Stories claiming I’m a terrorist and a murderer. Those stories will be true.

But the story we wrote together - the story of F.E.A.S.T. - is also true. I want you to know that I always believed in our mission. It wasn’t a front, or a show. It was an honest expression of my heart. When you help someone, you truly do help everyone.

Please don’t let my failings shake your belief. You are strong, May. Strong enough to tell a new story at F.E.A.S.T., one unburdened by my faults.

Thank you for all you’ve done,


Peter Parker: Li did so much for New York... can’t believe he was hiding such darkness inside. This is the ghost story Li’s father read to him.

“Remember,” the old man said, “only balance can master the Demon’s strength. Without balance, the monster will turn on any who attempt to control it.”

Peter Parker: About a Demon that could only be mastered through balance... Some kind of puzzle lock? That seems right. Yes! Whoa. What are you hiding, Li?

Martin Li: on tape Can feel my power growing, feeding off my anger. Father would say I’ve lost the path of balance, but he could never understand, the only way to fight a monster is to become one.

Peter Parker: Creepy. Li’s sure is obsessed with masks... is it a Jungian thing? Like... he needed to pretend to be someone else to let his darkest feelings out? Pretended to be a Demon until he became one... Li’s giving his powers to the others. How does Li imbue these with his power? Bio-electic induction? Compressed phase shift? This is all about Norman Osborn. His whole career. Li must have been obsessed with him. This article is decades old... must be back when Oscorp was founded... Oscorp lost a lawsuit about improper clinical trials years ago... did they cover this up? I’ve never heard of it... Whoa. This is the folder MJ found at the auction house. This might help us figure out what Li’s planning next. Whew. It’s a burn room wired to destroy evidence! One more. If the police had found this... or May... don’t want to think of what could’ve happened? Now, how do I get outta here?

Martin Li: Hello, Peter.

Peter Parker: Mr. Li. I thought you were out of town.

Martin Li: Did you find what you were looking for?

Aunt May: Martin! You’re back!

Martin Li: And heading off again shortly, I’m afraid. Just needed a few things from my office.

Peter Parker: Let me get that.

Aunt May: Thank you. You must have heard about City Hall.

Martin Li: Yes.

Aunt May: Peter was there, he was very lucky.

Martin Li: At an Osborn rally? I didn’t know you were a fan. Well. What matters is you are both safe.

Aunt May: Amen.

Peter Parker: But the bombers are still out there. Who knows what they’ve planned next.

Martin Li: As long as you stay away from places you’re not supposed to be. Well, I should go.

Aunt May: When will you be back?

Martin Li: When my work is done.

Peter Parker: Wait, wait, wait! What the...

Yuri Watanabe: Captain Watanabe...

Spider-Man: I finally got your evidence. Head to the F.E.A.S.T. Center in Chinatown.

Yuri Watanabe: What am I going to find?

Spider-Man: A nice lady named May Parker... and some really weird stuff hidden in Li’s office. But listen— he’s got another attack planned.

Yuri Watanabe: Where? When?

Spider-Man: Still working on that— but I think he’s going to use something called “Devil’s Breath.”

Yuri Watanabe: Sounds... destructive. What is it?

Spider-Man: A substance created by Oscorp, probably a bioweapon of some kind. I’ll send copies as soon as I can.

Yuri Watanabe: Okay, we’ll check his office. If the evidence stands up. I’ll put out an APB.

Spider-Man: MJ – hey. Just checking in.

Mary Jane Watson: Peter, hey, can I call you back?

Spider-Man: I think you’ll want to hear this— wait, why are you whispering?

Mary Jane Watson: Just... in the middle of something. How about we catch up over dinner? My place?

Spider-Man: Oh. Sure. I’ll even cook.

Mary Jane Watson: Cool. See ya.

Spider-Man: WAIT! Remember how you told me about Li’s ‘corrupting’ touch? I think I just saw it in action.

Mary Jane Watson: How?

Spider-Man: Some perfectly nice homeless people just jumped me. Thing is, they had glowing eyes and I remembered Yuri telling me something similar about the guard who released Shocker.

Mary Jane Watson: So Shocker *was* working for Li? It’s all connected.

Spider-Man: There’s more. But I guess we’ll talk about it at dinner?

Mary Jane Watson: Yeah. See ya.

Spider-Man: Dinner. Hm. What should I cook?

A Fresh Start

Spider-Man: Oh, hi. Doctor. How are you?

Otto Octavius: Parker! EXCITING news! Come by the lab!

Spider-Man: Uh, like, now?

Otto Octavius: This is my defining moment! Can’t wait to show you...

Spider-Man: Cool. Um, I’ve got dinner plans. Can I come by later?

Otto Octavius: Dinner can wait. You *need* to see this. Peter.

Spider-Man: Uh... okay. Be right there. Wonder if this means I have a job again. Guess I can stop by. Just for a minute.

Peter Parker: Hey Doctor!

Otto Octavius: Hello Peter. I’ll be just a minute.

Peter Parker: Wow, look at all this new stuff. We really need to get better about organizing our workspace... Where did you get all this equipment?

Otto Octavius: Called in every last favour. Took out a few loans. It’s like we’re starting over once again. But this time’s going to be different.

Peter Parker: You’ve been busy.

Otto Octavius: Just getting started. You know, until now we’ve been looking at prosthetics from the wrong perspective. Why restore people to what they were... when we can make them *better*? Okay. I think that should do it... You ready?

Peter Parker: Everything okay...?

Otto Octavius: DAMMIT! This is all your fault, Norman, you son of a –

Peter Parker: Well. I know who you’re NOT voting for in the next election. Sorry. I have a habit of making bad jokes in, uh, tense situations.

Peter Parker: No... don’t worry. Why don’t you take a break. I’ll clean this up and get us ready for another test. So uh... hope you don’t mind me asking, but... it seems like you and Norman have a bit of a history...

Otto Octavius: We were lab partners in college, became friends decided to start a business. We both had VISIONS of... changing the world— just in different ways.

Peter Parker: Wait, you were at Oscorp when it started?

Peter Parker: Well why’d you leave?

Otto Octavius: Norman became more and more obsessed with genech. He started a project I considered unethical, and there was this... anyway, lawyers got involved. I chose to leave in exchange for a settlement. But that money didn’t last very long. I’ve relied on grants ever since. If this project doesn’t work...

Peter Parker: Don’t worry. It’ll work. Let me just fix this up...

Otto Octavius: I’ll brew some fresh coffee. Why don’t you do the honours this time.

Peter Parker: Ha! I think we did it!

Otto Octavius: Next step, neural interface.

Peter Parker: That’s a lot of work for you to do by yourself. Sure you can handle it?

Otto Octavius: Apparently not, judging by today’s debacle.

Peter Parker: Because I still haven’t found another job... I know. It’s okay, don’t worry. I’ll figure it out. What’s a few bucks when you’re trying to change the world, right?

Otto Octavius: To changing the world...

Peter Parker: Missed call from MJ. Doctor. I need to go, but I’ll be back later.

Otto Octavius: Don’t worry, the work will still be here when you get back.

Dinner Date

Peter Parker: What’s that?

Spider-Man: Hey sorry I missed your call. We still on for dinner?

Mary Jane Watson: Dinner? Oh, yeah. I was calling you about something else but yeah, we should talk over dinner.

Spider-Man: Offer still stands for me to come over and cook...

Mary Jane Watson: Oh really. Well. I like to take risks. I’m still out, but I’ll grab some stuff at the store and let you know when I’m home.

Spider-Man: Okay, talk soon. Alright, dinner at MJ’s, low expectations— it’ll be hard to screw this one up.

Spider-Man: Guess I’ll just freelance for a while until she calls.

Demon: He will reward us...

Demon: Get back!

Demon: Don’t let him get airborne!

Demon: He’s hurt, finish him!

Demon: What is this stuff?

Demon: Hold your ground.

Yuri Watanabe: Would you look at that - half the crime towers back up already.

Spider-Man: When Spider-Cop’s on the job, come hell or high water the job gets-

Yuri Watanabe: Nope nope nope. Nope.

Spider-Man: She’d never admit it. but the chief was warming up to Spider-Cop. His casual disregard for by-the-book thinking was a breath of fresh air. She’d come around. Some day.

Spider-Man: Hey MJ.

Mary Jane Watson: Alright. I picked up a bunch of stuff at the store. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Spider-Man: Swinging over now. Prepare to be amazed.

Mary Jane Watson: Peter. You’re not gonna believe what happened. So you know that address you gave me? I went there.

Peter Parker: MJ...

Mary Jane Watson: I know, I know. But wait.

Peter Parker: What is this?

Mary Jane Watson: Just listen.


Mary Jane Watson: This is the address Pete found... Men are all carrying firearms what is this place? That office... might be something inside that connects this to Li... need to get back there.

Biker: Huh? What was that? What dumbass can’t put their shit away?

Biker: Bet it was Happy...

Biker: Martin Li is really paying the boss?

Biker: Rick! Boss wants to talk to you - get in here.

Biker: Yeah. We build this war beast for Li; Li finances the boss’ new venture. Win win.

Mary Jane Watson: Need to get into that office... What are they building? Is this all for Li?

Biker: Well, you better clean yer slag off that sloppy weld. Boss sees that he’ll be pissed.

Mary Jane Watson: Careful...

Biker: All that cash is going straight into Grave Dust.

Biker: You tried any yet?

Biker: Only samples. Boss is still perfecting the recipe. But man... It’s got a kick.

Biker: The hell was that?

Mary Jane Watson: Easy does it... What kind of vehicle needs tires this big?

Biker: Grave Dust must have me on edge...

Biker: Where is it? I swear I left it over here...

Biker: Yo! Has anyone seen a 3/16 socket driver?

Biker: Hey! I heard something...

Biker: When did we get a new recip saw?

Mary Jane Watson: What is this? Some kind of military hardware? Office must be to my right... need to move careful through here...

Biker: Yo man, why’s the boss being so intense about putting GPS trackers on everything?

Biker: Protecting trade secrets; doesn’t want any word on Grave Dust leaking out.

Biker: Still feels paranoid.

Biker: Who asked you? Get back to work.

Mary Jane Watson: Those barrels seem important... “Alchemax”... why is that so familiar... What’s in these?

Biker: Grave Dust is pretty under the table I guess.

Rick: Boss come on – Li’ll never notice...

Mary Jane Watson: Tombstone.

Tombstone: You’re right, Rick- won’t notice cause it won’t be there.

Rick: God damnit. I said I’ll fix it! aim his gun at Tombstone

Tombstone: You got some stones, Rick. Let’s see if they break.

Tombstone: Such a disappointment. kills Rick And now I need a new welder.

Mary Jane Watson: Can’t turn back now... need to get into that office.

Biker: What’s gonn’ on over there?

Tombstone: Come on now.

Mary Jane Watson: Made it... Blueprints... this is what they’re building for Li. But why does he need an armoured vehicle? Here we go... GPS trackers... what is Tombstone using these for?

Tombstone: Alright boys! Time to move. Get the gear from my office.

Mary Jane Watson: Time to go.

Peter Parker: Okay... I want to say don’t ever do that again, but since I know you’re going to anyway, here... gives her a web bomb Take a few of those next time.

Mary Jane Watson: Nice. Thanks.

Peter Parker: You know Tombstone is crazy and pretty much invincible, right?

Mary Jane Watson: Everybody has their weakness. Mine is... whatever you’re cooking right now— smells amazing.

Peter Parker: The chicken curry. Uh, Just needs to simmer.

Mary Jane Watson: No dumplings, I hope.

Peter Parker: You are never go on to let me live that one down, are you?

Mary Jane Watson: Nope.

Peter Parker: The “great dumpling catastrophe.”

Mary Jane Watson: I still can’t believe they evacuated the entire building.

Peter Parker: I know and in January, too. Your neighbours *hated* me.

Mary Jane Watson: Yeah. They were pretty happy when we broke up. Let’s talk about what you found in Li’s office.

Peter Parker: Well. Li clearly has issues with Norman Osborn.

Mary Jane Watson: Yeah, but... but why?

Peter Parker: I don’t know yet. But his next move looks like it involves Devil’s Breath. Whatever that is.

Mary Jane Watson: Yeah. I’ll dig into it. So I was thinking... what if we teamed up?

Peter Parker: You want to be my sidekick? Like, uh... Spider-girl? Spider-woman...

Mary Jane Watson: No...

Peter Parker: Woman.

Mary Jane Watson: not a sidekick... a partner.

Peter Parker: Oh... hears his curry boils over Not again!

Mary Jane Watson: Hey it’s your crime system thingie. Looks like a residential break-in.

Peter Parker: Charles Standish.

Mary Jane Watson: That sounds familiar. Oh. Oscorp’s CFO! Wait... you don’t think this has anything to do with Li, do you?

Peter Parker: (in Spider-Man costume) Sorry to cook and run...

Mary Jane Watson: Did did you just leave your clothes on the kitchen floor?

Spider-Man: Uh... (Where do you want me to, uh...

Mary Jane Watson: Just the couch is fine.

Spider-Man: See you later?

Mary Jane Watson: Yea.

Up the Water Spout...

Spider-Man: Hey, it’s me.

Mary Jane Watson: This curry is legit.

Spider-Man: So what do we know about Charles Standish?

Mary Jane Watson: Let’s see— Chief Financial Officer at Oscorp. Single. Known for his art collection.

Spider-Man: If Li’s after him, it’s got to be related to Devil’s Breath.

Mary Jane Watson: I’ll run a search on everything in that file.

Spider-Man: Let me know the second you find something. I think Li might be planning something even worse than City Hall.

Mary Jane Watson: So are we partners now? Cuz it sure feels like we are.

Spider-Man: Partners. Sounds good.

Mary Jane Watson: Okay! See ya, Partner!

Spider-Man: Police look like they could use some help.

Demon: Stand fast, Mr. Li rewards courage!

Demon: You are shameless and less than human!

Demon: Stop screwing around and kill them!

Police Officer: Friggin’ terrorists. Thanks for the assist, Spider-Man.

Police Officer: Someone radio dispatch; we need a wagon.

Spider-Man: There’s probably more of them inside. You guys stay here. enters the parking lot Somebody was in a hurry...

Man: Spider-Man!

Spider-Man: You’re hurt?

Man: I’m okay, but you gotta find Mr. Standish, fast. Those guys in the masks kidnapped him and forced him up to his place he lives in the penthouse. Top floor.

Spider-man: Okay, sit tight.

Demon: Take him down!

Spider-man: So glad you’re here. I can’t find my car— could have SWORN I parked on this level.

Demon: Get in close!

Demon: He’s in the air!

Demon: Defeat is unacceptable!

Demon: Back away from him!

Demon: This city will know the truth!

Demon: Time to end this.

Demon: He’s just a man — get him!

Demon: Let’s see how tough you really are.

Spider-Man: Wait, you guys work here too? This building is SERIOUS about parking enforcement.

Demon: Our numbers are dwindling!

Demon: We need to slow him down.

Demon: Thus will be painful.

Spider-Man: Good fight. A for effort. Elevator won’t work, they know I’m here. But maybe I can sneak up through the elevator shaft. Should be able to make it up to the penthouse from here.

Demon: All clear over here.

Demon: Elevator shaft is clear.

Demon: Nothing yet— I’ll keep looking.

Demon: Where did he go?!

Spider-Man: Okay, almost there... Stay out of the light... Nice and easy... Tall building...

Demon: There he is— kill hum!

Spider-Man: Fire bombs? Seriously? Move!

Demon: He’s climbing up the walls!

Spider-Man: Uh-oh. Not good! There’s Standish.

Charles Standish: Okay. Now what?

Demon: Enter your password.

Demon: He’s dead, right?

Demon: Don’t underestimate hшm. Keep an eye on the elevator.

Spider-Man: He sounds nervous... maybe I should take him out. Shhh...

Demon: The city must learn...

Demon: Stand by. I heard a sound.

Demon: There can be no hesitation...

Demon: I see you - halt!

Demon: Intruder alert!

Demon: Come in, unit five. Unit five? Someone confirm his status.

Demon: Copy - checking it out.

Demon: Man down. Not good...

Demon: Unit isn’t here - Spider-Man may have gotten him.

Demon: Hey, watch my back.

Demon: Hey! He’s knocked out!

Demon: No straggling — help me out!

Spider-Man: Okay, all clear. Hope Standish is alright.

Demon: Break him!

Demon: What was that thing?

Spider-Man: Let’s try this again... to Charles It’s safe now. What were they after?

Charles Standish: Just— financial records.

Spider-Man: About Devil’s Breath?

Charles Standish: How do you know about that?

Spider-Man: Why do they want it?

Charles Standish: I don’t even know what it us. Mr. Osborn’s been pouring money into it for years, but he keeps the whole project a secret. I’m the only one who has any record of it.

Spider-Man: Not anymore. Looks like they copied some records to a secure server payroll information... on a Doctor Isaac Delaney. Who is he?

Charles Standish: I honestly don’t know...

Spider-Man: Down!

Charles Standish: C’mon, c’mon! punches the elevator button

Spider-Man: WAIT, the elevator’s—

Charles Standish: Aahh! AAAHHHH!

Spider-Man: Hold on! Almost got him! Try to fall slower! Gotcha! You okay?

Charles Standish: Yeah— I think so.

Spider-Man: Good. Good. You know, as elevator shafts go, this is pretty nice.

Back to School

Spider-Man: Hey, Yuri.

Yuri Watanabe: You okay?

Spider-Man: Yeah, but I didn’t get much out of Standish before these Sable guys stepped in and told me to back off. What’s the deal?

Yuri Watanabe: I get the sense all they care about is keeping him quiet.

Spider-Man: Because he knows about Devil’s Breath.

Yuri Watanabe: Right. Whatever the hell *that* is.

Spider-Man: I’m working on that— I think I just got a lead...

Yuri Watanabe: A lead? You sound like a cop...

Spider-Man: Don’t you mean... Spider-Cop? she hungs up Yuri? That’s fair...

Mary Jane Watson: What happened with Standish?

Spider-Man: He’s safe.

Mary Jane Watson: Okay, good. And the Demons?

Spider-Man: They were looking for a name. You got a pen?

Mary Jane Watson: Yeah. Go.

Spider-Man: Dr. Isaac Delaney.

Mary Jane Watson: Who is he? What’s his deal?

Spider-Man: I was hoping you could tell me.

Mary Jane Watson: I’m on it. Just gimme a few - oh and before I forget. You left that tracker from Tombstone’s at my place. I’ll drop it at Dr. Octavius’ lab. Let you know what I find on Delaney.

Spider-Man: Message from Doc...

Otto Octavius: Sorry to call so late, my mind’s bursting with ideas. We’ve been thinking too small. Peter, Why replace missing limbs with facsimiles when we can improve upon them? People who’ve lost an arm understandably want it back. But we can give them something BETTER! The human body doesn’t need to be our default. We can go so far beyond it. Just some thoughts to conjure with!

Spider-Man: Doc’s really giving it both barrels... hope he doesn’t burn himself out... calls MJ MJ— what’d you find out about Isaac Delaney?

Mary Jane Watson: Check out the picture I just sent.

Spider-Man: Which one is Delaney?

Mary Jane Watson: I don’t know. Guess you’ll have to go to the party to find out.

Spider-Man: Good thing I already have a costume.

Spider-Man: Halloween party. Guess I don’t have to change... Delaney’s dressed as one of my greatest foes. Let’s find out which one...

Man: We’ll go out early to Midtown. There’s plenty of cops there.

Woman: I don’t know. They seem to have their hands full right now. You just don’t want to cook.

Man: Ha! Not true. I’m fine with cooking and staying in!

Woman: Grilled cheese is not cooking. Fine. But we are S0 ordering out.

Spider-Man: Everyone’s in costume. My people. Dr. Delaney is here somewhere. I have to find him before Li does.

Fake Spider-Man: Hey! Look at us, we’re Spider-Bros! Check out my moves. Fshew-fshew-fshew!

Man: I swear I forgot it was Halloween until I walked in here.

Mysterio: Come one, come all, to Mysterio’s diabolical Hall of Mirrors!

Spider-Man: Excuse me, are you Dr. Delaney?

Mysterio: Ah, Spider-Man, my nemesis! You won’t catch me this time! drop a smoke pellet and runs away

Spider-Man: coughs Oh no. Smoke. What ever will I do?

Mysterio: This is the end for you, Spider-Man! Now I have you!

Dr. Stratton: Hey, what’s wrong with you? I worked on that helmet for a week!

Spider-Man: I need to find Dr. Delaney.

Dr. Stratton: He’s out in the party somewhere. Who are you?

Spider-Man: I’m your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.

Dr. Stratton: Ha, smartass. Looks okay. I guess. It’s got a crack in it. Could probably just buff that out.

Vulture: Ca-caw! Ca-caw! Eat! Eat, my little children! Let me hear you SCREAM!

Spider-Man: That guy throwing down candy could be Dr. Delaney. Gotta find a way up there.

Vulture: Some for you... some for you... some for you...

Spider-Man: I’m looking for Isaac Delaney.

Dr. Hagen: Uh. I think he’s on the dance floor... There he is— the lizard in the lab coat.

Woman: AAHH! Over here!

Vulture: Some for you... some for you... some for you...

Woman: Over here! Over here! Come ON!

Man: Ha-hah!

Man: This is awesome!

Woman: Flap your wings! Ha-hah!

Rhino: Hey look, it’s Spider-Boy. Since I’m one of your nemesises, we gotta fight. What’s the matter, Spider-Wimp? You afraid of my mighty horn?

Dr. Delaney: Hey! Who... what are you—?

Spider-Man: Hey!

Man: Fight! Fight!


Man: Kick his ass, Spider-Man!

Man: What the hell?

Man: Oh snap!

Woman: Ohmigod, is that the real Spider-Man?

Man: I’m totally livestreaming this right now...

Man: Get him Spidey!

Dr. Delaney: What do you want?!

Vulture: Ca-caw! Ca-caw!

Dr. Delaney: Take it easy. Just tell me what you want!

Man: This is a joke, right? Those aren’t real guns...

Demon: Back! Now! hits the man

Spider-Man: Let him go!

Man: Keep your head down!

Woman: Oh my God! Oh my God! Don’t kill us!

Spider-Man: Everybody okay?

Woman: Yeah.

Spider-Man: Good. Uh, happy Halloween.

Demon: What was that noise next door?

Demon: I don’t know. Cover the door— shoot whatever comes through it.

Spider-Man: How about some mood lighting?

Demon: What happened?

Demon: I don’t know— Just watch that door!

Spider-Man: Now, where’d they take Delaney? There’s Dr. Delaney.

Dr. Delaney: Where are you taking me? Who... who are you?

Martin Li: You recently began working with someone at an Oscorp lab.

Dr. Delaney: H-how do you know that?

Martin Li: We don’t have much time, Isaac. Tell me his name.

Spider-Man: Show’s over Li.

Spider-Man: Apparently the show’s *not* over.

Muster Negative: His... name...

Dr. Delaney: Doctor Morgan Michaels.

Mister Negative: Thank you.

Spider-Man: No!

Spider-Man: That’s all of them. Gotta fund Li!

Spider-Man: Gotta stop them from hurting each other. You’ll be okay later... What did Li do to these people? Not that guy again... If it helps— I felt bad doing that. Apologies.

Spider-Man: Yuri. I need your help.

Yuri Watanabe: I’ve got reports of shots fired at ESU—

Spider-Man: Yeah, that’s me. I’ll explain later. But right now you need to find a Dr. Morgan Michaels. Martin Li’s coming after him.

Yuri Watanabe: Copy that. Spider-Man... who is this Dr. Michaels?

Spider-Man: I thunk he’s the head scientist on this Devil’s Breath project. Did you find him?

Yuri Watanabe: Yes and no. Sable says they have him under protection at a safehouse somewhere in the city. But they won’t tell me where.

Spider-Man: I thought you guys were working together?

Yuri Watanabe: So did I.

Spider-Man: Okay. I have an idea on how to find him. I’ll let you know if it works.


Mary Jane Watson: Hey, did you find Dr. Delaney at the party?

Spider-Man: Yeah, but so did Ll.

Mary Jane Watson: Oh no, what happened?

Spider-Man: Li corrupted him and made hum kill himself.

Mary Jane Watson: That’s horrible. We have to stop thus guy.

Spider-Man: We will. Before Delaney died, he gave Li a name. Morgan Michaels.

Mary Jane Watson: Morgan Michaels... who is he?

Spider-Man: Not sure, but I bet he works on the Devil’s Breath project. Have you learned anything from that Devil’s Breath file?

Mary Jane Watson: Yeah, get this. Few years ago. Osborn came to Fisk and asked him to build a lab, but to keep it hidden from regulators.

Spider-Man: Secret lab? For Devil’s Breath?

Mary Jane Watson: If it’s as dangerous as we think it is, I can see why.

Spider-Man: Where’s the lab?

Mary Jane Watson: That’s not in the file— Osborn made Fisk destroy all records of it. All I have are invoices from Osborn’s personal account to Fisk Construction. Knowing Fisk, he kept the invoices around for blackmail material on the mayor.

Spider-Man: Everything leads back to Norman Osborn.

Guess it’s time to pay him a visit.

Mary Jane Watson: I doubt he’s going to tell you anything.

Spider-Man: Wasn’t planning to ask.

Spider-Man: Okay, that’s how I can get into Norman’s office. Can’t get in there without shutting down some security systems. But if they see me they’ll put the whole place on lockdown. I should be able to hack into the security network modules from the outside. There’s the network cables. Just need to follow them to the security module. There we go— a security module! Looks like there’s four of these around the building. That should make things easier.

Oscorp Security: What the hell? Security teams, call in.

Sable Agent: Sable Team Alpha standing by. Looks like an electrical problem.

Oscorp Security: Copy that. Keep an eye on the exterior while we try to track down the issue.

Spider-Man: Just when I thought it would be easy.

Oscorp Security: All Sable teams— looks like we have some sort of software problem. We’re calling in a specialist.

Sable Agent: Copy that. Continuing exterior sweep.

Spider-Man: There’s the second module.

Oscorp Security: What?! All agents, someone’s taking control of one of our subsystems.

Sable Agent: Initiating Delta protocol.

Spider-Man: Man, everybody’s got drones these days...

Oscorp Security: Sable teams, I need a status report.

Sable Agent: Exterior sweep negative. We are all clear.

Sable Agent: Still look like a software issue?

Oscorp Security: We don’t know, we’re evaluating. Please maintain current alert level. Attention all Sable teams.

Oscorp Security: There’s a small possibility we have a trespasser on site. We’re analysing data now— stay vigilant. Dammit. Another subsystem IS going offline. I need a team to scan the eighty-fifth floor exterior.

Sable Agent: Copy control, bird inbound. Gotta move!

Spider-Man: Hi, MJ. Little busy right now—

Mary Jane Watson: I’ll be quick. Listen. I got a lead on Charles Standish’s location. I think if I can get to him. I can make him talk he knew about Dr. Delaney, he probably knows about Morgan Michaels as well.

Spider-Man: Okay, just don’t do anything crazy. hung up Speaking of crazy, gotta find that last module... There’s the last one. Nice! Now I can get into Norman’s office. And hopefully find out more about Morgan Michaels and Devil’s Breath.

Sable Agent: Exterior sweep negative. Should we go on lockdown?

Oscorp Security: Not yet. Mr. Osborn is in the middle of an important call. But keep tracking there MUST be someone out there.

Spider-Man: Nope— nobody here but us spiders.

Norman: Hold on. Switching to a secure line... I’m way ahead of you. Wilson. I had my people go through all of your files. If you try to expose our business arrangement. It’ll be your word against mine. and I’m not the one behind bars right now...

Spider-Man: Walt... Is Norman talking to Wilson Fisk?

Norman: to Fisk Ni-oh statue? What are you talking about?

Spider-Man: The Ni-oh statue, from the auction house. They must be talking about that file MJ found...

Norman: to Fisk Who has the file?

Spider-Man: *We* do Norman, but it doesn’t tell us enough. Which is why I’m doing some slightly-illegal but morally-acceptable B and E right now.

Norman: to Fisk You pompous son of a bitch! You’re lying!

Spider-Man: Don’t be too mad. Norman. We know you and Fisk built a secret Devil’s Breath lab. But we still don’t know where it is and what Michaels has to do with it. Let’s hope your computer can tell us more. Jackpot.



Peer Review Summary

Commissioned by OSCORP

Review conducted by Dr. Isaac Delaney

Department Chair, Genetics, Biotechnology and Analytical Chemistry, ESU

Spider-Man: GR-27. Hm.


Audit materials submitted by GR-27 Chief Scientist Dr. Morgan Michaels

Observe GR-27 experiments at (LOCATION REDACTED)

Summarize GR-27 status, expedience, and risks

Recommend next steps

Spider-Man: Dr. Morgan Michaels is the chief scientist, but the location of the lab is redacted...


Pair CRISPR genome editing with Al-controlled gRNA to identify and replace genetic mutations and errors.

Spider-Man: Al controlled CRISPR? If that actually works it could cure any genetic disease... Cystic fibrosis. Huntington’s... this is crazy.



High efficacy. Consistent results.



Viral delivery mechanism incorrectly targets immune system. Infected subjects highly contagious. One subject exposed. 7 days later, all 40 subjects deceased.

Spider-Man: Creepy.



One infected subject could trigger global epidemic.

Lab techs nicknamed it “Devil’s Breath.”

Spider-Man: Whoa. GR-27 is Devil’s Breath. It’s designed to cure diseases, but in its current form it’s like a bioweapon.



Mr. Osborn believes the reward is worth the risk.


If this gets out, PR nightmare, could bring down all of Oscorp.


Dr. Michaels should keep only sample on his person at all times.

Spider-Man: Dr. Michaels keeps the only sample with him at all times. That’s why Li wants him. We find Michaels, we find Devil’s Breath.

Mary Jane Watson: whisper Hey Pete, what’s up?

Spider-Man: MJ. Get this. Devil’s Breath wasn’t designed to be a weapon. it’s a treatment for genetic disorders. But it’s current form is wildly imperfect - in trying to fix the body, it rips it apart. We need to locate Dr. Michaels; I don’t trust Sable to contain something this deadly.

Mary Jane Watson: I may have a lead on that. Charles Standish us being held at Sable’s Central Park compound if anyone knows Michaels’ location. It’ll be Oscorp’s CFO. I’m trying to reach him now.

Spider-Man: “Reach him?” That place is crawling with guards. How are you trying to reach him?

Mary Jane Watson: Very very quietly. Gotta go, partner.

Spider-Man: Sneaking into a Sable compound... that could go bad fast. I should head to Central Park.


Spider-Man: Looks like Doc checked in...

Otto Octavius: Peter. I’ve had an epiphany. It’s all about the mind. Take me for example... a mind of unlimited potential, shackled to a tired, old body. Think of what that mind could achieve if it were freed! In developing our neural interface, we need to think beyond* replicating the tired putterings of our physical forms. Instead, reach into imagination and possibility. Reach into the mind...

Spider-Man: I’ve never heard Doc this excited by a project. hope he’s not *too* excited... Where are you, MJ... sees someone aiming at her Crap.


Spider-Man: from MJ’s phone “Reach him?” That place is crawling with guards. How are you trying to reach him?

Mary Jane Watson: Very very quietly. Gotta go, partner. Standish is somewhere in there... gotta get past that guard. Time to see if these lures Pete gave me work. That gap in the fence looks promising just need to distract the guard.

Sable Agent: What was that?

Mary Jane Watson: Outta the way, fellah.

Mary Jane Watson: Gotta move... now.

Sable Agent: Gonna check on our house guest - stay here.

Sable Agent: Copy.

Mary Jane Watson: “House guest.” Must be Standish. He’s here somewhere...

Sable Agent: Imagining things...

Mary Jane Watson: Need to draw him away from the stairs...

Sable Agent: What the?

Mary Jane Watson: What’s that... Demons are killing anyone related to Devil’s Breath... Standish is in real danger. Time to move.

Mary Jane Watson: Standish - I knew it. I’ve gotta get to that tent...

Sable Agent: Standish is secure, ma’am.

Silver Sable: Lock out comms, as well.

Silver Sable: I do not want leaks to press about Michaels or Devil’s Breath.

Sable Agent: Crap. Generator tripped.

Mary Jane Watson: ...won’t distract him for long...

Sable Agent: How’s it looking? Convoy gonna be ready?

Sable Agent: Five by five. Soon as boss gives the word, we’ll get Michaels moved to the new safe house.

Sable Agent: Get that truck movung! Should’ve been uptown half an hour ago!

Sable Agent: Copy. We’re rolling.

MD: Go go go....

Sable Agent: Could really use a coffee...

Sable Agent: Control. I heard something. Running a sweep.

Sable Agent: Bravo and Charlie are both on deck for Dr. Michaels’ relocation, ma’am.

Silver Sable: Add two more units. He carries the only sample of Devil’s Breath.

Silver Sable: I Will not be responsible for pandemic.

Sable Agent: Understood, ma’am.

Mary Jane Watson: Don’t care how many men Sable has; she won’t be able to stop Martin Li...

Sable Agent: Patrolling sector, status clear.

Sable Agent: The hell was that...

Sable Agent: Standing down, control. False alarm.

Mary Jane Watson: Looks Important. takes a photo of another huge screen Safe houses... If Dr. Michaels is in one of these, Standish might know which one... There’s Standish’s tent...

Sable Agent: Can’t believe Michaels just carries Devil’s Breath around with him.

Sable Agent: Osborn doesn’t trust anyone else to secure it. Hope his ego doesn’t bite him in the ass.

Sable Agent: Again? What’s up with these lights...

Mary Jane Watson: Come on, come on....

Sable Agent: The hell was that...

Sable Agent: Huh? Who’s there?

Sable Agent: Control. I saw something.

Mary Jane Watson: Charles Standish?

Charles Standish: Holy crap!

Mary Jane Watson: Charles... where is Dr. Morgan Michaels?

Charles Standish: Li sent you, didn’t he... grabs a gun If he wants to kill me- You tell him to do it... do it himself...

Mary Jane Watson: I’m not with the Demons, I’m not with Sable. I’m a reporter- shows her badge And I want to see Li stopped. Just like you.

Charles Standish: Watson... I’ve heard your byline... Sable won’t listen to me. She has Michaels in The Bowery, they’re moving him to a new safe house tomorrow at noon, but she’s totally ignoring Grand Central. Demons were talking about it while they held me. They’re going there to get...

Mary Jane Watson: To get what, Charles? What do the Demons need to get at Grand Central?

Charles Standish: What the f- trips

Spider-Man: Ooh... that was not a Sable guy.

Mary Jane Watson: Charles! (to Spider-Man) What the hell?

Spider-Man: Definitely not a Sable guy. Sorry, Charlie. OK. Time to go. grabs MJ

Sable Agent: Get some backup over here.

Mary Jane Watson: Wait, no he knows something- they swing away

Strong Connections

Spider-Man: Well that was maybe the most awkward swing of my life. MJ is not happy.

Mary Jane Watson: Hey. OK. Another thing. “Sorry Charlie?” You knock a man out, destroy my background research, and the best you’ve got is “Sorry Charlie?” Is everything a joke to you?

Spider-Man: What? MJ. No. I screwed up. It was a tension breaker.

Mary Jane Watson: “Tension breaker,” right. You know this is *exactly* why we broke up?

Spider-Man: ...I thought we broke up so you could focus on your career?

Mary Jane Watson: We broke up because you wouldn’t stop treating me like a baby! “Don’t do this MJ! Don’t do that MJ! That’s too dangerous. MJ!” I may not have super spider powers, but I’m not made out of glass!

Spider-Man: You snuck into the middle of an armed military... You know what? Can we not do this right now? Please? Did you learn anything about Dr. Michaels?

Mary Jane Watson: Michaels is in the Bowery somewhere. Sable’s moving him tomorrow at noon.

Spider-Man: Awesome. Anything else? Was he saying something about Grand Central before I jumped in?

Mary Jane Watson: He was... no, it was nothing. Listen I gotta go, Peter. Filing deadline.

Spider-Man: “Peter.” That’s how you know she’s still mad. “Peter”... nice work. Mr. Super Hero. Man I’m worked up. Gotta blow off some steam on patrol...

Spider-Man: That’s Miles’s Mom. Hello?

Rio: Mr. Parker, it’s Rio Morales. I want to thank you for getting Miles the job at the F.E.A.S.T. shelter.

Spider-Man: Glad to. And please call me Peter. “Mr. Parker” is... probably someone more together than me.

Rio: I should tell you, he has reservations. I finally gave him a choice: this or more therapy. He needs this, he just hates to feel like a victim, or be pitied.

Spider-Man: Gotcha. I’m the same way. I’ll let Aunt May know, and I’ll make sure I’m there his first day.

Rio: Thank you again. This means a lot to both of us.

Otto Octavius: Peter, I’m about to begin another test.

Spider-Man: Oh, sorry. My bus broke down, and there were no cabs... but I’ll be there as soon as I can. Not getting much coverage. I should look for more towers to activate.

Peter Parker: Hey, sorry I’m late.

Otto Octavius: Morning, Parker. Or is it evening? Ah, doesn’t matter. Check the neurosensors, would you? We need a faster response time.

Peter Parker: On it.

Otto Octavius: Try to get it under three milliseconds.

Peter Parker: Two paint eight milliseconds.

Peter Parker: Yes!

Peter Parker: I’d call that unbelievable!

Peter Parker: Do you need some help? Doctor, what’s going on?

Otto Octavius: It’s become that obvious? My doctors call it “a degenerative neurological disorder,” probably caused by overexposure to toxic chemicals in my... reckless youth.

Peter Parker: I’m sorry. Is there anything I can do?

Otto Octavius: You already are. The worst part is it only affects the muscles the mind continues to work, but it can no longer do. You’re the only one who knows, Peter. I’d like to keep it that way.

Peter Parker: Of course.

Otto Octavius: Uhh... If you’d like to seek a position with more of a future.

Peter Parker: I came here to work for you because of what you’ve got up here.

Peter Parker: and that’s not going anywhere.

Peter Parker: So neither am I.

Otto Octavius: Oh Peter - before I forget. I read the most fascinating article - outlines possible next steps for the neural interface.

Peter Parker: I’ll take a look - thanks, Doc.

Peter Parker: Direct interface with the basal ganglia. Exciting... but risky. I dunno, Doc. You’d need a gallium Silk-array to make it work. Even then, odds of injury are pretty high.

Otto Octavius: Gallium! Genius! Never mind the risks - we’ll work them out in time!

Peter Parker: Doc’s really sick – at this rate he’ll lose control of his motor functions within a year. And if we’re not careful, an intracranial implant could make things even worse. Even alter his personality. We need to proceed carefully.

Peter Parker: Umm. Doc. I’m sorry. My, um, Aunt, just texted...

Otto Octavius: No worries. Peter. I was thinking of taking a break myself. As soon as I check our telemetry data.

Peter Parker: Thanks. I’ll be back in a few hours.

First Day

Spider-Man: Hi, May.

Aunt May: Let me guess, running late?

Spider-Man: Nope. I’m actually on my way now. Have you heard from Miles?

Aunt May: No, but his mother said he was coming, so...

Spider-Man: Good. I’ll be there soon. Bye...!

Thug 1: Whadda you doin’ here?

Thug 2: Ho! We got a fighter!

Thug 1: You just made your last mistake. Punk.

Thug: What the ?

Spider-Man: Does it seriously take this many guys to rob a teenager?

Spider-Man: to Miles You hurt?

Miles Morales: Y-you’re... Spider-Man! Y-you’re... The amazing Spider Man! Y-you’re... The spectacular Spider-Man!

Spider-Man: And a few other choice adjectives Jameson uses. Look, that was really brave, but next time leave the fighting to the pros, OK?

Miles Morales: OK, but what if there aren’t any around?

Spider-Man: Well... you can’t just go swinging at someone twice your size. I mean, don’t get me wrong... I fight guys stronger than me all the time. But, when I do it I hav—

Miles Morales: Oh! Like that time you fought Rhino on the Brooklyn Bridge? That was so awesome!

Spider-Man: Perfect example. If the other guy’s bigger, you gotta be quicker. OK?

Miles Morales: OK, but that’s— that’s easy for you to say!

Spider-Man: Alright, put ‘em up.

Miles Morales: Seriously?

Spider-Man: First thing... don’t let the adrenaline get to you. Breathe slow, breathe deep. Relax. Hips square to your opponent, let them make the first move. Now use your feet... and when they go off-balance... look for an opening.

Miles Morales: Like that?

Spider-Man: Okay! Now only this time just let me have it. Right on the jaw, okay? I can take it— URGH!

Miles Morales: Oh sh—! Sorry!

Spider-Man: No, no, no, it’s all good. You keep that up and uh... you’ll be fine. All right, lesson’s over. Gotta go!

Miles Morales: Hey uh, thanks.

Spider-Man: Anytime.

Miles Morales: to himself I just punched Spider-Man.

Miles Morales: The shelter should be just ahead.

Friend: Yo Miles, what’s up?

Miles Morales: Bro, you’re not gonna believe this— I just met Spider-Man!

Friend: What?! That’s crazy! Hey, did you show him our hacking app?

Miles Morales: I totally forgot!

Friend: You suck! He totally would have bought it off you. And then we’d be like famous.

Miles Morales: Yeah. I’ll show him next time. I gotta go, promised my mom I wouldn’t be late.

Friend: Cool. Later.

Miles Morales: Farmer’s market. I can cut through there.

Police Officer: Keep moving, keep moving! C’mon, no pictures! Just keep it moving!

Woman 1: I can’t believe you’re saying there’s a bright side to a terrorist attack.

Woman 2: Well, when you say it like that...

Woman 1: How would you say it?

Woman 2: Tourism’s down. There are opportunities to be had like half off at Decadence Spa.

Miles Morales: Hm. Hacking app— wonder if it still works.

Miles Morales: Nice moves. Uh oh...

Sable Agent: Everyone have their ID’s out and ready for inspection.

Miles Morales: You gotta be kidding me. This is gonna take forever. If that drone wasn’t watching. I could jump the fence. Just need to isolate the drone’s signal. Wow, that was too easy!

Woman: The F.E.A.S.T. Shelter guy? Is he the who did the bombing?

Sable Agent: Have you seen him?

Woman: No. What, is he like missing?

Miles Morales: I can’t believe Sable systems are unsecured! Maybe I’ll send an anonymous tip... Okay, hacking app, don’t fail me now. distract the soldier Okay, time to move. OK let’s see- can go under the gate on the left or over the scaffolding to the right! he chooses the right path Those things have mounted guns. Can’t let them spot me. Nighty-night. This would be so cool if it was less terrifying.

Sable Agent: Control, I saw someone, checking it out.

Miles Morales: I’m in the clear! Holy - WHEW, that was intense! got a call Oh, hey Mom.

Rio: Hi honey, did you make it to the F.E.A.S.T, shelter okay?

Miles Morales: Uh, yeah. Almost there.

Rio: You don’t have to work at that shelter, you know.

Miles Morales: You said I did.

Rio: No, I gave you a choice.

Miles Morales: Yeah. And I chose this over more therapy. I mean it was helpful. The guy said everyone grieves in their own way. This is mine.

Rio: Okay. I’m sorry...

Miles Morales: Mom.

Rio: Yeah.

Miles Morales: Just ‘cause I don’t want to talk about it doesn’t mean I don’t love you.

Rio: Oh, honey... I love you so much. We’ll get through this...!

Miles Morales: I gotta go. I’ll call you when I’m on my way home.

Peter Parker: You know what, just keep breathing and I’ll be back soon Mr. Hodges. Hey. Miles! You made it!

Miles Morales: Hey. Pete. Hey I’m sorry I’m late, man.

Peter Parker: Aw, no-no. I’m just glad you’re here.

Miles Morales: Alright. So um. What can I do to help?

Peter Parker: Uh, why don’t you start just by getting comfortable with the place. Meet a few people. You know what, everybody loves coffee.

Miles Morales: Coffee. Alright.

Peter Parker: And I’ll be back in a little while to check on you, is that cool?

Miles Morales: Yeah...

Peter Parker: Oh, don’t worry about Mr. Hodges. He doesn’t bite. Much.

Miles Morales: You sure...?

Miles Morales: Coffee?

Homeless Man: Thanks.

Miles Morales: Need help?

Homeless Man: Not unless you know what the hell a quark is.

Miles Morales: It’s a subatomic particle.

Miles Morales: you know, the budding block of protons, neutrons, hadrons...

Homeless Man: Subatomic. That fits! Good one, kid.

Ernie: ...piece of junk... Aw, hell! Damn hunk-a-junk...

Miles Morales: You mind if I take a look?

Ernie: Eh?

Miles Morales: We have a couple CRT’s at school. I know how to fix these when they—

Ernie: CR-what? No, you just gotta smack it a couple times... get it goin’.

Miles Morales: Or... it could be a loose coax cable.

Ernie: Alright, alright. Be my guest, mister smarty-pants. Please, go ahead...

Reporter: Tributes continue to pour in for Officer Jefferson Davis, the hero killed in the City Hall bombing, as reports emerge that he used his own body to shield others in his last moments of life.

Ernie: Hey, new kid. points to his cup

Reporter: Davis is survived by his wife Rio and son Miles, as well as a brother, Aaron. In addition to the praise and condolences from heads of state and celebrities, his fellow officers say Davis’s heroic actions were typical of him.

Ernie: Hero? He didn’t do nothing heroic except get himself blown up.

Peter Parker: Hey Ernie, I see you’ve met Miles. He’s going to be helping out around here. You may have heard of his father— Jefferson Davis.

Reporter: Captain Yuriko Watanabe called him, quote, “a true hero,” the epitome of what every police officer should aspire to be, and one of the finest men I’ve ever had the honour to work with. Jefferson Davis was a seventeen year veteran of the force, and was awarded several commendations in that time. most recently when he saved innocent bystanders from being run down by an armoured vehicle carrying illegal weapons stolen by the notorious Demon gang.

Peter Parker: Pretty great that even though he’s got a lot of stuff going on right now, he decided to come and volunteer. Don’t you think?

Ernie: Uh, yeah, yeah. Thanks. Uh, listen kid, I’m sorry about your dad.

Peter Parker: C’mon Miles, let’s see if Aunt May needs a hand in the kitchen. Hey May. I gotta take off, but, uh... I brought some help for you.

Aunt May: Hi Miles! Nice to see you. Well, grab an apron, wash your hands, and I’ll show you around.

Miles Morales: Hey Peter? Thanks for that back there.

Peter Parker: Course.

Peter Parker: Almost noon... Sable should be moving Dr. Michaels. Better get to the Bowery and locate him...

Aunt May: I’m afraid our computers are a bit outdated.

Miles Morales: That’s cool. I might be able to improve their performance for you.

Collision Course

Spider-Man: Hey Yuri— I’m heading to the Bowery to make sure Michaels gets to his new safehouse, y’know, safely.

Yuri Watanabe: I wouldn’t do that, liver Sable made it clear you are not welcome.

Spider-Man: Yeah, well, what’s she gonna do, shoot me?

Yuri Watanabe: Honestly? Fifty-fifty chance.

Spider-Man: Ugh. Fine. I’ll be in the neighbourhood, but not too close. Just in case.

Spider-Man: This is the Bowery... but where’s Dr. Michaels...

Sable Agent: We’re ready for you, Dr. Michaels. Is that the Devil’s Breath?

Sable Agent: Don’t worry, we’re the best in the world.

Dr. Michaels: I feel better already.

Sable Agent: Code three eighty-one, package is on the move. This way, Dr. Michaels. What the hell is that?

Sable Agent: Hostiles! Secure the package! Get him out of h—!

Martin Li: Welcome aboard, Doctor.

Sable Agent: Get off me, we got this!

Spider-Man: Yeah. Sure you do.

Spider-Man: Yuri. I’m in pursuit of Martin Li. I think he‘s got Dr. Michaels, *and* the Devil’s Breath.

Yuri Watanabe: Copy that. More units coming your way.

Spider-Man: He took Michaels alive, so that’s good.

Yuri Watanabe: Probably so he can force him to make more Devil’s Breath...

Spider-Man: Ugh. I have to stop that truck. Or tank. Or whatever...

Silver Sable: This is Sable international. We have authorisation for deadly force. There will be no further warning.

Spider-Man: Whoa, whoa! There’s a biological weapon in there—!

Silver Sable: All units, open fire!

Spider-Man: Whoa... why is everyone shooting rockets all of a sudden?!

Silver Sable: Spider-Man, get clear. You are interfering in this operation.

Spider-Man: Sorry, but I’m not on board with operation “Missiles in Manhattan.” Need to clear the guys in the trucks before I go after Li. What the— WHOA!

Silver Sable: Target lost— reacquire.

Crazy Guy: He is coming! He is coming and He will destroy all sinners!

Spider-Man: Sorry...! Li! Hand it over! Gah! Gligh! Brake fluid!

Yuri Watanabe: What’s your status? Have you apprehended Li?

Spider-Man: ...working on it.

Demon: Brakes are out!

Martin Li: The Spider is clever. Go faster! Ram everything!

Spider-Man: I’ll take this. What are you doing to me?

Mister Negative: Giving you a new perspective.

Spider-Man: What the hell?

Mister Negative: I must be honest. I was hoping to bring you here. My abilities lend me a certain... persuasiveness. I’ve been watching you. I was waiting for you at City Hall. You never came where were you?

Spider-Man: Is this real or in my mind?

Mister Negative: It was a shame so many had to die with no heroes to save them. That officer saved your life didn’t he? He was here because of you. And Norman wanted to use him. A futile gesture, in the end. And where was Norman during all this? Slinking away like a rat. He knew what was going to happen, and he fled. Norman is a hidden cancer on this City. He must be excised with no trace of his corruption to return. Norman hides behind his mask of lies. I will break it apart and drag him into the light! Put on the mask, become one of us.

Spider-Man: Thanks but no thanks!

Mister Negative: One way or the other, you WILL join me.

Spider-Man: Uh oh...

Mister Negative: All the souls you’ve lost. The ‘innocent victims’ you couldn’t save.

Spider-Man: Martin, their blood is on YOUR hands.

Mister Negative: You can stop Osborn. You have so much strength. I can give you the Will. Their bodies filled the gutters and you did nothing!

Spider-Man: I can’t save everyone.

Mister Negative: What’s one life? A simple trade, one life for a city of souls. You defend Osborn while he sits in his ivory tower?

Spider-Man: This isn’t real!

Mister Negative: Show me your true strength. Kneel before me! I will pull your mask off and expose you! and expose you’ The shadows are sworn to me, and I will give them strength.

Spider-Man: The mask! I have to destroy the mask! I won’t abandon you in the darkness, Martin!

Mister Negative: You can’t!

Spider-Man: You can come back to the light!

Mister Negative: No!

Spider-Man: You okay?

Dr. Michaels: Did they take it?

Spider-Man: Yes. How worried should I be?

Dr. Michaels: Very.

Spider-Man: You’re a popular guy.

Silver Sable: Where’s the serum?

Dr. Michaels: Gone.

Silver Sable: “Didiskoya” means nothing but let’s pretend its “son of a bitch” So-called “super-hero”— you think you save people but you just make it worse. This is your fault!

Spider-Man: *My* fault? He was under *your* protection... she pulls out her pistols Do you really need *two* of those?

Dr. Michaels: Stop! We need to brief Mr. Osborn now! I’ll go with her... Thank you. I’ll remember this...

The One That Got Away

Spider-Man: Yuri, tell me you’ve got a lead on Martin Li’s location.

Yuri Watanabe: We have footage from a guy at a coffee shop, looks like he hopped into a black sedan after the crash.

Spider-Man: Black sedan. Great.

Yuri Watanabe: Let me finish. We have a partial plate. and one of my patrol guys just found a matching plate, black sedan, in a parking lot near Canal and Hudson.

Spider-Man: You’re a good cop, Yuri. I’m on my way.

Dr. Michaels: Spider-Man? Hello? Is this working?!

Spider-Man: Dr. Michaels? How are you calling?

Dr. Michaels: “Borrowed” one of Sable’s radios. Listen, transit hubs are the most likely release paints for Devil’s Breath. Airports, bus terminals, train stations. It’ll spread like wildfire from there.

Spider-Man: Why the hell is Oscorp developing a bioweapon in the City? Shouldn’t this be in an arctic bunker?

Dr. Michaels: Devil’s Breath is personal for Norman - it’s been his obsession for decades. The project breaks every state and federal regulation on the books, but he doesn’t care.

Spider-Man: If the City finds out, he can kiss re-election goodbye.

Dr. Michaels: Nevermind re-election - he’d be tried in the Hague for war crimes.

Spider-Man: Why are you telling me all this? Aren’t you just as culpable as Norman?

Dr. Michaels: Yes. Completely. But Li’s actions have been a wake up call. We’ve ignored the project’s risks for too long. I trust you, Spider-Man. You’re the only one trying to do the right thing. Please: protect the City from our mistakes.

Spider-Man: Doc left word...

Otto Octavius: Parker. I wanted to thank you I wanted to thank you your work on the neural interface has been invaluable. I wish you could see what that means right now. But it’s beginning to dawn on me just how powerful and insidious the forces arrayed against true visionaries are. I promise you, though it won’t be long. Success will come, whatever it takes.

Spider-Man: “Powerful and insidious forces...” I don’t like the sound of that. Need to check on Doc when I get a chance...

Spider-Man: Damn. Devil’s Breath IS gone... I should call MJ and warn her...

Mary Jane Watson: This is Mary Jane Watson. Please leave a detailed message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Spider-Man: What are you up to now, MJ?

Mary Jane Watson: Standish said the Demons are looking for *something* at GCT... but what could they possibly need here? Should probably call Peter and let him know what I’m doing. Actually, scratch that. He’d probably just tell me to go home and chain myself to my laptop. I’ll just check things out quick and let him know what I find.

Oscorp Display: Oscorp’s research and development team are hard at work on a radical new form of battery that recharges itself from sound waves. In a few short months you will be able to buy a phone that will never have to be plugged in.

Mary Jane Watson: Hm. Cool.

Woman: My turn. Whoa...! Oh my god that’s amazing!

Man: Lemme take a picture— not that it’ll show anything! Let me try! Here goes how do I look?

Oscorp Display: Try it for yourself, and see how Oscorp is making your world better each and every day. This Gaia Microbe Dispersal Device releases specially formulated microbes into the atmosphere, and in turn leaves our oceans and rivers cleaner than when man first walked the earth.

Martin Li: This will be easier for everyone if you remain and do as I say.

Mary Jane Watson: Police! Over here!

Martin Li: Demons!

Norman’s Assistant: Mayor Osborn’s office.

Martin Li: I would like to speak to Mayor Osborn.

Norman’s Assistant: Who’s calling?

Martin Li: The man he is looking for...

Martin Li: The man he is looking for...

Norman: What do you want.

Martin Li: I want you at Grand Central Terminal in thirty minutes. By yourself. Or there will be more blood on your hands.

Spider-Man: through the phone MJ! I’m on my way. Are you hurt?

Mary Jane Watson: No. I’m fine. Just hurry.

Spider-Man: Going as fast as I can. What are you doing at GCT?

Mary Jane Watson: I’ll explain later. Listen— Li’s going to release the Devil’s Breath.

Spider-Man: You gotta get out of there!

Mary Jane Watson: He’s not going to do it until Norman Osborn gets here.

Spider-Man: Wait... this must have been Li’s plan all along. Make Norman responsible by forcing him to release the Devil’s Breath himself.

Mary Jane Watson: Sort of makes sense— in a twisted, psychotic way.

Spider-Man: Okay, I’m here. Coming into the terminal now— ...anything I should be on the lookout for?

Mary Jane Watson: Looks like he’s got some drones patrolling guess he’s prepared for you.

Spider-Man: Don’t worry. I’m in the ventilation system. Can you see a safe exit point?

Woman: I don’t want to die— I don’t want to die!

Mary Jane Watson: Southwest corner.

Spider-Man: On my way. If I get any closer, the drones will spot me.

Mary Jane Watson: See that tablet I’m looking at? That controls the drones.

Spider-Man: Think you can snag it?

Mary Jane Watson: Yes... if you can distract them. And not get shot.

Spider-Man: I’m ready. Tell me when.

Mary Jane Watson: Okay, I’m ready.

Spider-Man: Incoming...

Demon: Over there!

Spider-Man: Okay, move.

Man: They’re not gonna take me without a fight. Urngh!

Demon: Had to be a hero...

Mary Jane Watson: Wait!

Spider-Man: MJ, what are you doing?!

Mary Jane Watson: Let’s all just relax.

Demon: Stop. Or I’ll shoot you too.

Mary Jane Watson: Listen, I’m a reporter. I have a direct line to Mayor Osborn. I can help make sure he arrives— on time.

Demon: How?

Mary Jane Watson: First let him go.

Demon: Mr. Li, this reporter says she knows how to find Osborn. Yes, sir. Bring her over there, away from the others. Mr. Li is on his way.

Demon: Move!

Spider-Man: They’re coming— jump over the railing!

Mary Jane Watson: Can’t let ‘em see me.

Spider-Man: Drones! Get to cover! You still got that tablet? Better work fast.

Mary Jane Watson: Okay, I got this. C’mon... c’mon... Almost there...

Spider-Man: Good job. Now let’s get you out of here. I’ll come back for it.

Mary Jane Watson: No. We’re partners, remember?

Spider-Man: Can we argue later...?

Mary Jane Watson: If we don’t help those people, they could die.

Spider-Man: So could you. I can’t let that happen.

Mary Jane Watson: I got myself into this. I’m getting myself out of it.

Spider-Man: I don’t like this— there’s too many of them.

Mary Jane Watson: Then let’s start taking them out. Quietly. They’re still too close. They can still see each other. That did it— grab him! Take him out!

Spider-Man: See if you can break up that group.

Mary Jane Watson: I’m gonna try and separate them. Take him!

Spider-Man: MJ, did you know Li would be here? ‘

Mary Jane Watson: Not exactly.

Spider-Man: What do you mean?

Mary Jane Watson: I thought *something* might happen, but not like this—!

Spider-Man: Why didn’t you tell me? I thought we were partners!

Mary Jane Watson: Partners trust each other. Peter.

Peter Parker: What do you mean? I trust you...

Mary Jane Watson: Yeah, when I’m sitting at home behind a laptop.

Spider-Man: Oh come on...

Mary Jane Watson: Can we please get back to saving the city here? Take him out! Take him!

Martin Li: Where’s the reporter?

Demon: She’s here somewhere... we’ll find her soon.

Mary Jane Watson: Gotta; get past him.

Spider-Man: I’m ready.

Martin Li: Are the drones still armed?

Demon: Sheri had the controls, but we can’t find him either.

Martin Li: If she escaped...

Demon: No, she didn’t escape, she’s in here somewhere, but it’s a big place.

Martin Li: She cannot be allowed to leave... Start the timer.

Spider-Man: Now’s your chance.

Mary Jane Watson: Keep them busy. I’ll take care of the Devil’s Breath.

Spider-Man: Do you know what you’re doing?

Mary Jane Watson: No. But that’s never stopped me before.

Spider-Man: Okay, what do you see?

Mary Jane Watson: I see four wires. Two blue ones, one yellow, and one red. Oh! Okay. Looks like blue is connected to the battery. And yellow to a fan. Red one has a little exclamation mark.

Spider-Man: Okay, you’ll want to detach the wires from the battery first. Trace the wires to the other end and unplug them there.

Mary Jane Watson: ...unplug the wires from the battery...

Demon: Continuing my sweep.

Mary Jane Watson: ...disconnect the battery wires... What a mess... Okay, pulled the first wire.

Spider-Man: Now the second one.

Mary Jane Watson: What?! The timer just changed to thirty seconds!

Spider-Man: Argh, it’s a collapsing circuit.

Mary Jane Watson: What comes next— the fan?

Spider-Man: Yes, then the last wire, but you have to hurry!

Mary Jane Watson: the red one... !

Spider-Man: You did it. Wow.

Mary Jane Watson: Now let’s get these people out of here. I could use a little Spidey-help. You ready?

Spider-Man: Right. I’ll clear a path...

Mary Jane Watson: Try to do it quietly...

Spider-Man: Will do. Gotta be careful, or the hostages’ll get hurt. Why is Li so hellbent on terrorising New York...

Demon: Vigilance at all times...

Demon: You will not defeat us!

Spider-Man: Okay. MJ, time to go.

Mary Jane Watson: Copy that. Everyone follow me!

Demon: Forget the hostages— take out Spider-Man!

Demon: Defeat him!

Spider-Man: MJ, did you make it out?

Mary Jane Watson: Everyone is safe.

Spider-Man: Good job.

Mary Jane Watson: Hey Peter.

Spider-Man: Yeah?

Mary Jane Watson: When you’re done in there, we should talk.

Spider-Man: Yeah. We should.

Mary Jane Watson: But first, find Li and kick his ass.

Demon: Your life ends tonight!

Spider-Man: Feel bad for anyone who’s on the wrong side of MJ. Wonder what side I’m on right now...

Demon: What’d he hit us with?!

Demon: No jokes?

Demon: Enough, pest!

Demon: There’s nowhere to run.

Demon: We’re a man down.

Demon: Close in on him.

Demon: He’s in the air — shoot him!

Demon: Your bones are dust!

Demon: Are you truly so foolish?

Demon: We must defeat him!

Martin Li: Deploy the rockets!

Spider-Man: OK guys, trivia time. Did you know Grand Central has the *largest* basement in New York City? Crazy, right? You could fit half the Brooklyn Bridge down there! Ha! I agree - they sure don’t make ‘em like they used to. That’s old school New York gumption, for you. Anyway. I could talk trivia all day, but I gotta stop your wingnut of a boss from destroying the city. Time to wrap this up.

Demon: What is he?!

Demon: Close in on him.

Martin Li: I’m boarding the train— keep Spider-Man busy!

Spider-Man: Li’s escape plan is to use the train— can’t let him get away. Train platform is open, that must be where Li is.

Demon: Cover the exit!

Demon: Your time has come.

Spider-Man: Train’s moving— Li’s getting away!

Mister Negative: Finally.

Spider-Man: Sorry I’m late— it’s kinda my thing. Why are you doing this?

Mister Negative: Paying off an old debt.

Spider-Man: Better keep my distance for now. That didn’t work— better wait for an opening. Gotta move fast before he recovers. Looks like he’s getting tired. He’s hurt! Gotta wait for an opening. Now’s my chance! You’re sick. Let me help you, Martin. I don’t want to hurt you.

Mister Negative: Nothing can hurt me. Not anymore.

Spider-Man: No brakes? No problem.

Spider-Man: That totally worked last time. Yuri— they still doing construction on 42nd and 1st?

Yuri Watanabe: Yeah— street’s closed for another month. Why?

Spider-Man: Next stop— prison.

Sable Agent: Get that cargo back to the lab. Let’s move!

Mary Jane Watson: This is Mary Jane Watson. Please leave a detailed message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Spider-Man: Uh, hey. It’s me. Lemme know when you want to talk.

Spider-Man: Texting isn’t talking?

Spider-Man: N-n-no-no-no, not that kind of over!

Spider-Man: Ugh...

Spider-Man: Please say no, please say no... Hah. Okay, okay...

Spider-Man: Aaaand, not okay.

Spider-Man: What is there to “figure out?”

Spider-Man: Oh, you think?

Spider-Man: sighs Great.


Yuri Watanabe: You did it— Li’s off to The Raft, the Devil’s Breath is safe with Sable... How do you feel?

Spider-Man: How do I feel? How much time do you have?

Yuri Watanabe: Not much. Heroics for you means paperwork for me. But I just wanted to say... good job.

Spider-Man: Thanks, Yuri. I kinda needed that. Okay. I think things are sort of under control. Maybe I should put in some Peter Parker time at the lab.

Peter Parker: Hello?

Otto Octavius: Parker! Just in time to celebrate.

Peter Parker: Celebrate? Wait, where are the arms?

Peter Parker: Oh wow. So cool! But how did you—?

Otto Octavius: Intra-cranial neural network. Neuro-transmission speeds under one nanosecond. Faster than signals travel inside the brain... never mind to an external prosthesis. We did it, Peter. No one can take this away from us...

Peter Parker: Amazing...

Otto Octavius: And your work on the neural web was the key...

Peter Parker: But we haven’t even tested it yet. There’s so much we don’t know...

Otto Octavius: It works beautifully. C’mon, take a look.

Peter Parker: This is impressive... Hm. Little error though. Montage spike Should be an easy fix... See if that worked... No... this is worse than I thought. Hope that stabilised it... Dammit. The spike is cascading... I don’t know if I can fix this... Come on... This is bad.

Peter Parker: Doctor? Uh, Doctor. I found a potential problem—

Otto Octavius: Everything has problems if you look hard enough. But fortune favours the bold. It’s time to show the world what we’ve done!

Peter Parker: Otto. The neural web isn’t isolating your motor neurons. It could be affecting other parts of your brain: your inhibitions, your mood... I just think we need to do some more testing.

Otto Octavius: angerly We’ve done enough testing! For the first time in my life I don’t feel like a failure. I feel like me!

Peter Parker: Otto, you’re not a failure. But this could permanently damage your mind. Please.

Otto Octavius: calming down Right... right.

Peter Parker: Don’t worry. We’re close.

Otto Octavius: I’ll keep at it... Work out some bugs... Go ,go.

Peter Parker: You sure you’re okay?

Otto Octavius: Yes. Thank you, Peter. For... everything.

Reporter: from a TV We now take you live to Grand Central Terminal where Mayor Osborn is about to address the media...

Norman: from a TV Martin Li is now behind bars. When I make a promise to this city. I keep it. The people of New York will soon make a daemon that could change the course of this city forever.

Otto Octavius: LIAR! destroys the TV

Norman: So when you’re casting your vote, remember what I’ve done. We are all safer now than we have ever—

Otto Octavius: You have no idea what you’re in for...


Spider-Man: I should check on Miles.

Miles Morales: Hey, Pete.

Spider-Man: Hi, Miles. I just wanted to see how you’re doing with the news about Li. Look, if you didn’t want to work there anymore, May and I would understand.

Miles Morales: I did want to quit when I heard. Then I remembered what my Dad used to say... “a hero’s just a guy who doesn’t give up.”

Spider-Man: That’s true... assuming he’s doing the right thing. I got you that job... I’d hate for you to keep doing it if you think it’s wrong.

Miles Morales: The people here... nothing Martin Li did is their fault. They need help, and I’m helping them. I think Dad would want me to stay. I think he’d be proud.

Spider-Man: I know he would. And Miles... I’m proud of you too. Any time you want to talk. Just call.

Miles Morales: Thanks, Pete. I gotta go. May just gave me a list of office supplies to get. Alright, later.

Aunt May: Peter!

Peter Parker: You okay?

Aunt May: I’m getting by.

Peter Parker: I don’t know how I feel about you running this place all by yourself.

Aunt May: These people need help. If I lose a few hours of sleep, so be it.

Peter Parker: Have you heard from Mr. Li since ?

Aunt May: No. But the Martin I know couldn’t have done that. Whatever’s become of him... that’s not the one I want to remember. So. How are things with MJ?

Peter Parker: Oh it’s, uh... well, y’know, she’s, uh... it’s, uh... it’s complicated.

Aunt May: Honesty. That’s what got me and Ben through the rough patches.

Peter Parker: You guys had rough patches?

Aunt May: Oh, sure. Especially when we were your age. So, are you honest with her? Does she know the real you?

Homeless Man: Hey, turn it up. I wanna hear this!

Reporter: ...a spokesperson for the police has confirmed that this was the truck carrying the device used in the Grand Central Terminal attack...

Aunt May: Oh, it never ends... Peter?

Out of the Frying Pan...

Yuri Watanabe: Captain Watanabe. Leave a message.

Spider-Man: Yuri— where are you? Call me when you get this. I just hope the Devil’s Breath is still there... and still secure. If the Demons got to that truck... this just went from bad to catastrophic.

Police Dispatch: All units. 10-34. Repeat assault reported. Officers near Sutton Place, be on alert.

Yuri Watanabe: The Devil’s Breath is gone, but we got even bigger problems. Hop no—

Spider-Man: Ryker’s...? What happened?

Yuri Watanabe: It was a coordinated attack. Must’ve been planned from the outside. Every cell block is breached. We’re minutes away from every prisoner in Ryker’s walking right up Fifth Avenue.

Spider-Man: What about The Raft?

Yuri Watanabe: Should be okay. It’s a supermax facility better security, and a separate power grid.

Spider-Man: Good. What about Devil’s Breath?

Yuri Watanabe: Sable’s handling it.

Spider-Man: Do you trust them?

Yuri Watanabe: Do I have a choice?

Spider-Man: Uh-oh. throws the driver out of the truck Shoulda worn your seat belt.

Yuri Watanabe: Take ‘em out! Hurry!

Spider-Man: I’m on it.

Prisoner: Spider-Man?!

Guard: Attention all CO’s, institute lockdown procedures.

Prisoner: It’s him or us! Let’s take him!

Guard: All inmates, return to your cells. Repeat, return to your cells. This is your last warning.

Spider-Man: I think you guys need a little more “plan” in your escape plan.

Yuri Watanabe: Dammit! They got into the armoury!

Spider-Man: Is that bad? That sounds bad.

Yuri Watanabe: It means some of the inmates are armed with rocket launchers.

Spider-Man: Yeah, that’s bad. I’m on it.

Guard: Abandon stations. Repeat, abandon stations. Arm yourself and get the hell off the island.

Spider-Man: If you guys go back to your cells and behave, we can forget this ever happened...

Prisoner: This is our city now!

Prisoner: Incoming!

Prisoner: Hold still!

Prisoner: He ain’t so tough.

Prisoner: Grenade out!

Prisoner: Lemme go!

Prisoner: Incoming!

Yuri Watanabe: Nice. I still see a few more out in the yard.

Spider-Man: Who thought it was a good idea to bring rockets into a prison...?

Prisoner: I like it way better on this side of the bars.

Guard: Come in? This is Sergeant Hanson— anyone on this channel?

Yuri Watanabe: This is Captain Watanabe. Where are you?

Guard: Electrical access... rooftop near cellblock D... trying to restore power. That you in the chopper?

Yuri Watanabe: Affirmative. What happened here?

Guard: No idea. First the power went out— then all hell broke loose.

Yuri Watanabe: Hold tight, we’ll get to you as soon as we can.

Prisoner: Guy’s a frickin’ acrobat!

Yuri Watanabe: Spider-Man, can you get to that rooftop? There’s an officer calling for help up there...

Spider-Man: On my way!

Guard: HEY! It’s Officer Hanson! HEY!

Prisoner: The hell?

Spider-Man: Someone’s trapped behind that door.

Prisoner: He’s just one guy - how’s he winning?

Prisoner: Felt that one, didn’t you?

Guard: C’mon, man. I know somebody’s out there!

Prisoner: He got Jason!

Prisoner: Show me what you got.

Guard: They’re almost on top of me. GET ME OUTTA HERE! They’re coming—!

Warden: via radio Where is everybody?! They’re attacking my car!

Guard: Help the Warden— I’ll keep working on getting the power restored.

Spider-Man: Right, I’m on it.

Guard: Hurry, before they kill him!

Prisoner: Hey, Warden! Come on out!

Prisoner: Been looking forward to this!

Prisoner: URNH! What’s the matter, scared? Now you know how it feels!

Prisoner: Nobody’s putting me back in a cell.

Prisoner: How ya like THIS?

Prisoner: Clear the blast zone!

Prisoner: You’re done.

Prisoner: You’ll pay for that!

Prisoner: He’s thinnin’ us out - step it up!

Prisoner: I like it way better on this side of the bars.

Spider-Man: Gotta take ‘em all out.

Prisoner: Lemme show you what I got!

Prisoner: He’s in the air - get him!

Prisoner: Dodge this!

Spider-Man: Look out!

Yuri Watanabe: Could this get any worse?

Spider-Man: It can always get worse.

Guard: Attention staff. A-block is compromised. Get outta there guys.

Prisoner: Grenade out!

Prisoner: He’s just one guy - how’s he winning?

Yuri Watanabe: Good work— just a few left.

Prisoner: Gonna wreck you!

Prisoner: We’re droppin’ like flies - pick it up!

Yuri Watanabe: Just a couple more. They’re stealing a chopper!

Spider-Man: License and registration, please.

Prisoner: Huh?

Yuri Watanabe: Okay, looks like things are somewhat under control...

Spider-Man: I thought you said The Raft was secure?!

Yuri Watanabe: It was. Let’s go. Maybe it’s not as bad as it looks.

Spider-Man: Love the optimism. But in my experience... when it looks bad... it’s usually worse. Look out!

Spider-Man: Yuri! Gotcha. Hold on ! You okay?

Yuri Watanabe: Yeah.

Electro: Welcome to the party. Just in time for the fireworks...

Prisoner: Looks like we made parole, boys!

Spider-Man: Electro? Why is he letting everyone out?

Yuri Watanabe: I’ll head for the main control centre and see how bad the situation is.

Spider-Man: Everyone just quietly go back into your cell and lock the door behind you! Okay? Please?!

Prisoner: I’m gonna gut you, spider!

Intercom: Power failure in cell block C.

Prisoner: Gonna feel this!

Prisoner: Nobody’s putting me back in a cell...

Prisoner: You got a death wish? I can help with that.

Prisoner: Ain’t fair!

Prisoner: We’re droppin’ like flies - pick it up!

Prisoner: It’s over, punk!

Prisoner: I like it way better on this side of the bars.

Prisoner: What is that?

Intercom: Catastrophic event detected.

Spider-Man: That doesn’t sound good. Hi Rhino.

Rhino: Hope you like surprise, spider.

Spider-Man: Surprise? What is he talking about?

Intercom: Unexpected power surge detected. Incident response team required. Electrical fire detected.

Yuri Watanabe: Hey, what’s your status?

Spider-Man: Me? Just trapped in a prison with every criminal I’ve put away in the last eight years. No biggie.

Scorpion: This is too good to be true...

Spider-Man: Scorpion— can you hold on a minute? I was in the middle of a phone call and it was business—

Prisoner: Nobody’s putting me back in a cell.

Yuri Watanabe: Lost you for a second there— you okay?

Spider-Man: Not really. Electro, Rhino, and now Scorpion are all on the loose. What’s going on in the rest of the prison?

Yuri Watanabe: Camera system’s almost up. I’ll give you a sit rep soon.

Spider-Man: Okay. I’ll keep tracking Electro...

Prisoner: Hold still!

Prisoner: What the hell?

Prisoner: Lemme show you what I got!

Prisoner: He felt that one!

Spider-Man: Phew. Whoa!

Electro: C’mon Spider-Man. I thought this was a chase!

Spider-Man: Gotta stop this guy...

Electro: You can’t stop me— but I‘m flattered that you’re still trying.

Spider-Man: If you tell me who you’re working for. I’ll go easy on you! Nobody ever takes me up on that offer... Gotcha.

Spider-Man: Vulture?!

Vulture: Long time no see. We’re going to have so much f—

Electro: Still with me, huh?

Yuri Watanabe: Okay. I got the security cameras back online.

Spider-Man: How does it look?

Yuri Watanabe: Well... it looks like the entire population of The Raft has escaped. Including Martin Li. That makes FIVE of your worst enemies that are now on the loose.

Spider-Man: Ha. For a second there I thought you were serious.

Yuri Watanabe: I *am* serious. I have to go— some of them are heading into the city.

Spider-Man: This is nuts.

Intercom: System reboot failed.

Electro: Keep chasing party’s almost over.

Intercom: System error... system error... system error...

Spider-Man: Electro! Stop!

Electro: How do you like my new suit?

Spider-Man: Dashing. Where’d you get it?

Electro: It’s an exclusive club.

Mister Negative: Remember, he said not to kill him.

Spider-Man: Good idea. In fact, we don’t have to do this at all if you don’t want to—

Rhino: We definitely want to.

Spider-Man: Doctor Octavius?

Otto Octavius: First and final warning. Stay out of our way.

Otto Octavius: Each of you has a job to do. Your debts will be repaid when we’re done.

Yuri Watanabe: There he is!

Otto Octavius: All these years, all these lies. It’s over Norman. Time to give them the truth.


Mary Jane Watson: via TV This is Mary Jane Watson with a Daily Bugle special report on the bio-terror attack— As of this hour, the number of infected Civilians is approaching half a million.

Volunteer :May... you okay?

Aunt May: Yeah... fine. Can you... can you pass those... out for me?

Volunteer: Sure.

Mary Jane Watson: via TV There is still no update from the NDC on the timetable for an antiserum, but they are working around the clock on a cure for this deadly disease... The city-wide quarantine is being heavily enforced. by Sable international... who maintain tight security over all transit points. Throughout the city. Police and Sable Agents continue to battle with Ryker’s and Raft escapees... Meanwhile, Mayor Osborn has gone on record blaming Spider-Man for the prison break and the city-wide sickness, and branding him a fugitive. But he has yet to provide evidence... and many believe the mayor is just deflecting blame, since an exclusive report by the Bugle revealed that this disease originated in a secret, unregulated Oscorp laboratory here in Manhattan. Mayor Osborn insists that Oscorp is working with the NDC on an antiserum, but has not provided any further evidence to support this claim—

Norman Osborne: Turn it off!

Spider-Man: Dr. Octavius... why...? How did I let this happen?

Yuri Watanabe: Just got a call from the hospital... they said you went AWOL...

Spider-Man: Need to get back to work...

Yuri Watanabe: The doctors said you still have fourteen broken bones.

Spider-Man: Which means I have one hundred and ninety two *non* broken ones. Thanks for taking care of me, by the way.

Yuri Watanabe: The hard part was keeping you hidden from Sable. They‘ve branded you a ‘priority target’ you know.

Spider-Man: I humbly accept the honour. What is happening to our city, Yuri?

Yuri Watanabe: I don’t know. Feels like the end of the world. Maybe it is.

Act 3

...Into the Fire

Spider-Man: I’m here to help.

Yuri Watanabe: Good. There’s gangs of escaped prisoners banding together and taking over entire city blocks. Looting, strong-arming local residents, you name it.

Spider-Man: I’ll take care of ‘em. What else you got?

Yuri Watanabe: The mayor told Silver Sable to do whatever it takes to find Li and Octavius. So she’s just rounding people up indiscriminately, holding them captive in bases around the city. I’ve even heard rumours of enhanced interrogation tactics.

Spider-Man: You mean torture. Don’t worry. I’m on it. This is our city Yuri— it’s time we take it back.

Yuri Watanabe: Great. My men are tracking the super villains; I’ll update you when we make progress. For now do your best to stabilise the city.

Aunt May: Peter! I’ve been trying to reach you all day – are you OK? The prison break turned the city upside down overnight.

Spider-Man: I’m fine May - staying safe. I’m more worried about you.

Aunt May: Oh no - don’t you do that. F.E.A.S.T. IS the safest place in the city right now. Our sister locations uptown - not so much. But we’re safe and secure down here.

Spider-Man: Let’s hope it stays that way. I’ll stop by when I can, May. Love you.

Aunt May: You too, Peter.

Yuri Watanabe: Spider-Man. The Raft MVPs are back on the grid, laying siege to our police precincts. My men need your help - now. Get to a vantage point in midtown and I’ll explain.

Spider-Man: On my way. Is it Octavius?

Yuri Watanabe: No. Two of his flunkies. Still searching for the Doctor. I have to be honest... that one scares me. Might be the smartest Super Villain I’ve ever encountered.

Spider-Man: Yeah... that’s what I’m worried about. Hold tight, Captain.

Spider-Man: OK captain. Got eyes on - fill me in.

Yuri Watanabe: Rhino’s assaulting the Upper West Precinct; Electro’s at the Upper East. We need you to turn the tide. Head to either - they’re both equally screwed.

Aunt May: Peter, are you available? We need help at F.E.A.S.T.’s Sister site uptown.

Spider-Man: The Veteran’s Center in Harlem? What’s wrong?

Aunt May: Men from Ryker’s are demanding food and supplies. The staff are barricaded inside, but they need help. Miles and I are headed there to evacuate the staff.

Spider-Man: Don’t do anything until I get there, May. I’ll meet you in Harlem. May sounds exhausted, really hope she isn’t sick. Need to help Yuri, then get to Harlem. Yuri: I’m nearing the Upper East precinct.

Yuri Watanabe: Good - Electro and the Demons are boxing my men in... The set up is... complicated. You’ll understand when you get there.

Spider-Man: Yuri Watanabe: master of suspense.

Spider-Man: This isn’t good. Transformers are charging the building, trapping the police inside. Yuri. “Complicated” was an understatement. I’m gonna have to disable these transformers to free your men.

Yuri Watanabe: Even if you manage that, they’ll still need your help with the Demons.

Spider-Man: That’s why I’m here - ready to serve all your electricity-and-Demon related needs. Five transformers total. Loading them up with webbing should cause them to overheat... Four more of these suckers... How did they even get that thing attached? And it can’t be easy to fly like that - did they train specifically for this one obscure scenario? So many questions. Two down, three to go, o Man. I did not miss dealing with Electro’s elaborate Super Villain antics while he was in The Raft. Trapping the police with a network of energy transformers... who does that?

Demon: We must keep the transformers safe!

Spider-Man: Only 1 more... Police are free, but Demons aren’t backing down; need to lend a hand.

Demon: This city will fear us.

Demon: How’s he doing that?

Demon: Slow him down!

Demon: Don’t back down!

Demon: Grenade!

Demon: Break him!

Demon: What’d he hit us with?!

Demon: He’s hurt!

Demon: Clear the area!

Demon: Do not get in our way.

Demon: Defeat is unacceptable!

Demon: He’s wounded!

Demon: Close in!

Demon: We need support!

Spider-Man: Yuri: your men are safe. What’s next?

Yuri Watanabe: Get to the Upper West Side. We’re trying to shelter civilians, but Rhino isn’t making it easy.

Spider-Man: He never does. On my way.

Prisoner: I see you down there. Officer Daws! You can’t hide!

Spider-Man: Miles left a voicemail...

Miles Morales: Pete! Hey. Pete. Hey, May wanted me to call you. Things at the Veteran’s Center are not good. Convicts are trying to break down the doors. Mary Jane’s here but we’re getting people out through the basement; we need more help. I hope you can get here soon.

Spider-Man: I need finish with the precincts fast and get to Harlem. We’re gonna need a bigger transport van.

Spider-Man: Rhino’s on the move, but former guests of Rykers are laying into your police barricades. I’m going to even the odds.

Yuri Watanabe: Do it. If those barricades fall, the people inside are done for.

Police Officer: Keep pushing - don’t let them through the barricade! Thanks, Spider-Man - help our men at the other barricades!

Spider-Man: Never seen Rhino walk away from a fight like this... he must be working on orders from Dr. Octavius. Making quick hit-and-runs on the city’s emergency response teams.

Police Officer: Hold the line! People inside are counting on you.

Police Officer: Thanks Spidey! Get to the other barricade they need you!

Police Officer: Hey! Everyone cover Spider-Man! He can’t do this alone!

Prisoner: Keep it up - they’re gonna break!

Police Officer: Keep at it Spider-Man - you’re turning the tide!

Police Officer: Spider-Man! Up top! Convict’s launching RPGs - they’ll bring down the building!

Spider-Man: Not gonna let that happen; I’m on it. One roof clear.

Prisoner: Nice to see you, Spider! How about some payback for puttin’ me away?

Sable Agent: Priority target acquired. Proceeding to pacify.

Spider-Man: There are easier ways to ask for an autograph. Jetpacks? Who thought it was a good idea to give these guys jetpacks? Guys: we’re on the same team! At least wait to attack me til after we take out the convicts!

Sable Agent: All lawbreakers will be pacified.

Spider-Man: “Pacify.” Anyone else feeling very “1984” right now? Oh, just me? Come on, anybody? Did you guys design those little energy bola things just for me? I’m both flattered and horrified. That’s it for Sable’s airborne commandos; now to mop up the rest of the Ryker’s escapees. Yuri. Precinct is secure. And I just found out what it means to be Sable’s “priority target.” Not fun.

Yuri Watanabe: That’ll teach you to piss off international mercenaries.

Spider-Man: Guess so. OK - I need to sign off for a bit - call me if things go south.

Yuri Watanabe: Will do. And thanks - you’ve given us a fighting chance.

Spider-Man: OK. Need to hustle to F.E.A.S.T.’s Sister Site in Harlem and help May.

Mary Jane Watson: Peter! Thank god - we need you at the Veteran’s Center - where are you?

Spider-Man: I got held up - are you OK? What’s happening?

Mary Jane Watson: The convicts started a fire! We got the building staff out, but May and Miles are trapped inside. I’m trying to find a way in to them but the fire’s spreading so fast...

Spider-Man: Stay where you are, MJ. I’ll handle this. Damn it - move it Pete - move!

Mary Jane Watson: Peter! Fire and rescue’s on the way, and I found a fire escape that’ll get me -

Spider-Man: MJ, stay back! Don’t want to have to rescue you too -

Mary Jane Watson: Peter don’t be crazy want for help!

Spider-Man: May? MAY!

Miles Morales: Help! Here! We’re over here! I’ve got you...

Spider-Man: Hang on!

Miles Morales: Aunt May you all right?

Spider-Man: Get to the window!

Miles Morales: It’s too far!

Spider-Man: Hold on.

Mary Jane Watson: Just... Brace yourselves!

Mary Jane Watson: Come on you stupid piece of - Come on - May - I’ve got you!

Aunt May: Oh my god...

Mary Jane Watson: Miles, come on! We’ve got you!

Spider-Man: Is May... OK?

Mary Jane Watson: Everyone’s safe.

Spider-Man: MJ. If it weren’t for you and Miles. I would’ve been -

Mary Jane Watson: -as dead as I would’ve been 8 ½ thousand times you saved me. Pretty sure I still owe you a few.

Spider-Man: Heh — Oww... That’s smart...

Mary Jane Watson: Hey. I’m sorry I screwed things up. It’s just... hard being the one who always gets saved, you know? Sometimes I want to do the saving.

Spider-Man: I’m sorry I made you feel like you couldn’t. Still partners?

Mary Jane Watson: Always.

Miles Morales: Hey... uh, so I didn’t know if, uh, you wanted sparkling, or flat or spring or mountain spring so I got one of each. Am I... interrupting?

Spider-Man: No. Um. MJ - Ms. Watson and I were just talking strategy.

Miles Morales: Strategy?

Mary Jane Watson: That’s right. The city’s in danger. It needs our help.

Spider-Man: *All* of our help.

Miles Morales: Alright well. Call the play, coach.

Spider-Man: OK. Divide and conquer. Ms. Watson - we need an antiserum for Devil’s Breath. Oscorp’s developing something, but there’s no way they can keep it safe from Octavius and Li. We need to fund the cure, and protect it. Miles - you need to be my eyes and ears at F.E.A.S.T. Anything goes wrong, call me. We need to keep that place and the people there safe.

Miles Morales: Alright, you’ve got it... what are you gonna do?

Spider-Man: A gang of costumed nut-jobs is taking the city apart piece by piece. Time I return the favour.

Miles Morales: Alright... Hey wait - um, how do I call you? I mean do you have like, a cellphone in your... .in your pockets, or something?

Spider-Man: Ms. Watson can give you my number. Good luck, team.

Miles Morales: You have his number... are you... Spider-Man’s girlfriend? That would be so cool if-

Mary Jane Watson: Come on, Sherlock. Show me what you’ve got in this water smorgasbord...

Picking up the Trail

Spider-Man: City feels a *little* more under control... Miles is watching F.E.A.S.T MJ is tracking a Devil’s Breath cure... Time for me to focus on funding Otto, and stopping whatever he has planned. Yuri. we need to start tracking the big boys. Still no leads on Octavius?

Yuri Watanabe: No, nothing. Forensics can’t even do a sweep of Times Square - everyone in that department but the intern is sick.

Spider-Man: I might be able to turn something up; let you know what I find.

Police Officer: Spider-Man - here to lend a hand?

Spider-Man: Thought you might need one officer.

Police Officer: You don’t know the half of it - never seen anything like this Devil’s Breath stuff. Forensics is havin’ a hell of a time.

Spider-Man: News reports say this is where Otto released Devil’s Breath... might’ve left some residue I can track... Hmm some residue on this sign. Maybe I can isolate it. AT-rich leader sequence... this looks promising. Oscorp’s modified Cpf1. Definitely Devil’s Breath. Should be able to track the dispersal path now... Trail goes in a few directions; need to find the right one.

Man on the street: How long’s it gonna be closed for?

Police Officer: Really can’t say, sir.

Man: Freakin’ spooky in there.

Spider-Man: No good; dead end.

Police Officer: Spider-Man, hey!

Police Officer: You get that crazy octopus guy who did this, you hear me?

Police Officer 2: You here when it happened?

Spider-Man: Vapour trail heads up that building... Trail jumps between these buildings... Trail leads down into those vents... what was Otto doing up here? Should be a door or an access hatch around here...

Spider-Man: Well this is moody... Must be some way to hit the lights... Let there be light... whoa. Was Otto using this as a staging ground? Chaos of the prison break would’ve been perfect cover to move in. Otto’s rage is driving him. The neural interface is exacerbating it... but his hate is genuine. He’ll destroy the whole city to hurt Norman... Martin Li... can’t believe this is the same man I knew at F.E.A.S.T... Looks like Otto recorded messages for his crew...

Otto Octavius: Oh Martin. When I first realised it was you targeting Osborn these past weeks I was shocked and saddened. But then, as the situation evolved before my eyes I felt inspired. You took the bold steps I had always dreamed of, Martin, and you took them without hesitation. I am honored now to join you on this path towards true justice.

Spider-Man: Seems like Otto and Li have more of a history than I thought... how long have they known each other?

Otto Octavius: Norman. Feel like I can’t turn around without seeing his face. He smiles for the cameras, collects his accolades... and keeps his boat heel pressed against my neck. Why can’t anyone else see how selfish he is? How reckless? How... evil? If only they could be made to see the Norman I know... the man behind the mask...

Spider-Man: Looks like Otto’s been studying Sable’s tech for weaknesses. Good ol’ Rhino. My second favourite Russian.

Otto Octavius: Aleksei. I’ve followed your career with great interest. The world sees you as a witless dullard; I see a warrior with a poet’s heart. I know you desire freedom from the battle suit you’re sealed inside. Help me achieve my goals, and freedom shall be yours.

Spider-Man: Otto developed a corrosive to free Rhino from his suit. A certain government agency spent years trying and failing to do that... only it took Otto a few days... Mac Gargan AKA Scorpion AKA Crazy Pants McCrazy.

Otto Octavius: It’s rare for me to admit this Mr. Gargan — clearing your debts was more difficult than I anticipated. You are in arrears to some... demanding individuals. But, once the reservoir job is finished, your financial obligations will be finished as well. Otto Octavius is nothing if not persuasive.

Spider-Man: Scorpion's helping Otto in exchange for a clean slate - criminal record expunged, gambling debts erased. Old man Vulture... I’ve tangled with him more than anyone else here...

Otto Octavius: Adrian, what bitter irony that your miraculous Wings should have wrought such horrors on your body. Thankfully, you are now working for me. When our work is settled, the treatment I’ve developed *will* cure you. You won’t shuffle off this mortal coil just yet, my friend.

Spider-Man: Power source for Vulture's wings gave him spinal cancer... and Otto is developing an experimental treatment to save him... Electro. Total live wire, that one.

Otto Octavius: Max. When you first conveyed your dream to me I thought you insane. Pure energy? Heh heh... But as I dove deeper into the problem. I discovered a way to give us both what we desire. I promise you, when we are done, you *will* be pure energy. Or so close to it as to make the difference irrelevant.

Spider-Man: Electro's big pipe dream is to become "pure energy." Doc actually managed to modify his harness to get a little closer to that goal... What’s this now... Otto must’ve used this map to plan, but it’s blank... unless there’s something here I’m missing... U.V. bulb... Hmm nothing happened. Must be a way to get that lamp on... There we go. Hidden markings. Otto’s tasked the villains to destroy Oscorp holdings throughout the city... he’s trying to take apart Norman’s empire piece by piece... Li’s going after the Devil’s Breath antiserum using something called Icarus? What’s Vulture doing in Times Square? Need to keep my guard up... Electro’s disabling Oscorp power plants... makes sense. Rhino‘s targeting Oscorp’s shoreline properties... which is he hitting first, and why? Scorpion must be trying to poison the city’s reservoir... another Oscorp-owned property. Seems like the last stage of the plan is a direct assault on Oscorp... and, most likely, Norman... “Icarus” - this is it.

Otto Octavius: Hello, Spider-Man. We’ve never been properly introduced. I’m -

Spider-Man: Otto Octavius. There is no “Icarus” is there?

Otto Octavius: No. Martin needs no assistance to secure the antiserum. “Icarus” was a ruse to get you into position.

Spider-Man: Into position...?

Vulture: Need a lift? So refreshing to work for a man like Octavius! Backup plans for his backup plans!

MJ : Pete? Are you OK? What’s happening?

Spider-Man: Traffic’s rough. Listen: Li’s gunning for the antiserum. We need to find Oscorp’s Devil’s Breath lab before he does.

Mary Jane Watson: On it right now. I’m pulling every building permit in the city - if there’s a record of the lab, I’ll find it.

Spider-Man: That’s great! OK - ugh - talk soon, MJ.

Electro: Trap failed?

Vulture: Softened him up. Time for Plan B.

Electro: Teamwork’s beautiful, ain‘t it? Helpin’ ya reach those unattainable goals - like killin’ Spider-Man!

Spider-Man: That was almost heart-warming. Electro. You really grew in prison, didn’t you? Missed me, missed me, now you gotta - y’know what, forget I said anything. He’s stunned— now’s my chance! Need to web the transformer he’s over.

Electro: Argh – V! You’re up!

Spider-Man: Yo Adrian - it’s me, Spider-Man!

Vulture: What are you babbling about?

Spider-Man: Nobody ever gets my jokes.

Vulture: Our long feud ends tonight, insect.

Spider-Man: Feud? Thought we had a healthy give-and-take. Man have I misread this relationship.

Vulture: Looks like that hurt!

Spider-Man: Need to get him to drop his guard first.

Vulture: Nothing more than luck... You won’t do that again!

Electro: Spider-Man - I must break you.

Spider-Man: You got it! You got my joke! I’m so happy I could almost stop fighting! Almost! Gotta be honest: liked it better when you two were loners.

Electro: Amazing what a little teamwork can achieve, ain’t it?

Vulture: The Vigour of youth, the Wisdom of experience. A fine pairing.

Spider-Man: He’s disabled: now’s my chance. Just like oil and water. Sure.

Vulture: Looks like that hurt! He doesn’t stand a chance.

Electro: Yeah, yeah - we got this!

Spider-Man: Again, hate to be the pessimist, but I don’t think you guys are assessing this situation accurately.

Spider-Man: One down, one to go. How many times have we done this dance. Adrian? A dozen? Two dozen?

Vulture: Once too many. Tonight will be your last waltz. Nothing more than luck... Next time you’re mine! You won’t do that again!

Otto Octavius: via handsfree What’s happening?

Spider-Man: Electro’s been grounded.

Otto Octavius: Spider-Man, I presume? If you really cared about this city you’d be helping me expose Osborn for the criminal he is!

Spider-Man: By killing innocent people?

Otto Octavius: I would’ve restored the power!

Spider-Man: You’re sick. You need help.

Otto Octavius: I have all the help I need. And we are not stop until Norman gets that he deserves.

Spider-Man: Hate it when they team up. Just need to catch my breath...

Streets of Poison

Spider-Man: What time... oh man. Need to update Yuri... Yuri. Vulture and Electro are down; four to go.

Yuri Watanabe: I saw - also noticed a rooftop in Times Square exploded. Wouldn’t happen to be related, would it?

Spider-Man: Nothing gets by you. It was Octavius’ staging ground - he’s using the villains to pull apart Oscorp. Vulture and Electro were targeting power plants. Scorpion’s going after water treatment. Not sure about Rhino yet, something along the shoreline.

Yuri Watanabe: That’s good enough to start. I assume you’re going after Scorpion?

Spider-Man: Yeah ,city’s already on the brink. If we lose clean water, we might never come back. I’ll update you when I make progress.

Yuri Watanabe: Sounds like a plan.

Spider-Man: I should check on Miles.

Miles Morales: Hey, Pete. You okay?

Spider-Man: That’s what I was gonna ask you. I’m fine, but you and May are in the middle of it.

Miles Morales: We’re busy, but people need help. And I’d rather be doing something than waiting around for somebody else to fix things, y’know?

Spider-Man: Yeah. I heard that. Just make sure you protect yourself - mask and gloves. And rest every now and then. All that goes double for May.

Miles Morales: Nobody can make that woman take a break when she doesn’t want to. But I’ll do my best.

Spider-Man: Thanks, Miles. Give May my love... and be safe.

Spider-Man: There’s the reservoir... but no sign of Scorpion. Better take a closer look. If I was a mercenary dressed like a scorpion, where would I be...

Scorpion: Behind you.

Scorpion: Me, I’d end it now. But Octavius is paying, and he wants to torture you... which I respect.

Spider-Man: Damn it... what did he inject me with?

Spider-Man: Whoa... what the... Is that... a sea of poison? Can’t be... This can’t be real... must be the poison... but I can’t take any chances... Gotta get to higher ground, then analyse whatever he injected me with. Okay, should be safe for a minute. Need to analyse the neurotoxin so I can create an antidote. Scorpion’s made some upgrades. Hallucinogenic neurotoxin... my brains create nightmares that my body thinks are real. I have to create the antidote, fast. First I need a natural steroid extract from an eclipta alba plant should do the trick. ESU’s greenhouse is nearby. Hope it’s in season... There’s the greenhouse! Eclipta alba should be inside the greenhouse... There it is. Huh? Where’d it go? Is this real or in my mind?

Otto Octavius: It can be both.

Spider-Man: Doc?

Otto Octavius: It’s just the hallucinations intensifying. You can get through this.

Spider-Man: Doc? Y-you sound...

Otto Octavius: Like I did before the neural interface affected my mind. My obsessions were always there, but the interface allowed me to fully embrace them.

Spider-Man: I have to fix this. Fix you. Somehow.

Otto Octavius: Ah, Peter, always trying to shoulder the responsibility, even when there’s no hope. I can’t tell you how many times your unfettered optimism has kept me going when things looked bleak. I’ll miss being with you, I really will.

Spider-Man: I’m sorry, Doc. I’m so sorry.

Otto Octavius: Yes, yes. You’re sorry, and yet you let it happen. Makes one wonder where your priorities lie. I mean, if I was really that important to you, why would you let me destroy myself?

Spider-Man: I can help you it’s the neural web, it’s affecting your mind.

Otto Octavius: You mean the neural web you helped create. The hard truth is *you* did this to me. Without your help, I would have never done any of those terrible things.

Spider-Man: I... should’ve seen what was happening to you... never left you alone with those arms.

Otto Octavius: Good luck, I wish I could offer you more help... stay strong, Peter.

Spider-Man: There’s the eclipta alba... WHAAAH! The plants buy me time, but I need an antitoxin to mix a permanent antidote. One of Harry’s research stations was developing a synthetic atropine gotta get there fast. Giant deadly scorpion tails... lovely. Thanks, brain.

Scorpion: How you feeling, spider? Raw panic crawling up your spine?

Spider-Man: Scorpion?

Spider-Man: How’d you get this number?

Scorpion: Always asking the least interesting questions. It’s “not how’m I calling you?” it’s “*am* I calling you”? Maybe I’m just the favored screams of your dying brain...

Spider-Man: Real or no, when I cure this poison. I’m coming for you, Mac.

Scorpion: Hahaha! Big talk from the little bug. Have fun chasing pink elephants.

Spider-Man: I don’t even want to know what Freud would make of those. There‘s the research station. Need that atropine— Atropine’s right there... Atropine’s gone... Not again...

Otto Octavius: You’re too late. Just as you were too late to help me.

Spider-Man: This isn’t you, Doc!

Otto Octavius: Ah, but it IS me. The “me” polite society found inconvenient. The parts of myself I suppressed. But you helped me break those chains!

Spider-Man: I-I’m sorry... I’ll find a way to help you. I swear it!

Otto Octavius: Stop deluding yourself. You never help anyone. The poison isn’t in you - you ARE the poison! Everyone you touch suffers.

Spider-Man: Stop running from me! Let me try!

Otto Octavius: I want nothing from you. You’re a failure! At life, love, career! You bring nothing but pain!

Spider-Man: No, stop! I’m not giving up on you! Please. Just talk to me - I can help you!

Otto Octavius: So you can treat me like all the rest - containing me? Suffocating me? I will let my genius shine on its own! I saw you, Peter. Taking notes. Stealing ideas - a rat in my own lab. To think I called you a friend.

Spider-Man: I AM your friend, Otto, please. I always supported you, I always will.

Otto Octavius: Supported me by stealing my ideas to Norman, by sabotaging my greatest works. Don't think I didn't see, don't think I didn't know!

Spider-Man: Please Doc, please...

Otto Octavius: I had such high hopes for you, Peter. Such lofty ambitions. You could have been a great scientist. But you lacked will. Always scattered. Always late.

Spider-Man: I.. I tried Doc. I wanted to be there but..

Otto Octavius: But, but, but what?! Excuses! Endless excuses. I didn't hire a research assistant. I hired a lazy leech. A boy playing at being a man.

Spider-Man: No... that's not true. No...

Otto Octavius: If you had been there for the grant committee... or for the pre-check... or for our endless fittings. If you had ever been there... maybe I wouldn't have had to take action.

Spider-Man: Please Doc, there's still time to turn back. Still time to heal.

Otto Octavius: And do what? Crawl back to that pitiful lab - toss tennis balls with my incompetent assistant? No! Now it is my time for greatness. You'll not hold me back again! Stay away Parker! I won't be sabotaged by you again!

Spider-Man: There it is... the atropine. WHAAAH! Got the atropine. Now I just need to mix up the antidote. Looks like I’m headed back to the lab.

Scorpion: Still with us?

Spider-Man: And nearly cured. Sorry to bust up your plans.

Scorpion: Oh webs, don’t worry. Plenty of surprises left for you. We’ll be seeing each other again real Scorpion soon.

Spider-Man: Count on it.

Spider-Man: M-made it... somehow. But I’m running out of time... I need to mix the antidote. Finally... AARRGH!

Doc Ock: I think not. You’re in my domain now. You’re just like Osborn! Trying to steal my genius! Everything that happens now is your fault! I knew you were laughing at me! All of you, behind my back!

Scorpion: Thought I forgot about you?

Spider-Man: Scorpion? Are you even real?

Scorpion: Hold still. I’ll show you.

Spider-Man: When he stops, maybe I can hit him. That gave me an opening. Another hallucination. At least he had an imaginary glass jaw.

Scorpion: Not gonna be that easy!

Spider-Man: Sure it is. Now I know you’re the poison trying to distract me. Bring it on When he stops, maybe I can hit him. One down. Can’t let him get to me. Got him. The world would be better off Without you. And you know it! Nice. Just a few more left. Another one down.

Scorpion: Some hero. Everyone you ever met suffers.

Spider-Man: It’s like fighting internet trolls: knock one down, another pops up. One more...

Scorpion: If I was your uncle. I would’ve jumped in front of a bullet too!

Spider-Man: My inner voice has really developed an attitude. He’s hard to hit when he’s moving. Hope that’s the last of ‘em... I can barely stand up. There’s the equipment I need. Finally... I’m running out of time. I’m running out of time I can feel it. I think I did it...

Spider-Man: Where’d my suit go? I think I took decontamination a little too far. Better put some clothes on... Much better. Let’s just go ahead and forget that ever happened.

Supply Run

Spider-Man: Head’s still foggy. Need to work the last of this poison out of my system before I tackle the other villains. Good time to go on patrol. MJ hey. You mind if I toss a kinda thorny ethical question at you? When is it OK to give up on a friend?

Mary Jane Watson: Oh wow, Pete. Thinking of Otto?

Spider-Man: That obvious, huh?

Mary Jane Watson: Yeah; understandable though. Man... the high minded, generous part of me wants to say “never” - being a true friend means being there, even when people lose their way... but with what Otto’s done... I just don’t know Pete. I guess you have to decide if the Otto Octavius you knew is still in there or not... maybe if he was ever even in there at all...

Spider-Man: Yeah... yeah. Thanks MJ. I gotta process some stuff. I think.

Mary Jane Watson: Call me any time Pete. I’m here for you.

Spider-Man: OK. I need to get after Scorpion but... I haven’t seen Aunt May face to face since the fire. Think I can afford a quick pit stop at F.E.A.S.T.

Aunt May: Right over here - until Miles gets back, the best thing we can do is keep everyone fed... Oh Peter! It is so good to see you. How are you - healthy?

Peter Parker: I’m good, how are you holding up, May?

Aunt May: Good, but busy-

Aunt May: Oh! Let me g- bends in pain

Peter Parker: Whoa there.

Aunt May: I’m okay.

Peter Parker: Didn’t you tell me something once about accepting that I’m human, just like everyone else?

Aunt May: You and Ben. Masters at turning my own words against me. I’m fine, Peter. Just a little rundown.

Peter Parker: Where’s Miles? Could he help out?

Aunt May: He’s off picking up medical supplies from the relief centre. It’s amazing how quickly we go through antibiotics.

Peter Parker: You stay off your feet for a bit I’ll organize the unloading and check in with Miles deal?

Aunt May: Deal. Give me a chance to nurse my wounded Parker pride.

Peter Parker: Come on Miles – answer. Don’t make me worry about you AND May...

Miles Morales: Quiet... quiet. So much for “a milk run”... How did a bunch of convicts even do this? Looks like an exploding bulldozer went through here... Can’t turn back... F.E.A.S.T, needs those antibiotics...

Prisoner: You hear the sound his head made when the big guy hit him?

Prisoner: Need something to smash...

Miles Morales: Need to distract him... Hacking app should work...

Prisoner: Heard something.

Miles Morales: Time to move.

Prisoner: Must’ve imagined it.

Miles Morales: Should be able to hop that wall... Medical container’s in that tent; maybe this’ll be easy.

Prisoner: You see the way he came through here?

Miles Morales: Gauze...

Prisoner: Nada.

Miles Morales: iodine...

Prisoner: Guess I’m hearing things...

Miles Morales: ...but no antibiotics. Need to keep looking.

Prisoner: Both of ‘em are. Glad they’re on our side.

Prisoner: This is my kind of gentrification.

Prisoner: You two! Get over here.

Prisoner: Alright alright already.

Prisoner: Who’s there?

Prisoner: This can stop right now. Just give us the locations and schedules for your supply runs.

Miles Morales: More supplies over here. Need to get past these guys.

Prisoner: Someone there?

Sabre Agent: I don’t have that infor-

Prisoner: Believe me, I hate watchin’ Benson wall on ya. Turns my stomach.

Prisoner: Why’re the super dudes so set on takin’ out these relief centres?

Prisoner: The wind I guess.

Prisoner: Nada.

Prisoner: Somethin’ about Osborn. They wanna show how weak he is, that he can’t protect the city.

Prisoner: I wish someone would make a move on us.

Prisoner: Getting antsy.

Prisoner: Sounds like a lotta drama. Long as they let us keep all the supplies we find, I don’t care.

Prisoner: Yeah man. This stuff’ll be worth a fortune on the black market.

Prisoner: Come on, let’s keep diggin’ through it.

Prisoner: Sable guys give up the depot locations?

Prisoner: Eventually, yeah. Gotta lay off the coffee.

Prisoner: Now the big guy’s takin’ the stations out all by himself.

Prisoner: Dude’s a walkin’ a-bomb.

Prisoner: It’s that Russian blood, man. Makes ‘im crazy.

Prisoner: That’s offensive. My grandma’s Russian.

Prisoner: Your grandma? Doesn’t that mean you’re Russian too?

Prisoner: What... no... man don’t talk about my family, all right?

Prisoner: Can’t afford to get spooked. What’s that?

Miles Morales: Another supply tent. Crossing fingers. Couple trauma kits, but no antibiotics. Gotta be somewhere... Gotta avoid that sniper...

Prisoner: Looks they’re gonna divvy up the supplies.

Prisoner: Ohhh boy.

Prisoner: They better not try to short us.

Prisoner: Hey you guys better not try to short us!

Prisoner: Bro, relax. Everybody gets a take. Nobody’s tryin’ to short you.

Prisoner: That’s just what they say when they’re tryin’ to short you.

Prisoner: Dude, please don’t embarrass me. Chill. Please.

Prisoner: I’m watchin’ these Jokers. Oh yeah. I’m watchin’ ‘em.

Prisoner: Gettin’ paranoid.

Prisoner: I heard that!

Miles Morales: More supplies... Come on crate, be the one... Amoxicillin. Perfect.

Sabre Agent: Reloading - cover me!

Miles Morales: That is a very large man. Found the exploding bulldozer...

Rhino: Supply routes and schedules. Now.

Rhino: Ya skazal- I said...

Scorpion: Gentlemen- I apologise. My associate is... Inelegant. He doesn’t understand the fine art of persuasion.

Sable Agent: STOP! We’ll talk. WE’LL TALK.

Miles Morales: Did not need to see that...

Rhino: What was that?

Scorpion: Check it. Now.

Miles Morales: Don’t think he saw me. Time to get outta here.

Rhino: Whoever is here, come out!

Rhino: I have not time for this.

Miles Morales: That tunnel - maybe I can sneak beneath him...

Rhino: Come out small one... We are having fun with lights now? I will have fun with your face. Come out and I promise not to cruuush you.

Miles Morales: Please don’t see me, please don’t see me...

Rhino: Where are you? Play no games with me.

Miles Morales: Only way forward is right past him...

Rhino: You test my patience. Come out- NOW!

Miles Morales: Wait for it...

Rhino: I do not need this...

Miles Morales: Go!

Rhino: Where.

Miles Morales: Whoa - close.

Rhino: Are.

Miles Morales: Too close.

Rhino: YOU.

Miles Morales: Gotta be getting close to the exit...

Rhino: No. More. GAMES! Where. Are. YOU!

Miles Morales: Oh. Man. OK... I gotta get outta here.

Rhino: No. HIDING!

Miles Morales: Maybe if I get up there I’ll be safe...

Rhino: When I find you I will CRUSH YOU!

Miles Morales: There - that container. That’s my exit.

Rhino: You cannot HIDE!

Miles Morales: Need to get him to clear the opening... Go go go.

Rhino: COME OUT!

Miles Morales: Go go go.

Rhino: It is chase of goose. I hate chase of goose!!!

Miles Morales: Should let May know I have these.

Man: Get off me!

Prisoner: Just give us the wallet.

Prisoner: Give it ta us, man!

Man: Help!

Miles Morales: Hey! Leave him alone!

Prisoner: Big mistake, kid.

Miles Morales: You can’t just push people around like that.

Prisoner: Oh what, like this?

Prisoner: Ha! Kid’s got guts.

Miles Morales: Alright... Hips squared...

Prisoner: The hell’s he saying?

Prisoner: Not gonna say anything in a second-

Prisoner: Whoa.

Miles Morales: You... want a taste?

Prisoner: Naw I’m good, kid.

Miles Morales: “Want a taste?” I gotta work on my fight banter...

Peter Parker: Miles? Hey - I’ve been trying to reach you, you OK?

Miles Morales: Hey. So uh... don’t freak out, but um... I got to fill you in on some stuff...

Heavy Hitter

Spider-Man: Incredible work, Miles. Stick close to F.E.A.S.T. - if the convicts get desperate, they may try to raid the shelter.

Miles Morales: Way ahead of you. Anything else happens here, I’ll let you know.

Spider-Man: Great - thanks Miles. Yuri. Figured out Rhino’s deal: he’s attacking Oscorp’s relief centres.

Yuri Watanabe: Think I know which one he’s hitting next: reports of a possible earthquake and/or demolition derby at the Harlem centre.

Spider-Man: Sounds like our boy. Headed there now.

Yuri Watanabe: You holding up OK?

Spider-Man: Tired. But hanging in there.

Yuri Watanabe: We’ll get through this. Keep the faith.

Spider-Man: Hey MJ, what’s up - you OK?

Mary Jane Watson: I’m fine. Combing through Oscorp records. Hey, this is random but... you remember that trip we took to Staten island with Harry?

Spider-Man: To find the “best pizza in the city?” Yeah, ten hour odyssey for burnt toast with cold American cheese, how could I forget?

Mary Jane Watson: Something about all these old Oscorp files made that day pop into my head... Harry was so excited about riding the ferry just made me think about how much simpler things were back then. No jobs. No Super Villains. We could throw away a whole day looking for bad pizza just cause. Now it feels like if we take a nap, the world will fall apart.

Spider-Man: Yeah. This adult thing is rough... but I guess the work we do means today’s kids can have their own Staten island adventures. In safety. Kind of a circle of life thing.

Mary Jane Watson: Circle of Bad Pizza. Yeah, you’re right. That’s a good way to look at it. Thanks Pete.

Spider-Man: Pick on someone your own size, Rhino.

Rhino: There is no one my size, pauk spider.

Spider-Man: Or maybe we could just... talk it out? Rhino, what’s with the team up? Thought you were a loner.

Rhino: Means and ends, pauk spider. All of life is means and ends.

Spider-Man: So what’s the end for these particular means?

Rhino: Freedom! True freedom. No more suit. No more “Rhino.”

Spider-Man: Aww. I always liked the suit. So distinctive.

Rhino: Be thankful, pauk spider. Without suit I make less trouble for you.

Spider-Man: But what about our stimulating battle-side chats?

Rhino: You are funny, malen’kiy little one. I am almost sorry to destroy your tiny face. Almost.

Spider-Man: Look out, Rhino! Poachers!

Rhino: You are not FUNNY!!

Spider-Man: OK Rhino. Let’s wrap this-

Scorpion: Never send an 8 ton infant to do a man’s job - let’s finish this.

Spider-Man: Aw, Scorps, love ya but you do know it’s rude to cut in, right?

Scorpion: What were you gonna do if I didn’t show up? Beg him to give up?

Rhino: Yes Gargan. That is exactly what I would have done.

Spider-Man: Aww. Like an old married couple, you two.

Rhino: Move it Gargan!

Scorpion: Stupid OAF!

Rhino: YOU are in MY way!

Spider-Man: So you guys and Octavius, you have a name yet? The Scary Six? The Dirty Half Dozen?

Scorpion: How about the “We Murdered Spider-Man and Used His Corpse For a Blanket” Six?

Rhino: Gargan... please. You embarrass yourself. Gargan! What are you doing?

Scorpion: Get him, you idiot!

Rhino: “Get him?” Come down and help, durak moron.

Spider-Man: Guys, please. There’s plenty of me to go around.

Scorpion: How did you not see that coming?

Spider-Man: Rhino’s getting his suit removed... what did Octavius promise you, Scorpion?

Rhino: Money. Gargan has no principles. He fights for profit.

Scorpion: Untrue. I’d rip Spider-Man’s face off for free. The money’s a bonus.

Rhino: Pathetic, Gargan. I will squash the bug myself.

Spider-Man: We could just stop now, you know. I won’t tell anybody.

Rhino: And leave your skull un-crushed? Where is fun in that? Come here, pauk spider. I will teach you to throw real punch.

Spider-Man: My jaw’s already absorbed that particular lesson, thanks.

Scorpion: Do you know what Octavius’ll do if he finds out you failed???

Rhino: I failed?

Scorpion: Yes, you, freak show!

Spider-Man: Didn’t I hear you took a poetry class in The Raft? Like a therapy thing?

Spider-Man: A little forced together time might help you boys learn to play nice. All right Yuri, that’s four down. Just Octavius and Li left.

Yuri Watanabe: Something tells me they won’t be as easy. They’re only half of our problem though. Devil’s Breath cases are getting worse, and Oscorp is being coy about an antiserum. I’m worried they’re seeing dollar signs in a seller’s market.

Spider-Man: I’d expect nothing less from our beloved Mayor. Leave Devil’s Breath to me, one of my best people’s on it.

Step Into My Parlor...

Mary Jane Watson: Pete, hey. I’ve been through city, state and federal databases - if this Devil’s Breath lab does exist, it’s off the books. The only other place I can think to look is in Norman’s personal files.

Spider-Man: I’ve already been through his office computer... are you thinking his penthouse? That building’s full of Sable’s men. If they spot me, other residents could get hurt in a fire fight.

Mary Jane Watson: I know, but I might be able to get in undetected.

Mary Jane Watson: I can sneak in, find the labs location, and get out. If anything goes wrong. I’ll call you for backup.

Spider-Man: OK. It’s risky, but we need that location. Wait for me to get nearby, then make your move.

Mary Jane Watson: I’ll be ready.

Spider-Man: Okay MJ. I’m a couple blocks away— let me know if you get into trouble.

Mary Jane Watson: Thanks Pete; wish me luck. OK. Norman’s penthouse is on the top floor, but the elevator‘s on lock down. Need to get into the security room to unlock it...

Resident: He’ll never survive this. Next election he’ll get destroyed.

Resident: Maybe. I’ve seen Osborn survive worse.

Mary Jane Watson: There’s the security room, but that guard will see me if I go in. Residents are pretty upset... maybe I can rile them up to create a distraction.

Resident: Ugh. Every second we stay down here, we risk catching that plague.

Mary Jane Watson: Definitely stay away from the receptionist; been coughing up a storm.

Resident: What?! They *have* to let us back upstairs!

Resident: Why isn’t Osborn down here? This sort of thing never happens to him.

Mary Jane Watson: The Mayor and his “friends” are exempt - security let one of his biggest donors back upstairs right away.

Resident: I knew it! It’s all one big boys’ club. Come on.

Resident: Left my stupid inhaler upstairs...

Mary Jane Watson: I heard they‘ll let you up if you claim special circumstances - health emergency might do it.

Resident: Really? Come on, let’s go talk to security...

Mary Jane Watson: That should do it.

Security: Aw crap. Jerry, get out here - we got a situation!

Resident: Oh man- I can’t breathe... let me back upstairs!

Mary Jane Watson: Security room’s open. Just needed to get to the door without being seen.

Security: Everyone *please* stay calm. Sable international has nearly finished their sweep.

Resident: That’s what you said an hour ago!

Security: I know this is frustrating but please remember: Sable is doing this for *your safety*.

Mary Jane Watson: He-llo. I know a few Sable agents who would love to meet you.

Sabre Agent: Swear your way out of here; we’re in charge now.

Security: OK. OK. I’m gone. Goose-stepping jerks.

Sable Agent: Patrolling sector, status clear.

Mary Jane Watson: Gotta turn him around...

Sable Agent: Multi-million dollar budding with network speeds from 1995. Ridiculous...

Mary Jane Watson: I like this thing. Elevator controls in the security room... next to the Sable agent...

Sable Agent: Sector clear, continuing patrol.

Mary Jane Watson: Mary Jane Watson: super spy. Time to unlock that elevator. That did it. Norman’s clearing out, and the elevator’s unlocked. Time to head upstairs. Penthouse elevator. This is it... Norman and Sable. Right on cue.

Norman: Find the alarm technician. Fire him.

Mary Jane Watson: Stupid useless button...

Mary Jane Watson: Norman’s guards have all cleared out. If he’s hiding something up here. I’m going to find it.

House A.I.: Warning: fire doors engaged. Automated self-diagnostic commencing. Please remain calm.

Mary Jane Watson: Doors’re locked til the system check finishes... Work order for a keypad lock. Looks like he used “Harry’s last day” as the code - that must be the day Harry left for Europe.

Spider-Man: MJ. Sable presence downstairs just ballooned. I think Norman’s being moved. Worried they might spot me.

Mary Jane Watson: I might’ve had something to do with that, keep your distance. I should be OK for now. What is this thing? Hm. Schematics for a prototype combat mask. Looks like it can reveal structural weaknesses. This mask is incredible. Is it showing a door hidden in that wall? Wonder where it leads... The Fabulous Osborn Boys... “Norman bids his son farewell”... this must be from when Harry left for Europe last year. Why was Norman so dramatic about a trip to Europe? Secret keypad behind the family portrait. Norman must like spy movies.

House A.I.: Self-diagnostic complete. No faults found. Fire doors disengaged.

Mary Jane Watson: Norman could be back any minute. Need to find that keypad code. Harry’s last day... Norman locked up Harry’s room... wants it “untouched“ for when Harry returns from Europe. But where did he put the key? City’s in a state of emergency, but Norman still manages to get his laundry and cleaning done for him.

Harry: Hey dad. On my way to Dr. Michael’s for one last shot before the, umm... the big trip. Hey, if you’re gonna meet me there, could you grab my journal from my room? I just wanted to record some thoughts on the big bon voyage day. Anyway... Listen. I know I don’t say this enough, but... thank you, dad. You know, for doing this. I love you.

Mary Jane Watson: Wow. Haven’t heard Harry’s voice in so long he sounds so tired. Let’s hope that journal is still here. Gotta check his room. Pete and I loved coming over here to watch movies when we were kids. A different world from Queens. Funny how Harry always wanted the opposite nothing made him happier than watching cartoons on the little TV in May’s kitchen. I used to be so jealous of Harry’s family. They were so happy. At least compared to me and my dad. But when Emily got sick, everything changed. Harry’s room. But it’s locked. Wonder where Norman keeps the key... Norman and Otto. They look like they used to be so close. What could have ruined a friendship like this? Harry’s mom, Emily. We used to make fun of him for calling her “prettiest mom at Midtown,” but he might’ve been right. Feels like there’s something attached to the back of the frame... Score. This must be the key for Harry’s room.

Mary Jane Watson: What... this can’t be for Harry, can it? Law books. Harry wants to be an environmental attorney, like his mom. Harry’s journal. His last entry is marked July 18. That must be the code to that room.

Silver Sable: I am saying we shouldn’t rush off without a plan.

Norman: *You* are staying here. The antiserum is ready, and *I* am going to supervise production.

Silver Sable: You will be completely vulnerable without me.

Norman: I seem to be completely vulnerable *with* you. I’m going alone. End of discussion.

Silver Sable: Keep team two on standby. I’m getting some air.

Mary Jane Watson: Pete - Norman’s cure is ready. He’s headed to the lab it’s at now - can you follow?

Spider-Man: Not without alerting him. Somebody spiked Sable’s coffee today - her men are set on double secret probation alert.

Mary Jane Watson: OK, then stay ready. I’ve almost got the location.

Sable Agent: Sure could use a coffee... Standby control, I heard something.

Sable Agent: Copy, making a sweep.

Sable Agent: Standing down, control. False alarm.

Sable Agent: Man down - control send backup!

Mary Jane Watson: July 18... bingo. Super. Creepy. Gotta find the location of the Devil’s Breath lab. Spiders? Is Norman trying to reverse engineer Peter’s abilities? The labels on these cages... “bio-electrokinesis”... “optical camouflage”... What the hell is he trying to create? What are these things? Prototype hand grenades?

Norman: Norman Osborn. GR-27 research log. The whole project has gone to hell. GR-27 is a *cure*, not a disease. But try telling that to the evening news. Somehow, they’ve picked up the technicians’ morbid nickname - “Devil’s Breath” - and are using it to stoke hysteria. They have no idea what it’s really capable of a cure for cancer, genetic disorders, birth defects. With just a little more research I *know* we could perfect it. Instead, I’ll spend the next 18 months on PR mop up. What a waste of time...

Mary Jane Watson: Devil’s Breath isn’t a disease, it’s an attempt at a cure. I almost can’t believe it... Norman Wins the fancy map contest. Looks like the Upper West Side... Looks like Norman’s tracking Dr. Michaels’ movements. Creepfest. Kinda makes sense though; Michaels is lead on Devil’s Breath. This shows all of Oscorp’s properties. Had no idea they owned so much of New York. Sable troop deployments. They’re stationed all over the City. I bet I can find the Devil’s Breath lab with this. It must be an Oscorp property with a ton of Sable protection, frequented by Dr. Michaels. Nope, that’s Just a Sable patrol. None of these patrols cross Dr. Michaels’ path... Nope, that’s just a Sable patrol. Bet I’m looking for a heavily guarded Oscorp building, that Dr. Michaels visits... Dr. Michaels went to this Oscorp building... but there’s no security detail. This can’t be it. Oscorp building... but no Michaels or Sable. That’s not it. Don’t think I’ve chosen the right categories... Commercial buildings... Wow. So many records facilities... Bravo, Bravo. Bravo... GR-27! That’s the code name for Devil’s Breath. This is it! 10th and Cathedral... isn’t that... I knew it. 10th and Cathedral. Oscorp’s records department. Perfect place to hide a secret biotech facility. “GR-27 - Martin Li incident”... What is this...

Norman: ...and we are rolling. Will be right next door...

Martin Li’s Mother: Don’t be scared, honey.

Li’s Father: It’s healing you. Just relax.

Martin Li’s Mother: (What IS that? What is happening?) Help! Please help!

Otto Octavius: I thought this was just a consultation!

Norman: The boy seemed ready.

Otto Octavius: I’m going in there!

Norman: No, you can’t. It’s too late!

Li’s Father: Make it stop! HELP!

Otto Octavius: What have you done?

Mary Jane Watson: Oh my god. Norman and Otto... they started all of this they created Li... I have to get this. What...

Silver Sable: Who’s there?

Mary Jane Watson: Come on... come on...

Silver Sable: ...dammit. We have a breach. High alert.

Mary Jane Watson: Pete. I’ve got the lab location. And... a lot more. How far away are you?

Spider-Man: Two avenues over. Say the word and I’m there.

Mary Jane Watson: Great. Keep the motor running.

Sable Agent: Running a sweep. Will report status.

Sable Agent: Huh? Who’s there?

Sable Agent: Continuing sector sweep.

Mary Jane Watson: Need to clear the balcony...

Sable Agent: Hey! Boss, we got her.

Mary Jane Watson: Pete, you here?

Spider-Man: Turning off Lex now. Are you OK?

Mary Jane Watson: I will be in a few seconds. Northwest corner. Hey, you ready?

Spider-Man: Wait wait wait hold on hold on-

Mary Jane Watson: Too late. You’re up.

Spider-Man: You are crazy.

Mary Jane Watson: You are amazing.

Spider-Man: It’s all so much to take in. Harry sick... Norman and Li... And Dr. Octavius...

Mary Jane Watson: I know.

Spider-Man: This is all my fault...

Mary Jane Watson: No not that song again. You’re not alone anymore, Pete. Let Miles and me look after F.E.A.S.T. You find Norman. You find the cure.

Spider-Man: Thanks... partner.

The Heart of the Matter

Spider-Man: I have to get that antiserum, and start putting things right. There must be some way to reach Li and Otto. Convince them to give up this crusade for revenge. They’ve both done so much good for the world; they can’t throw their legacies away just to spite Norman. Okay, Norman’s on his way to get the antiserum. Better update Yuri.

Yuri Watanabe: I hope this is good news...

Spider-Man: It is. Oscorp just created an antiserum.

Yuri Watanabe: There’s a cure? Thank god— how quickly can we get it to people?

Spider-Man: I’m on my way to find out. The lab is at Tenth and Cathedral.

Yuri Watanabe: Wait— I just got a report of a helicopter going down in that area...

Spider-Man: Oh no... that could be Norman’s helicopter.

Yuri Watanabe: I’d send officers your way, but I don’t have any.

Spider-Man: Don’t worry. I’m on it. This all be over soon. I promise.

Mister Negative: Open it.

Spider-Man: Have to take care of these Demons before I can follow Li into the lab... Time to KO those snipers.

Demon: Spread snipers out and engage defences; no one interrupts Mr. Li.

Demon: Understood.

Demon: Silence him!

Demon: Keep him on the ground!

Demon: This city will fear us.

Spider-Man: Need to get through these Demons quick before Li gets ahold of the antiserum... OK, lost ‘em.

Demon: Security breach!

Demon: He felt that!

Demon: Spider-Man! You will not stop us!

Demon: Look out!

Demon: Get back!

Demon: Fire in the hole!

Demon: Dodge this!

Spider-Man: The Demons chewed through Sable... Us on the warpath.

Demon: There will be no surrender!

Demon: We need to slow him down.

Demon: Clean shot.

Silver Sable: Spider-Man, leave *now*. My men will handle this.

Spider-Man: Sable? Li wiped out the agents stationed here they’re not handling anything.

Silver Sable: You’ve been warned. Super Hero.

Demon: You will not defeat us!

Spider-Man: Sable made good on her threat. Bet these guys aren’t looking to team up.

Sable Agent: Tired of you harassing our agents, Spider-Man.

Spider-Man: You guys think *I* took out your men? You’ve gotta be kidding me.

Sable Agent: Keep him on the ground!

Sable Agent: Got him!

Sable Agent: Attack, attack!

Spider-Man: Gotta make this fast and get inside.

Sable Agent: You’re under arrest.

Sable Agent: He’s going down!

Spider-Man: Really wish Sable would cut me some slack... we should be on the same team...

Sable Agent: Keep him from going airborne!

Sable Agent: Keep on him!

Sable Agent: Got him!

Sable Agent: Bring him down!

Sable Agent: Stay on him!

Spider-Man: Demons and Sable are down... time to follow Li inside. Why are you... so... heavy...

Silver Sable: You’ve harassed my men, destroyed my equipment, and cost my client MILLIONS. Give me one good reason I should not kill you right now.

Spider-Man: Listen - I don’t like you, you don’t like me. But Li has you client inside this building right now, and he’s gonna kill him if we don’t do something. We can fight each other, or we can fight Li. But, not both.

Spider-Man: This mean we’re good?

Silver Sable: You will help me secure Norman. After that: I make no promises.

Spider-Man: Works for me. Li’s out of control...

Silver Sable: You secure Osborn - I will talk to them.

Spider-Man: Nice to have friends... OK Li. No more running. This ends tonight.

Spider-Man: This is insanity... I have to find a way reach the Martin Li I know... the man who built F.E.A.S.T. .. No way to go but down...

Mister Negative: Turn back, Spider-Man. This is between me and Osborn.

Spider-Man: I know about the accident. I know what happened to your parents.

Mister Negative: “The accident”? You sound as clinical as Osborn. My parents died because of me. Because of what Osborn did to me.

Spider-Man: You’re more than your past. Don’t let it control you.

Mister Negative: I tried so hard to make my parents proud... to honour their legacy... But to truly honour them. Osborn must see justice.

Spider-Man: I won’t let you do this, Martin.

Spider-Man: Li’s pain... his anger... it’s fueling his power...


Dr. Michaels: This is the only sample—

Norman: NO! No, Martin! Look— I told you. I’m sorry! It was an accident! I was trying to help you!

Mister Negative: You don’t help people. You use them.

Norman: AHHH!

Spider-Man: Martin! This won’t bring your parents back.

Mister Negative: Why do you in5ist on trying to save this piece of *scum*...

Spider-Man: I’m trying to save *you*. Martin. Don’t let revenge win. Fight it.

Mister Negative: Osborn *must* be punished; his cancer has infected this City for too long.

Spider-Man: Osborn deserves *true* justice; he won’t see it unless you stop *now*!

Mister Negative: I’ll never stop! Enough!

Spider-Man: This isn’t you.

Mister Negative: This is exactly who I am! Osborn’s crimes will be on YOUR head! No more!

Spider-Man: Fight it, Martin! You can walk away!

Mister Negative: No. Osborn must SUFFER!

Spider-Man: Whoa... I know you can beat the Demon, Martin!

Mister Negative: *Beat* the Demon? I *AM* the Demon!

Spider-Man: That... is a big Demon. Biiig Demon.

Mister Negative: You and Osborn will share a grave! That’s *enough*! My parents will have justice! This will all be over soon.

Spider-Man: I sure hope so.

Mister Negative: My will is stronger than yours!

Spider-Man: We’ll see about that. Can’t give up - he’s almost down.

Martin Li: Osborn needs to pay!

Spider-Man: I know... but this is the wrong way, Martin.

Doctor Octopus: Useless.

Norman: Otto?

Doctor Octopus: That look on your face... You can’t imagine how satisfying it is. Ready for your final act?

Silver Sable: Hey. Hey..

Spider-Man: Where’s... Otto...?

Silver Sable: Gone. I would not worry about him right now...

Dr. Michaels: He needs a hospital.

Spider-Man: No... no hospital. F.E.A.S.T...

Dr. Michaels: I need to speak with your head doctor.

Miles Morales: Uh, there’s no doctors here.

Dr. Michaels: Who’s running this place?

Miles Morales: Me, mostly.

Dr. Michaels: Okay. Well, it’s been a while, but I’ll do my best. I’ll need masks, gloves, whatever you have that‘s sterile...

Spider-Man: Thank... you...

Silver Sable: You can thank me by not dying.

Mary Jane Watson: Oh my god...

Dr. Michaels: to MJ He’ll live. But he needs rest.

Mary Jane Watson: Hey— Take it easy!

Spider-Man: Where’s May?

Mary Jane Watson: They say she could go at any moment. Where are you going?

Spider-Man: I need to find Otto... he has the antiserum. I don’t know if I can beat him...

Mary Jane Watson: Maybe you can’t. Maybe Spider-Man needs a little help from his friend Peter.

Spider-Man: What...?

Mary Jane Watson: Peter helped build those arms, remember? If anyone can find a weakness, it’s him. Go get ‘em, Tiger.

Miles Morales: Alright... No that’s not it. Maybe it’s this one...

Pax in Bello

Spider-Man: MJ’s right. I built the neural interface... that means I can destroy it. There must be something at the lab I can use...

Silver Sable: Spider-Man. Hello.

Spider-Man: Man, I gotta change this number...

Silver Sable: I must leave New York. Recent events... give me pause. Your rescue of Osborn, despite his hatred... it affected me. I must return home, reflect on this life I choose.

Spider-Man: Dang... I think I’m gonna miss you and your death troopers.

Silver Sable: Unfortunately, my agents will stay. Though I question our work, they do not, and Osborn continues to pay. I am sorry.

Spider-Man: So close to being good news.

Silver Sable: Indeed. I will miss you and your bizarre witticisms, Spider-Man. Until we meet again.

Spider-Man: What a strange, violent lady.

Peter Parker: We did the impossible, Doc. But now I have to destroy it... with a little creation of my own.

Reporter: And once again, we have live footage of Mayor Osborn being held captive on the roof of Oscorp Tower.

Norman: You want me to beg? Not going to happen.

Doctor Octopus: The world will know the truth before they mopp you off the pavement.

Norman: AARGH!

Doctor Octopus: Tell them what you did!

Norman: I... never...

Doctor Octopus: Everything you have is built on lies. LIES!

Norman: AHHH!

Doctor Octopus: You stole my company, my ideas... Now. The truth.

Norman: The truth... okay... The truth is, you were only ever worth a damn when you worked for me. The truth is you could never accept that I’m better than you. You’re a failure, Otto. And you always will be.

Norman: No— NO!

Spider-Man: Give me the antiserum. Otto, you worked your whole life to help people. Please...

Doctor Octopus: You’re fighting the wrong man. But have it your way.

Spider-Man: We don’t have much time— please!

Doctor Octopus: I’ll turn over the antiserum when Osborn pays for his crimes!

Spider-Man: Just give me the antiserum! You’ve already done enough to ruin Osborn!

Doctor Octopus: He always bounces back. He has to lose EVERYTHING! I see you have a new suit. It won’t help...

Spider-Man: I know your weaknesses.

Doctor Octopus: I have no weaknesses. You’re wasting my time! Osborn’s the criminal, not me!

Spider-Man: I’m trying to help you! You’re only hurting yourself!

Doctor Octopus: I’ve lost all patience with you... You’re pathetic!

Spider-Man: People are dying! They need the antiserum now!

Doctor Octopus: I will cure the city *after* I bring down Osborn!

Spider-Man: Let me save the city--then we can do whatever you want!

Doctor Octopus: I already know what I want. Now get out of my way before I really hurt you.

Doctor Octopus: How much is Osborn paying you to protect him?!

Spider-Man: I'm not protecting him, I'm trying to save the city!

Spider-Man: Give me the antiserum, and I promise Osborn will face charges.

Doctor Octopus: Liar! Just like Osborn— nothing but LIES!

Spider-Man: What happened to the man who wanted to help people!?

Doctor Octopus: The weakling? The loser? He’s gone. Enough playing!

Spider-Man: Gotta move.

Doctor Octopus: What... are you...?

Spider-Man: AAARGHH!

Doctor Octopus: Such a disappointment... Parker.

Peter Parker: You... knew?!

Doctor Octopus: I tried to warn you, Peter. But you didn’t listen.

Peter Parker: *knew*!

Doctor Octopus: I won’t let you win. This means too much to me.

Spider-Man: Not more than it means to me. Can’t you see all the people you’re hurting?!

Doctor Octopus: You’ll never understand. You haven’t suffered like I have... You should be on my side!

Peter Parker: I was...

Spider-Man: Please... think of the man you were...

Doctor Octopus: That man is gone. You can’t ‘save’ me, Peter.

Spider-Man: Then I guess you’ll have to save yourself.

Peter Parker: You were my hero! You meant so much to me... I hate that you’re making me do this! We were going to change the world!

Doctor Octopus: You look tired, Parker.

Peter Parker: Not tired. Just hurt. Otto! Stop!

Doctor Octopus: Oh, Parker. If you want to change the world... you have to be the kind of man who can make the hardest decisions.

Peter Parker: I couldn’t... agree... *MORE*! AAAARGHHH!!

Otto Octavius: AAHH! NOOOO!

Peter Parker: The antiserum...

Otto Octavius: AAGHH! Peter. I saw you as a son. I should’ve known you’d turn on me, just like all the others.

Spider-Man: Turn-? (crying) I worshipped you! Your mind... your conscience, wanting to help others... the way you never gave up!

Otto Octavius: That’s because men like us have a duty. A responsibility. To use our talents in the service of others. Even if they don’t appreciate it... we have to do what’s best for those beneath us. Whether they understand it or not.

Spider-Man: No. You’re wrong. You were everything I wanted to be! You just... threw it away’!

Otto Octavius: Yes, of course. You’re right, Peter. The neural interface affected my mind. But I can fix it. We can fix it... together. If you’ll help me.

Spider-Man: I’ll do everything I can. I’ll make sure you get the best help—

Otto Octavius: No! If they put me away, they’ll take my arms! I’ll be trapped in this *useless* body! Please, Peter. That... wasn’t me. You said you’d never abandon me, you promised, remember? And, of course... you’ll rest easy knowing your secret is safe with me.

Spider-Man: You do what you think is best, Doc. It’s all any of us can.

Otto Octavius: Peter-?

Spider-Man: Even when it hurts like hell.

Otto Octavius: Peter? Where are you going? Peter! PETER!!

Dr. Michaels: It’s still viable— but we’ll need the entire sample as a base to produce more doses.

Spider-Man: How long will that take?

Dr. Michaels: Few hours maybe a day.

Spider-Man: What if we use it to cure someone right now?

Dr. Michaels: Then there won’t be enough to cure the others. I’ll give you a few minutes.

Spider-Man: You’re going to be okay, ma’am. I’ve got the cure right here.

Aunt May: Take off your mask. I want to see my nephew.

Peter Parker: You knew?

Aunt May: I’ve known for a while.

Peter Parker: I never wanted you to worry.

Aunt May: I did.

Aunt May: And I am so proud of you. And Ben would be too. All the people you’ve saved...

Spider-Man: I don’t know what to do...

Aunt May: Yes you do.


Peter Parker: So...?

Mary Jane Watson: Hi. Mary Jane Watson. *Associate* Editor.

Peter Parker: Congrats! I knew you could do it.

Mary Jane Watson: What about you? Find a job yet?

Peter Parker: Oh no, but uh..

Waitress: I’ll be right with you, honey.

Mary Jane Watson: Thank you.

Peter Parker: I was actually considering maybe a career change.

Mary Jane Watson: Hm?

Peter Parker: Yeah. I think I might want to become a chef.

Mary Jane Watson: I’m sorry. No. It’s — you’re a scientist. A good one.

Peter Parker: The last project I worked on I created a monster octopus that almost destroyed the city. So...

Mary Jane Watson: Yea. I mean, you do make a hell of a chicken curry.

Peter Parker: I do— Still working on my dumplings though.

Mary Jane Watson: Going camping?

Peter Parker: Oh... my new place isn’t going to be ready for about a week, so I’m going to be crashing with Miles for the next few nights.

Mary Jane Watson: Oh, you know, you can always stay at my place. Only if you want to.

Peter Parker: No. I mean yes! I mean, no I don’t *not* want to, meaning I *do* want to... Only if you do.

Mary Jane Watson: I never stopped wanting to.

Peter Parker: Me neither.


Peter Parker: Well I’m not an expert or anything, but I think it’s in the way that you ask her.

Miles Morales: I think I’m too nervous. Alright, so where do you want this?

Peter Parker: Right over here is fine.

Miles Morales: Right. Hey, so Pete?

Peter Parker: Yeah?

Miles Morales: I, uh, kinda gotta talk to you about something I can’t tell my mom about...

Peter Parker: What’s up?

Miles Morales: Well umm... weird things have been going on. Like, physically.

Peter Parker: Oh... uh... OH... uh... Well, you know, you’re at that age where your body starts to change, and, so you may be noticing some... areas... for examp—

Miles Morales: NO! Not that. Uhh... think it’s... It’s better that I just, um. I show you.

Peter Parker: No... no, no, no, no-

(Miles jumps on the ceiling.)

Miles Morales: It’s pretty weird, right?

Peter Parker: Not that weird.


Norman: We were so close, but... I’ll keep trying. I will find the cure. I will. I love you, Son.